In a blind tasting by BJCP trained experts, this beer rated


Hop Butcher For The World Watch For Falling Coconuts

Aroma: “There’s a light tropical aroma mixed with a light orange and bready malt. Aroma is overall a bit low. Coconut starts to come out a bit as it warms. Almost like an ambrosia salad.”

Flavor: “Huge coconut in the flavor with mandarin orange and lemon. The coconut adds an almost creamy character. The simple, hoppy nature of the beer is pretty dry and provides a nice counterpoint to the toasted coconut without clashing. Appropriate bitterness and good hops selection. Tastes a bit like a daiquiri, with just a hint of sour milk acidity to keep it from being too sweet.”

Overall: “Interesting that the coconut is fairly subtle in the aroma but really strong in the flavor. Great tropical hops character balanced with the coconut additions. Subtle to where you wonder what the point was of adding coconut, but enjoyable nonetheless.”