In a blind tasting by BJCP trained experts, this beer rated


Smuttynose Brewing Company Rocky Road

Aroma: “Roasted malt, dark chocolate, coffee, slight fresh oak. Crisp roast malt softened by caramel, light cocoa with a slight touch of pipe tobacco, mild earthy hops.”

Flavor: “Bitter roast malt and coffee followed by soothing sweet chocolate. Full bodied and filling. Bitter coffee flavors linger in the aftertaste (not a bad thing). Lots of oaky tannins in the finish. Finishes quite dry for how sweet this starts. Slightly sweet (caramel swirl), some chocolate but it’s cut with some tart grainy acidity.”

Overall: “Almost a desert beer because of the sweetness, but the strong roast helps cut through giving a lively palate sensation. Alcohol helps prevent the beer from being cloying. A touch of vanilla from the marshmallow adds sweetness.”