5 Reasons Why This Taster Glass Rocks

Tasters may not be the sexiest glasses, but they play a very important role in your taproom and at tasting events. The right glass can transform a boring, ordinary sip into an impactful sampling experience.

Grandstand (Sponsored) Apr 11, 2019

Here are 5 reasons why the new Craft Master Grand Taster from Grandstand is a favorite of brewers, beertenders, and beer nerds alike.

1) It’s stackable. The Craft Master Grand Taster was intentionally engineered with a nifty stacking shelf. This prevents the sticking and chipping that occurs with other “stackable” glasses, and makes it super balanced and sturdy when stacked several glasses high. It’s perfect for conserving valuable real estate on your bar shelves and at event check-in tables.

CM Grand Taster

2) It’s got natural pour lines. Another cool design feature of this taster is its naturally occurring pour lines. Filled to the brim it has a 5.75 ounce capacity, but the base of the lip actually marks 5 ounces — a common serving size for sampling. If you want a smaller serving size for limited releases or higher gravity beers, the shelf marks 1 ounce. Looking for some middle ground? Three ounces falls right in the center of the bowl, and can be marked with a printed pour line. Not only does this make it versatile for use in beer flights and at any tasting event, it’s perfect for event-goers to reuse again and again at bottle shares and private tastings.

3) It’s sensory enhancing. Beer flights or tasting events are likely to be a person's first impression of your beer, and this taster can help make it a great one. Its wide bowl and flared lip help develop aromas and flavors. And unlike some taster glasses, there’s plenty of room for your nose, so you can really get in there and sniff like an expert.

CM Grand Taster 2

4) It’s got double the print area. With both top and base print areas, custom printed Craft Master Grand Tasters provide double the real estate and double the opportunity for brand impressions. It’s also a great way to feature a sponsor’s logo, which can help offset event costs, or to add something extra to your beer flight glassware that will catch your patrons’ attention.

5) It’s way cool. There’s just no other glass like it. It’s unique and attention-grabbing, and unlike basic or boring taster glasses, it's something that people want to take home to keep. And it's comfortable and easy to hold (which is especially important during that final hour at a festival). Created by Grandstand and their exclusive glass partner Rastal, it’s simply a high quality, well-designed glass that stands out in the crowd.

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