In a blind tasting by BJCP trained experts, this beer rated


4 Noses Proboscis Simcoe

Aroma: “Lemony, grassy, and light pine resin. Clean malt bill. Maybe a hint of pear ester? Fairly approachable but subtle nose.”

Flavor: “Great light toasted malt sweetness. The hops are lemony and slightly grassy as noted in the aroma and bring a smooth bitterness. The finish is pretty aggressive, bordering on harsh, for such a light beer, but it grows on you over time. Lemon, mint, and pine linger on a dry finish.”

Overall: “Nice aroma. Definitely hoppier and more aggressive than one expects for such a light beer, but it doesn’t come across as overly harsh. A little more malt flavor and complexity would make this one more approachable.”