Style: Stout (Barrel-aged)

ABV: 14.0

Aroma: 11
Appearance: 3
Flavor: 18
Mouthfeel: 4

Solemn Oath Brewery The Black Corridor

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What the brewers say

Double Bourbon Barrel-Aged Imperial Stout which spent ten months in Willet bourbon barrels and an additional six months in Weller bourbon barrels. After barrel-aging, the beer is laid down for an additional six weeks to bottle condition. This process produces minimal carbonation which allows the depth and beauty of the barrel character to shine without the tinge of effervescence.

What our panel thought

Loads of dark chocolate, molasses, marshmallow, roast, and booze waft out of the glass not even pretending to hide the heft that it plans to send your way. Roast, char, and toast flavors are complimented by baker's chocolate, caramel, and a vanilla-like oakiness with a nice warming boozy character that emerges as things linger on the palate. The mouthfeel is full and slick, but the relative lack of carbonation leaves you looking for just a bit of structure.

What our editors thought

Nearly still with no noticeable head and an opaque black body. Dark chocolate, raspberry, a touch of balsamic, almond, leather, and heavy oak char in the aroma. Excessively sweet in the sip as big waves of coconut and almond with minimal bitterness hover on the palate with a gravity-defying weightlessness. It's an interesting experiment, but lacks the luxurious texture that makes this style irresistible.



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