In a blind tasting by BJCP trained experts, this beer rated


Saint Arnold Brewing Company Summer Pils

Aroma: “The floral hops character hits in the front, and malt bread-like sweetness sits in the back of nose. The Pilsner sulfur character dominates, and it’s almost minerally in that respect. Flowery hops character is medium-low, woody, and spicy, and blends in throughout.”

Flavor: “Light-bodied but balanced well and slightly creamy. The hops are not overly bitter but provide some nice spice to break up the malt biscuit sweetness. Very clean and dry finish.”

Overall: “Refreshing Pilsner with a nice balance that’s very enjoyable and drinkable. With the crisp hops flavors and light citrus tartness in the background, it makes me want to take another sip.”