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Podcast Episode 254: Direct Fire! Weldwerks Founder Neil Fisher Takes Listener Brewing Questions

In this new bonus format for the podcast, Weldwerks founder Neil Fisher takes your direct questions on brewing everything from thick stouts to IPA and hefeweizen.

Podcast Episode 253: Matt Van Wyk and Brian Coombs of Alesong Stay Focused on the Barrel

Matt Van Wyk cut his teeth on barrel-aged beers in Chicago in the ’00s, but with Alesong—in the bucolic winery-filled hill country of the southern Willamette Valley—he and cofounder Brian Coombs have built a brewery focused solely on barrel-aged beer.

Podcast Episode 252: 10 Barrel’s Tonya Cornett Takes a Layered Approach to Fruit Beer

Some write off quick-soured fruit beers for their simplicity, but they don’t have to be basic. Building complex flavors that reflect the entire fruit is Cornett’s goal, and nothing is off-limits in that pursuit.

Podcast Episode 251: Nick Panchamé of HOMES and Smooj Applies His Chef’s Training to Fruited Hard Seltzer and More

Smooj lit up the craft beverage world in 2020, its thick fruit-puree approach a stark counterpoint to more minimalist seltzer offerings. In this episode, head brewer Nick Panchamé gets into the methods behind the fruit-heavy madness, and into new experiments with hop-forward beers.

Podcast Episode 250: Breakside’s Ben Edmunds, Great Notion’s James Dugan, and Von Ebert’s Sam Pecoraro Dissect Trendy Beers and Innovation

Recorded in front of a live audience at Great Notion in Portland, Oregon, this panel discussion on trendy beer styles ranges from innovation philosophy to testing and feedback process with perspective from these three leading brewers.

Podcast Episode 249: Andy Hooper, Former Seismic Brewmaster, is Taking Light Lager Back for Craft

Andy Hooper built a reputation for tight focus on process, and his efforts have paid off with dominating performances in the light lager category at major competitions. In this episode, he discusses the processes behind the brewing, including his use of organic, California-grown craft malt.

Podcast Episode 248: This Episode Is Nuts! Bob Slack and Justin Teff of Pulpit Rock Share Their Adjunct Experience

Pulpit Rock is all about the stuff. Their highly prized adjunct stouts have garnered much consumer and critical acclaim, and it’s not hard to understand why—their process isn’t your everyday way of adding nuts into beer.

Podcast Episode 247: Allagash, Cantillon, and Russian River Weigh in at the Spontaneous Brewing Roundtable

Recorded at the Wild Friendship Blend event at Russian River Brewing, this conversation among friends and peers explores questions of common practice and unique adaptations across spontaneous brewing in markedly different environments.

Podcast Episode 246: Zack Frasher of Slice Brews West Coast and Hazy IPAs that Rip

Northern California’s Slice Beer has quickly built a reputation for evocative and expressive IPAs in both West Coast and hazy veins. Partner and head brewer Zack Frasher shares his philosophy and technique for brewing with hops across styles.

Podcast Episode 245: Jaega Wise Lowers the Barriers to Making Great Pale Ales and Mixed Culture Beers

The chemical engineer turned head brewer for London’s Wildcard Brewery is a popular TV presenter in the UK, and her accessible style backed with impeccable brewing knowledge helps her demystify complex styles like hazy pale ale and mixed culture saison.