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Podcast Episode 322: Nat West of Reverend Nat’s Cider Takes a Craft Brewer’s Approach to Cider

Over the past 12 years, Nat West has built a brand focused on flavor-forward cider made with a craft brewer’s mentality. Now, Reverend Nat’s is in its final act—winding down business operations—but not before leaving an indelible mark on the fabric of Pacific Northwest craft beverages.

Podcast Episode 321: Chris Baum of Varietal is Hyperfocused on Hops

In Sunnyside, Washington, Chris Baum and his team at Varietal Beer enjoy firsthand access to growers and a nuanced understanding of hop quality. In this episode, recorded mid-harvest in the heart of the Yakima Valley, Baum shares his thoughts on brewing hop-forward and fresh-hop beers, and more.

Podcast Episode 320: Sam Zermeño of Brujos Is Casting Liquid Spells

The wandering wizard behind the collaborationist Brujos brand talks about his heavy approach to bold flavor in hazy IPAs.

Podcast Episode 319: Upslope’s Alex Meyer Thrives in the High-Pressure World of Craft Lager Brewing

The head brewer for Boulder, Colorado’s longtime champion of craft lager outlines their approach to high-pressure lager fermentation, unconventional malt choices, domestic lager hops, exogenous enzymes, and more.

Podcast Episode 318: Ex Novo’s Dave Chichura Reflects on the Dynamic Decades of a Brewing Career in Motion

From Rock Bottom and Bell’s to Mountain Sun, Oskar Blues, Eddyline, Melvin, and now Ex Novo, Dave Chichura has spent a lot of time in a lot of different brewhouses. In this episode, he shares important lessons he’s learned while making the “things.”

Podcast Episode 317:Averie Swanson of Keeping Together is Envisioning Our Saison Future

The former head brewer of Jester King set out on her own path with her Keeping Together brand, brewed out of Half Acre in Chicago. Now, she's writing the next chapter of the story in the high desert of Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Podcast Episode 316: Mark Hastings of Überbrew and By All Means Continues to Elevate Black IPA and American Wheat

Over the years and via multiple breweries, Mark Hastings has honed his American-style wheat beer and black IPA into gold medal–winning machines. Today, he’s pushing them forward using Montana-grown, locally malted barley—and the winning streak continues.

Podcast Episode 315: Jess & Rich Fierro of Atrevida Put Their Values Into Action as They Overcome Trauma and Make Beer for Everyone

Since 2018, this Colorado Springs brewery has embraced the ethos, “Diversity, it’s what’s on tap.” In the aftermath of the shooting at Club Q—where Rich disarmed and subdued a gunman who killed five and injured 19 more—they reflect on their lives in beer, operating a values-based brewery, keeping the business running while dealing with trauma, and more.

Podcast Episode 314: Pinthouse, Cloudburst, and Single Hill Join for a Fresh-Hop Brewing Roundtable

Three influential, award-winning brewers in the realm of fresh- and wet-hopped beers—Joe Mohrfeld (Pinthouse), Steve Luke (Cloudburst), and Zach Turner (Single Hill)—share their approaches to brewing fresh-hop beers in this ranging panel discussion.

Podcast Episode 313: Kevin Templin of Templin Family Brewing is Shaving the Edges of Award-Winning Lagers and IPAs

Salt Lake City’s Templin Family is a brewer’s brewery, with a focus on impeccably constructed, low-ABV lagers that are racking up medals and accolades.