In a blind tasting by BJCP trained experts, this beer rated


Saranac American Pale Ale

Aroma: “Lively! Orange with a touch of lime, a hint of pine, and some floral notes. Some nice spice, partially from the massive carbonation.”

Flavor: “Caramel and simple malt sweetness up front with a touch of clean bitterness. Fruity throughout with peach, cherry, orange, lime, and medium-light pine. Slight mineral character on the swallow. Tastes like a earlier stop on the pale-ale evolution from English-style to today’s APA—a bit throwback, but not too far back.”

Overall: “The aroma is soft and distinctive. The floral and earthy hops combine with an underlying spiciness to create an inviting impression. It could use more bitterness on the finish, though. It comes across overly sweet and a touch out of balance but would pair well with food.”