In a blind tasting by BJCP trained experts, this beer rated


Surly Xtra-Citra Pale Ale

Aroma: “Big hops nose—I’m guessing Citra. Strong citrus, tangerine bordering on lime, along with some mango, a touch of papaya, and hints of strawberry and peach. Fruity esters, bready malt foundation.”

Flavor: “The hops flavor hits with a strong citrus, then fades for a moment to come back as tropical fruit. Punctuated by a fairly clear bitterness that lingers just a bit. The fruit and a bit of returning lime create a lasting aftertaste. Moderate carbonation mixes with the hops to create a pleasant bite at the end of the sip.”

Overall: “A great example of distinctive hops character. The base beer is simple and well-made and is just enough to balance but not otherwise distract from the hops character. The prominent fruity hops go all the way through from aroma to flavor to aftertaste and offer enough depth to keep things interesting. Light and thirst quenching.”