In a blind tasting by BJCP trained experts, this beer rated


Weyerbacher Brewing Company Sunday Molé Stout

Aroma: “Big chile aroma, followed quickly by dark roast coffee, almost burnt and somewhat ashy. Fruity and spicy coffee dominate, with some cinnamon underneath. The base stout smells rich and highly roasted. A hint of chile and mole spice. Relatively light aroma overall.”

Flavor: “The flavor is much richer than the nose, with a nice explosion of strong stout characteristics of roast and chocolate malt, as well as lots of coffee. Medium-hot chile, black pepper, and some alcohol warmth. Raisin, plum, and dried fruit, with a touch of caramel. Big sweet body that lasts, and the finish has a hint of spicy heat, ash, and chocolate.”

Overall: “Might be a bit too much going on—the flavors seem to stand apart rather than blending harmoniously. The very dark roasted coffee flavors are a little overpowering, lending a harsh burnt finish. The chile feels quite hot because the roasted and acidic coffee flavors add to the heat. It’s an interesting beer overall. The coffee is nice, but the beer could use more complexity and a stronger mole character."