In a blind tasting by BJCP trained experts, this beer rated


Prison City Run Like an Apricot

Aroma: “Apricot with a touch of peach, light smoke and pepper phenols, like a spicy sweet barbecue sauce with light vanilla. Smells like a great marinade. It’s a nice mélange of elements that hang together better than they read on paper.”

Flavor: “Juicy sweet and tart apricot. Noticeable but well-balanced tartness, sourness, and slight funk. Bready malt characteristics as the fruit and tart fade. Subtle oaky tannins. Slight vanilla and caramel. It tastes like a fruity habanero.”

Overall: “Very pleasant, refreshing, fun, and easy to drink, though quite sour. Nice complexity and nice jammy apricot notes eagerly invite you to the next sip.”