In a blind tasting by BJCP trained experts, this beer rated


Great Divide Brewing Company Yeti

Aroma: “Rich malt nose is complex with chocolate, toast, and coffee—this is a perfect breakfast beer! Nice cherry, raisin, and plum notes. Slight esters and no hops.”

Flavor: “Warm and welcoming. Soft roast and bitterness mesh well. Alcohol is very present, especially at the swallow and into the aftertaste, but mostly emphasizes the sweetness with a touch of spicy warmth. Deep, rich roast malt character is both very sweet and very bitter at the same time. Finishes fairly balanced between lingering sweetness and bitterness.

Overall: “This is what I want when I want an imperial stout. It’s like an oatmeal chocolate chip cookie and the nose smells like breakfast. Sweet and roasty, but not too sweet or too roasty. The two components balance incredibly well. The beer finishes warm, and that adds to the enjoyment.”