In a blind tasting by BJCP trained experts, this beer rated


Green's Quest Tripel Ale

Aroma: “Strong apple notes, with a strong cider-like quality. Lots of fruity sweetness, with notes of red and green apples, pears, white wine, and apple blossoms. Sweet aroma. Little to no hops aroma. Yeast esters noticeable but low.”

Flavor: “A strong similarity to cider and could pass as a semi-sweet cider. A bit more pleasant red apple notes than green apple sweetness, along with some pear notes and some spiciness. High carbonation that comes across a bit harsh. Medium body with a somewhat sweet finish. No hops flavor.”

Overall: “Tastes like a full-bodied cider with some interesting Belgian yeast characters. A more substantial body and graininess than most gluten free beers. A mild yeast profile for a Belgian style.”