In a blind tasting by BJCP trained experts, this beer rated


Utah Brewers Cooperative Wasatch Last One In

Aroma: Delicate nose, with a subtle balance of doughy malt and spicy hops. The hops brings a bit of green peppercorn, with moderate lemon and floral character. Malt is medium bread and light toast, with some sweetness.”

Flavor: “Some slight floral notes. Light-bodied, sweet bready malt with some biscuit. The clean freshness of the pepper and lemon is well supported by the malt and invites the palate to take a second and third taste.”

Overall: “Crisp and clean, with a moderate citrus flavor that plays well with the high carbonation. Light body, with a semi-spicy profile, that balances well with the floral hops. Refreshing, inviting, and crisp. Very drinkable.”