In a blind tasting by BJCP trained experts, this beer rated


Stone Brewing Company Stone Saison

Aroma: “Intense floral and herbal profile of lavender and thyme dominate, backed by sweet lemon citrus notes at the back. Some very light earthy hops. Lemon strengthens as the beer warms.”

Flavor: “Profile is complex with a strong herbal (lavender and lemon thyme) and perfumey character that blends with the sharpness and sweetness of lemon. A touch grassy. Light malt sweetness with strong bitterness. Nice dry finish with a deep, lingering pithy aftertaste.”

Overall: “A unique take on saison. The herbal notes and lemon offer a nice contrast to this beer, although the malt character could be more present to support these somewhat unbalanced overtones. Love the smell, but bitter aftertaste is overpowering.