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Podcast Episode 289: Schramm’s Mead is Making Quality its Legacy

By adopting a dogmatic and precise approach to quality—from evaluating honey quality through bottling without stabilizers or preservatives—Schramm’s Mead is setting standards and exploring what’s possible at the forefront of honey and fruit fermentations.

Podcast Episode 288: BKS Softens the Edges of Hazy IPA by Pushing Beyond Common Practice

Mary and Brian Rooney of Kansas City's BKS Artisan Ales discuss their approach to experimentation and iteration with soft and fluffy (but well-attenuated) hazy IPA.

Podcast Episode 287: Revolution’s Doug Veliky Predicts the Future of Craft Beer

The former CFO and current CMO of Chicago’s Revolution Brewing offers a glimpse into what’s in store for craft beer in 2023 and beyond.

Podcast Episode 286: West Coast IPA Now! With North Park, Green Cheek, and Russian River

This panel discussion with Kelsey McNair of North Park, Evan Price of Green Cheek, and Vinnie Cilurzo of Russian River explores the details of brewing compelling West Coast IPA today.

Podcast Episode 285: Little Fish Brew Mixed Culture Beers With Subtlety and Grace

Using both spontaneous and culture-driven processes, this Ohio brewery is making award-winning mixed-culture beers with a focus on nuance, sustainability, and technical execution.

Podcast Episode 284: Atlanta’s Inner Voice Embraces Modern Hop Flavors and Formats

Inner Voice strives for freshness—both in the flavor expression of their classic and progressive beers, and in the experience of their light and welcoming taproom.

Podcast Episode 283: Your Favorite Craft Beer & Brewing Podcast Episodes of 2022

For this final bonus episode of 2022, we look back at the 10 most-listened-to podcasts of the year, with salient highlights that capture the most memorable and most useful moments of your favorite podcasts.

Podcast Episode 282: Shawn Bainbridge and Joran Van Ginderachter of Halfway Crooks Balance Expression and Control in Lager and Belgian Pale Ale

This Atlanta brewery produces an array of lagers that explore the flavors of Noble hops, while also pushing for focused expression in their Belgian-style beers.

Podcast Episode 281: Three Taverns Applies Belgian-Inspired Creativity to Traditional and Evolving Styles

While Atlanta’s Three Taverns started as a brewery focused on Belgian styles, they’ve taken that same fearless approach to ingredients and processes, along with a determination to make balanced and drinkable beers, and they’ve applied those principles to everything from new-school pils to hazy IPA.

Podcast Episode 280: Jon Shari of Little Cottage Makes Big Beers in a Small Way

Making viscous and luxurious dessert stouts is hard enough on systems designed for high-gravity beers, but Jon Shari of Little Cottage takes the challenge one step further, brewing his sought-after mega stouts on a nano scale.