In a blind tasting by BJCP trained experts, this beer rated


Boston Beer Company Sam Adams Boston Ale

Aroma: “Classic British fruity esters. Stone fruit, hints of banana, oral, light toffee. Rich bready and biscuit up front. As it warms, a toasted crust character emerges. Light nutty, moderate earthy, light earthy hops, very slight oxidation, light date. Pine and mild citrus notes.”

Flavor: “British pale ale character: toffee, biscuits, and graham crackers. An underlying rich maltiness is perfectly contrasted with a prominent bitterness that makes for a dangerously easy drink- ing beer. A subtle oral hops works well, but clashes slightly with the bread malt character. Slight warming. Moderate earthy avor hops with mild pine hops. Finishes with slight bitterness on the tongue.”

Overall: “Fans of classic English pub ales will really enjoy this. Good easy drinking ale with a decent earthy hoppi- ness and good balance. Classic British pale ale attributes. Would love to taste this from a beer engine.”