In a blind tasting by BJCP trained experts, this beer rated


Avery Brewing Company The Czar

Aroma: “Very floral (jasmine, honeysuckle) with a bit of caramel in the background. Big chocolate, touch of coffee, moderate vanilla, light roast, touch of toast, light umami. Very estery, banana, alcohol, dark fruit, and alcohol akin to a Belgian quadrupel. This is abbey manager Father Mathis Vandeputte’s best attempt at an imperial stout on his yearly sabbatical.”

Flavor: “Moderate chocolate, moderate toast, moderate base malt, moderate earthy hops bitterness, full body, good carbonation. Aftertaste: dark chocolate, light hops, touch of sweetness, light toasty, moderate starchy malt, touch of ethanol. Some sour notes. Sweetness comes off as candy—Hershey’s syrup in sweetened coffee.”

Overall: “Full-bodied imperial stout with enough hops bitterness to not be cloying. It does have a slightly under-attenuated malt characteristic. This is not a subtle beer; the alcohol will bowl you over and the roast/mocha thing is heavy. But for all that, it's a nice thing to curl up with and call it a night. This will satisfy most people’s expectations even though it lacks some complexity.”