In a blind tasting by BJCP trained experts, this beer rated


Full Sail Pilsner

Aroma: “Peach-like esters with very mild hops, along with some indeterminate malt. I think this could work better as a mild saison (except for the DMS). Some malt sweetness heightens the soapy, floral character.”

Flavor: “Earthy, woody hops flavor followed by a strong bitter finish. Slightly warming alcohol. I’m still getting the peach ester and intense floral flavors, like tulip or geranium. Bitterness balanced with a biscuit malt backbone. Both flavors blend together well.”

Overall: “The color and hops are in line with style, but the rest is a bit distracting. A unique and assertive interpretation to the style that is a bit heavy-handed with the use and choice of hops. An interesting beer to drink, but not something I’d seek out if looking for a refreshing Pilsner on a hot day.”