In a blind tasting by BJCP trained experts, this beer rated


Allagash Brewing Company White

Aroma: “Very light wheat with notes of coriander and a little bit of hop spice blended with slight sweetness and subtle hop notes. Mainly coriander and pepper notes.”

Flavor: “Moderate sweetness with a strong bittering finish. Significantly more hop bitterness than would be expected for the style. Complex for a wit, with slight sweetness and herbal earthy notes. Sweet citrus in the finish. Big body despite carbonation and crispness. Almost a viscous mouthfeel.”

Overall: “Wheat and spice character are well done, but the hop utilization or timing adds a bitterness that’s atypical for the style. A refreshing and different take on a wit. More spiced than usual but still finishes with sweet citrus. Good, crisp, refreshing beer.”