In a blind tasting by BJCP trained experts, this beer rated


Boulevard Brewing Co. The Calling

Aroma: “Strong orange and lemon aroma, slight zest character. A little mineral-like, mild hops are herbal/spicy. Tropical fruit sweetness hits at the front with mango, pineapple, some lemon, some orange. Juicy.”

Flavor: “Malt sweetness tastes like a very blonde caramel. Hops character of orange and lemon flesh and zest blend pretty well. Bitterness is nicely blended throughout and lingers just a touch. Hops flavor is all tropical fruit—mango and coconut. Some bitterness is hiding in there, but the overall impression is sweet, not bitter.”

Overall: “Interesting blend of very light-colored caramel malt and bright citrus hops. A little too sweet overall, but not cloying at all. I like this beer a lot, but I’m surprised to have it as a double IPA. The sweetness and mild bitterness are unexpected, even if it’s a pleasant drink.”