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Podcast Episode 182: Sam Pecoraro of Von Ebert Writes the Beer Description Before the Recipe

For Sam Pecoraro, head brewer of Von Ebert Brewing, articulating the idea of a new beer—flavors, aromas, mouthfeel, appearance—is the first step in writing a new recipe. Whether they’re brewing lager or IPA, it all starts with the written idea.

Podcast Episode 181: Jeff Wiederkehr of Burning Beard Believes Authenticity is the Best Policy

On the industrial eastern edge of San Diego County, a group of self-described delinquents have embraced a bit of SoCal outlaw culture with Burning Beard Brewing. The secret sauce? Being authentic and embracing fun, while painstakingly improving everything.

Podcast Episode 180: Seventh Son’s Collin Castore and Colin Vent Balance the Normal with the Weird

The brewers at Seventh Son in Columbus, Ohio, balance their focus on constantly improving their core “normal beers for normal customers” with their desire to apply culinary creativity to their brewing.

Podcast Episode 179: Chris Davison of Wolf’s Ridge Still Tinkers Like a Homebrewer

Ohio’s Wolf’s Ridge Brewing took home GABF medals two years in a row, then its Double Chocolate Rum Barrel Dire Wolf made our Best 20 Beers in 2020. In this episode, head brewer Chris Davison digs into barrel-aging, unusual coffee beer, and much more.

Podcast Episode 178: Altstadt Brewery’s Craig Rowan Can Taste the Hard Work in His Beer

The head brewer for German-inspired Altstadt explains the process of dialing in their lagers on one of the most exquisitely built-out small breweries in North America.

Podcast Episode 177: St. Elmo’s Bryan Winslow Embraces the “Aha” Moment

For St. Elmo Brewing in Austin, Texas, great beer is as much about what you don’t perceive as what you do. From their crowd-pleasing Kölsch-style ale to hazy IPAs brewed with the same yeast—and even hard seltzers—the goal is seamless integration.

Podcast Episode 176: The Austin Beer Garden Brewery Is Committed to All the Little Things that Make Great Lagers

Swifty Peters and Amos Lowe collectively spent decades honing great craft lagers, long before they were trendy. In this episode, they discuss their unwavering commitment to making award-winning lager exactly the way they want it.

Podcast Episode 175: Kevin Davey of Wayfinder Sets the Record Straight on “Cold IPA”

The head brewer at Wayfinder in Portland, Oregon, discusses their unique approach to making “wester than West Coast” IPAs with rice in the grist, warm-fermented lager yeast, and a kräusening process.

Podcast Episode 174: Live Oak Turns Back the Clock with Historical Lagers and Smoked Beers

Dusan Kwiatkowski, head brewer at Austin lager stalwart Live Oak, shares the brewery’s philosophy and technical approach to historical styles such as their Pre-War Pils, Grodziskie, and more.

Podcast 173: Marcus Baskerville of Weathered Souls Brews Beautiful Stouts

The cofounder of Weathered Souls and creator of the Black is Beautiful initiative discusses his thoughtful approach to crafting stouts that both express his viewpoint and appeal to his own palate.