In a blind tasting by BJCP trained experts, this beer rated


Hardywood Park Craft Brewery Quadrahop

Aroma: “Moderate lemon and orange with some grapefruit underneath. Herbal/spicy—marjoram and basil—along with citrus notes of lemon and orange.”

Flavor: “Strong orange and lemon hops avor over a moderate toasted malty sweet backbone. Bitterness is moderate throughout, and the beer nishes pretty dry. Nice Juicy character with orange and grapefruit juice. Very clean citrus hops flavor—tangerine, orange, and lemon, with spicy undertones. I still get the basil here, too, like Thai basil. Pleasant hops bitterness with a solid malt back. The finish is clean and not harsh.”

Overall: “Well put together with a creative southeast Asian twist. The fruity juicy character of this beer delivers, with a supportive body, good balance, and interesting character. A beer I could see pairing well with foods beyond the typical IPA suggestions.”