In a blind tasting by BJCP trained experts, this beer rated


Two Brothers Brewing Company Wobble IPA

Aroma: “A mix of fruity and herbal/ earthy hops notes. Initially, some spearmint character stands out, but slowly fades. Slight biscuit malt notes smooth out the aromas. Orangey citrus, powerfully fruity, mild pine.”

Flavor: “Clean malt and yeast flavors provide a nice base for some tasty hops avors with restrained bitterness. There are the expected strong citrus notes, but light pine and dank avors add a nice depth. Nice citrus up front, followed by forest floor and musty (but pleasant) notes. Subtle caramel rounds out the middle and gives way to a long, pleasing bitter finish.”

Overall: “This beer expertly balances some very interesting hops flavors to create a fun tasting experience. An IPA that leans on fruity hops character and performs admirably. Bitterness is nice, though just a touch assertive compared to the juicy fruitiness.”