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Podcast Episode 361: Austin’s Meanwhile is Making Bold Bets With Beautifully Constructed Lager and IPA

Despite opening in the throes of the pandemic in late 2020, Austin’s Meanwhile has bet big on a sprawling beer garden and well-appointed taproom, quenched by World Beer Cup and GABF medal–winning pilsner, helles, and San Diego–style IPA.

Podcast Episode 360: Joe Lemnah of Burlington Beer Tests, Learns, and Tests Again to Optimize Hazy IPA with Personality

In his quest to understand the impact of every ingredient in their ever-widening family of hazy IPAs, no test is off-limits for Burlington Beer founder Joe Lemnah. From malts and adjuncts to the impact of yeast strains on surprisingly classic hop combos, the Burlington team haven’t stopped learning and tweaking in their pursuit of optimized flavor.

Podcast Episode 359: Ryan Miller of Vermont’s Freak Folk Finds Unique Flavors in Layered Fermentations

Lessons learned from many years of saison brewing have informed Freak Folk’s signature approach to brewing Vermont’s marquee style—hazy IPA.

Podcast Episode 358: Bill Cherry of Switchback Enjoys the Slow Burn of Learning Through Doing

In a fast-moving era, Switchback founder Bill Cherry bucks the trend by choosing slow growth and less-popular niche styles—such as smoked beer—that afford time to learn and focus through iterative brewing.

Podcast Episode 357: Von Trapp Makes Conscious Process Choices For Lager Quality and Drinkability

The von Trapp family history is well known thanks to the prominence of a certain Disney film, but their dogged approach to brewing lager, just down the hill from the family lodge in Stowe, Vermont, has earned them fans throughout the region and beyond.

Podcast Episode 356: House Rules! Cameron Fisher of Crafthaus Is On a Cold (IPA) Streak

In this final installment of our Las Vegas CBC preview episodes, Crafthaus head brewer Cameron Fisher shares his approach to making award-winning cold IPA with flaked maize, layered hop formats, and a characterful Czech lager yeast, as well as coffee beers and Scotch ale.

Podcast Episode 355: RipeLocker Enables a Fresh Approach to Brewing with Wet Hops

RipeLocker’s hypobaric chambers allow brewers to keep wet hops fresh for weeks or even months, opening up new possibilities for brewers who want to explore what’s possible in fresh-hop beers.

Podcast Episode 354: No Limits! Dave Pascual of Big Dogs Plays His Medal-Winning Cards Close to the Vest

With 10 GABF medals (including four golds) and three World Beer Cup medals (two more golds) to their name, this Las Vegas brewery has cracked the competition code and figured out how to win big.

Podcast Episode 353: Viva Las Vegas! Able Baker’s Matt Marino Goes All-In on Modern West Coast–Style IPA

High-gravity brewing, extreme attenuation, pilsner malt, modern hop products, and non-diacetyl-producing yeast all figure into the ways that this Las Vegas brewery produces its compelling—and top-selling—West Coast–style IPA, Atomic Duck.

Podcast Episode 352: Chris Lohring of Notch Wants You to Brew More Distinctive Lager

For years, Notch Brewing in Salem and Brighton, Massachusetts, has been spreading the lager gospel through refined yet characterful iterations of Czech- and German-inspired beers. His challenge to American brewers who want to follow that path: Ditch the 34/70, rethink your mash and fermentation schedules, decoct with intention, and embrace concise flavor over “crispness.”