In a blind tasting by BJCP trained experts, this beer rated


Three Floyds Brewing Company Skull'Ole

Aroma: “Coffee and chocolate notes immediately set this one apart. Strong vanilla and oak from the wood gird the dark cherries in an almost barley- wine-like way. Slight BBQ aroma that is quite unique and pleasant.”

Flavor: “Very high tartness from the first sip all the way through the long, long-lasting linger. Otherwise, very nice cherry flavor and some interesting choc- olate and coffee from the malt. There’s a slight sweet and smoky BBQ note right in the middle of the sip that is quite wonderful. As it warms, strong cherry notes come out. The bracing tartness lingers through to the finish and sits on the tongue and teeth.”

Overall: “It has a tart, puckering flavor that is long lasting even after the sip has finished. A slight smoky BBQ note in the middle is unexpected and would taste great with ribs or used as a marinade. High cherry note creates a wonderfully deep beer. After the first alarming sip, your pallet relaxes, and the sourness of the cherries take over to create an amazing experience. Sip this beer like a barleywine or winter ale.”