In a blind tasting by BJCP trained experts, this beer rated


Samuel Adams / Boston Beer Company Rebel Rouser

Aroma: “Nice orange notes. Slightly minty with hints of phenols that lean slightly medicinal. Earthy hops, moderate esters, and a light malt.”

Flavor: “Good blend of malt sweetness with some nice grapefruit, orange, and pine notes. The sweetness underpins both the hops and the malt and helps balance the bitterness. Mint from the nose is subdued a bit on the palate, but it’s still a bit of a train wreck of flavors—raw malt sweetness and caramel, cardboard oxidation, strong fruity esters, and an out-of-place light tartness.”

Overall: “A good IPA with a strong PNW hops profile—the dance between malt and hops worked well in this beer for me. Doesn’t dry out like most DIPAs, and the bitterness is a touch overdone. A bit muddled in the flavor presenta- tion—if I had bought this, I’d be a bit disappointed.”