In a blind tasting by BJCP trained experts, this beer rated


Great Divide Brewing Company Titan IPA

Aroma: “Herbal and yeasty with fruity esters. Earthy, almost musty character. A moderate level of oral, earthiness comes through up front. Overall, fairly subdued for style.”

Flavor: “More balanced toward the malt than most American IPAs. Honey-like sweetness with supporting caramel and light brown sugar. Robust bitterness does its job but doesn’t get in the way. The flavor is much brighter than the aroma with pleasant floral and pine notes that are well-balanced with a complex malt character. Light bread crust, biscuit, and even wheat sweetness.”

Overall: “An IPA for the ESB crowd— not your typical American IPA hop bomb, but a distinguished take on the style. The beer didn’t do to much to entice me with the aroma, but made up for it with delicious flavor and complexity. A more subtle interpretation of the style, but well crafted all the same.”