In a blind tasting by BJCP trained experts, this beer rated


Foggy Ridge Cider Serious Cider

Aroma: “White wine and green apple, light sulfur notes, light pear; light acidity, touch of sweetness, light wine-like ester notes.”

Flavor: “Very strong acidity, strong green apple with a touch of pear, high carbonation, strong apple peel aftertaste, very light apple sweetness. Dry white wine, a bit of alcohol in the finish with some oak, mild vanilla, and mild pepper. High acidity is a bit much, bracing, against the very low residual sweet. White grape and Granny Smith.”

Overall: “Reminiscent of apple wine. This is aimed squarely at wine drinkers, but still delivers enough apple character to let you know it’s a cider. The flow of this cider is odd, relatively staightforward wine-like cider nose, then a huge punch of acidity on the initial mouth feel, then finishes off with a strong green apple.”