In a blind tasting by BJCP trained experts, this beer rated


Two Roads Brewing Company Road 2 Ruin

Aroma: “Earthy, like a walk in the dark pine forest, maybe a hint of gin/juniper. Intriguing. Some grapefruit, orange, and pine—the nose was subtle on this one.”

Flavor: “The forest turns a bit more ominous. Dark juniper richly lingers, but paired with an assertive bitterness. There’s just enough body and malt to make the medicine go down, but this is a seriously bitter potion. Although the bitterness is strong, it is also nuanced—I even get some roast coffee here, too. The gradient from start to finish is smooth and works well. Finishes with a slight alcohol warmth.”

Overall: “This beer is a nice continuous transition from start to finish. Nothing is out of balance. Some more aroma hops would always help. The citrus and grapefruit juicy notes were nice in balancing the hops bitterness.”