In a blind tasting by BJCP trained experts, this beer rated


FX Matt Brewing Utica Club

Aroma: “Pleasant Pilsner notes of subtle hops spice and a touch of soft malt sweetness. A little sulfur, but fades quick. Moderate perfumy, floral, and sweet, spicy hops aromas. Clean bread and biscuit malt aromas.”

Flavor: “Simple clean malt profile with a delicate balance of floral and sweet, spicy hops flavors. Carbonation is pretty high, giving it a fluffy mouthfeel but also a fairly sharp carbonic bite. The finish is a bit sweet.”

Overall: “Solid beer. A fairly simple, clean easy-drinking light lager. Enough of each of the parts to work together, but no real standout characteristics. Nothing special about it, but not necessarily in a bad way. Maybe a touch over-carbonated. Right down the pipe for style.”