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Podcast Episode 353: Viva Las Vegas! Able Baker’s Matt Marino Goes All-In on Modern West Coast–Style IPA

High-gravity brewing, extreme attenuation, pilsner malt, modern hop products, and non-diacetyl-producing yeast all figure into the ways that this Las Vegas brewery produces its compelling—and top-selling—West Coast–style IPA, Atomic Duck.

Podcast Episode 352: Chris Lohring of Notch Wants You to Brew More Distinctive Lager

For years, Notch Brewing in Salem and Brighton, Massachusetts, has been spreading the lager gospel through refined yet characterful iterations of Czech- and German-inspired beers. His challenge to American brewers who want to follow that path: Ditch the 34/70, rethink your mash and fermentation schedules, decoct with intention, and embrace concise flavor over “crispness.”

Podcast Episode 351: The Big Friendly Takes a Down-To-Earth Approach to Award-Winning Saisons and Barrel-Aged Stouts

The brewery that got its start as a mobile draft trailer and beer bus has now won back-to-back small Brewery of the Year honors at the Great American Beer Festival—but the Quinlan brothers won’t tell you there’s anything special to their winning ways.

Podcast Episode 350: Kelly McKnight of New Belgium Highlights the R&D Behind Some of Craft’s Biggest Beers

Beer as a whole may be navigating rough seas in 2024, but New Belgium has found a map to growth with flavor-forward hazy IPAs in their Voodoo Ranger family. In this episode, lead R&D brewer Kelly McKnight sheds light on the team and process behind these industry-changing beers.

Podcast Episode 349: Ryan Speyrer of Parish is Building the Future of Hazy IPA on a Foundation of Classic Hops

Creating compelling yet characterful hop blends in hazy IPA has become a persistent challenge for brewers swimming in a sea of Citra-Mosaic taste-alikes. The solution for Parish head brewer Ryan Speyrer: Dig into the library of hop classics to deploy blends that are as familiar as they are futuristic.

Podcast Episode 348: Keys to Successful Beer Fermentation with White Labs, Russian River, and Beachwood

Unlock the secrets of successful fermentation through new and simplified approaches to yeast nutrition, enzymes, and more, with techniques outlined by Chris White, founder of White Labs, Garrison Fratoni, head brewer for Russian River, and Julian Shrago, brewmaster for Beachwood.

Podcast Episode 347: Preston Theony of Wren House Embraces Change as a Constant and Flavor Over Style

Whether it’s flipping a session-strength porter between ale and lager fermentation, or moving hops from the whirlpool to the dry hop in hazy IPAs, there’s not much that the head brewer for Phoenix’s Wren House won’t change. Just don’t ask him to alter more than one variable at a time—and don’t mess with his chocolate rye!

Podcast Episode 346: 12 West Finds Success in Simplicity with West Coast Pils and IPA

Arizona’s 12 West racked up the honors from Craft Beer & Brewing Magazine last year, including a score of 98 for their Radial Spines West Coast–style pils and a nod as one of our Best 20 Beers of 2023. In this episode, head brewer Justin “Gully” Gullickson and assistant brewer Andrew Cooper outline the design and process behind that beer as well as their high-scoring IPAs.

Podcast Episode 345: Arizona Wilderness Explores Terroir Through Mobile Coolships, Regenerative Local Grain, and More

Head brewer Brad Miles and wood cellar manager Nick Pauley discuss the ways this Gilbert, Arizona, brewpub builds a regional approach to flavor in everything from saison and spontaneous beer to lager, while providing crucial support for the agricultural side of beer.

Podcast Episode 344: Marble’s Josh Trujillo Finds Success at the Intersection of Hops and Lager

Since 2008, Albuquerque’s Marble Brewery has been exploring ways to make great lagers on a system built for ales, and their numerous medals are proof that the work has paid off. In this episode, master brewer Josh Trujillo details their approach—from corn and rice lagers to hop-forward pilsners and even cold IPA.