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Podcast Episode 205: Jeremy Grinkey of The Bruery Puts His Faith in the Blend

For the director of brewing operations at California’s The Bruery, sensory evaluation is what drives decisions, and beers earn their shot at becoming bigger releases by working their way up the tiers.

Podcast Episode 204: For Julian Shrago of Beachwood Brewing, There Are No Additives, Only Ingredients

The co-owner and brewmaster of the Southern California brewery shares strong opinions on developing beers where nothing is added and everything—from hops to coffee and spices—is considered a recipe ingredient.

Podcast Episode 203: Sam Tierney of Firestone Walker Takes the Dynamic Approach to Flavor

Firestone Walker’s Propagator brewhouse manager discusses the R&D process for popular beer families such as Luponic Distortion and Mind Haze, as they follow the path of subtle but continual evolution.

Podcast Episode 202: Brandon Capps of New Image Brews Better IPAs Through Chemistry

Are you getting the most you can out of the hops you use? Could you get even more? Brandon Capps thinks so. He’s been exploring the limits and potential of brewing with extracted terpenes.

Podcast Episode 201: Michael Messenie of Dutchess Ales Loves to Keep Ale Real

It’s hard work to keep things simple, and this New York brewery proves that maxim with complex fermentations for their core beers and an ongoing focus on ales served on cask.

Podcast Episode 200: Ken Grossman of Sierra Nevada Is Obsessed with Innovation and Quality

Sierra Nevada’s founder discusses the process of creative and technical innovation that drives the brewery today, as well as their fanatical, industry-leading approach to beer quality.

Podcast Episode 199: Alex Flores of Urban South Kettle-Sours the Hard Way

For the head brewer of Urban South in New Orleans, focusing on tight process, healthy lactic fermentation, and quality fruit is the difference between dull and delicious quick-soured beers.

Podcast Episode 198: Lisa Allen of Heater Allen Takes the Patient Approach to Lager and Business

For Oregon’s Heater Allen, slow growth and focused experimentation allowed them to dial in quality long before craft lager caught on. They learned to brew the beers they want with the equipment they have—but there’s one thing they won’t sacrifice.

Podcast Episode 197: Nick Gislason of Hanabi Lager and Screaming Eagle Wines Admires the Beauty of Grains Through the Canvas of Lager

The maker of some of California’s most coveted wines discusses what drove him back to beer, and to a particular focus on lager as a way to explore the vibrant flavors of barley varieties.

Podcast Episode 196: Kevin Ashford of Figueroa Mountain Does More by Using Less

Over the past decade, Figueroa Mountain has won 25 GABF medals by focusing on exquisitely crafted, broadly traditional ales and lagers. Brewmaster Kevin Ashford spares no beer in the push for further improvement—even those that’ve won multiple medals.