In a blind tasting by BJCP trained experts, this beer rated


Burial Beer Pinnacle of Dreams

Aroma: “Spicy rye malt comes through but seems to meld well with a spicy hops character. Solid wash of sweet slightly grainy malt steps forward, too.”

Flavor: “Good rye malt blends with the base malt to add some spicy interest to the mix. Malty, but relatively dry. Moderate noble hops flavor but a bit of citrus, too. Medium bitterness. Finish is primarily the hops flavor with a touch of the rye malt. Fairly full bodied.”

Overall: “Tasty. Soft, sweet, and lightly spicy—sort of a spicy Vienna. There’s plenty of flavor without much in the way of sharp edges. It would be easy to drink a few pints of this.”