In a blind tasting by BJCP trained experts, this beer rated


Samuel Adams / Boston Beer Company Rebel Rider IPA

Aroma: “Lemony, citrusy goodness is a refreshing change from grapefruit. A bit of pine and some grainy sweetness. Light herbal and woody aroma and sweet malt. Bready and grainy. Nutty esters—like pistachio.”

Flavor: “Lemongrass, a hint of hay, pleasant but slightly subdued grain-malt sweetness. A little less hops flavor than is suggested in the aroma, but it’s nice nonetheless. Hops flavor becomes more interesting as the beer warms. Refreshing bitterness. Watery hops avor is more distinctive than in the aroma, offering pine-tree notes and woodiness.”

Overall: “A lovely little IPA-esque ale. Nothing I’d go out of my way go get, but would gladly order it in a sea of adequate beers. The lemony aroma is especially enticing. Malt avor is too pronounced relative to the hops character or bitterness level, but there’s lots of complexity in the aroma.”