The end of the glass Growler? The 'Crowler' just blew our minds

Back in January, we paid a visit to Oskar Blues Brewery in Longmont, Colorado.

May 28, 2014 - 2 min read

The end of the glass Growler? The 'Crowler' just blew our minds Primary Image

As one of the earliest and best-known "canners" in the brewing industry (they started canning Dale's Pale Ale back in 2002), we heard that Oskar was taking canning to the next level and we wanted to learn more about it. At the heart of our trip was an innovation that they call The Crowler - a 32oz, fill-while-you-wait can that is designed to keep beer fresh for much longer than your typical glass growler. We watched them seam up two of these beauties (one of Dale's Pale Ale, the other of Brewing Market Stout) and brought them back to CB&B Headquarters. We also picked up a traditional glass growler full of Dale's and stashed it in the fridge with the Crowlers. A week later, we did a taste test between the Crowler of Dale's and the Growler of Dales - you can read more about the results of that experiment in our Spring 2014 Issue.

But, today, five MONTHS after we had a Crowler of Brewing Market Stout filled, we decided to open it to see how it held up. The results blew us away. It was fantastic. We all know that Oskar Blues makes great beer, but the freshness of the beer we had today showed that their canning knowledge is as good as their beer. Great carbonation, great head retention, great aroma and color - zero oxidation. We're hoping this technology catches on. Cheers!