In a blind tasting by BJCP trained experts, this beer rated


Upright Brewing Seven

Aroma: “A prominent funk welcomes you to the beer, followed by nice fruity esters, subtle spice, and floral notes. The funk is reminiscent of Brett—tropical, fruity, floral, with a rose character.”

Flavor: “A continued funkiness and a touch of tartness that was promised from the aroma sits atop a continental base malt that’s not necessarily sweet but works wonderfully with the fruity flavors developed from the fermentation. An appropriate amount of bitterness lends to the dryness of the beer. Some nice tropical fruit notes, a smoothness, and slight warmth.”

Overall: “While we’re tasting this in the classic category, the taste suggests a mixed-fermentation saison, with complementing flavors from both Brettanomyces and the saison yeast. A very fun beer to drink. The ester character blended nicely with the light Brett funk—dry and light with some interesting tropical notes.”