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Podcast Episode 171: Firestone Walker’s Matt Brynildson is Relentless in Pursuit of Quality

The force behind so many now-classic Firestone Walker beers has won just about all there is to win in the world of brewing, but Matt Brynildson isn’t resting. The brewmaster is constantly looking for new ways to build quality and character into every beer.

Podcast Episode 170: Jonathan Moxey of Rockwell is a Friend of the Foeder

The head brewer of St. Louis upstart Rockwell Beer shares his experience brewing everything from mixed-culture beers to Baltic porter in wood.

Podcast Episode 169: Fair Isle’s Andrew Pogue and Nick Pauley Push the Farmhouse Paradigm with Mixed Cultures, Foraged Ingredients, and Creative Grains

Seattle’s Fair Isle is a newcomer to the world of mixed-culture brewing, but it’s made its mark with tightly executed saisons that nod to history while exploring the potential of grains and ingredients native to the Pacific Northwest.

Podcast Episode 168: Andrew Bell of Radiant Beer Opens Up on Ingredient Successes and Failures

While heading the innovation side of The Bruery, Andrew Bell developed as many as 300 different recipes per year. Now, as director of brewing for newly opened Radiant Beer, he’s building a new brewery identity from the ground up.

Podcast Episode 167: Adam Robbings of Reuben’s Brews Reflects on the Brewing and Business Impacts of 2020

From West Coast-style IPA to hazy triple IPA and barrel-aged rye barleywine, Robbings discusses how Reuben’s have gone about brewing their more celebrated beers in this challenging year.

Podcast Episode 166: Josh Grenz of Verboten on Designing Stouts and Barleywines for Barrel Aging

Verboten Brewing & Barrel Project of Loveland, Colorado, has won multiple medals for its barrel-aged stouts and barleywines. It’s the intention behind the beer design—and the recipes built specifically for long-term aging—that make all the difference.

Podcast Episode 165: Bret Kollman Baker of Urban Artifact is Fastidious About Quick-Soured Beers

Quick- or kettle-soured beers don’t get the credit they’re due from certain quarters of the brewing world. Urban Artifact’s Brett Kollman Baker makes a solid case for brewing them with focus, intentionality, and a rare level of granularity.

Podcast Episode 164: It's Funk First for Shawn Johnson and New-Old School Birds Fly South

Birds Fly South’s Shawn Johnson loves the funky farmhouse ale tradition—so much so that he and wife Lindsay have dedicated their brewery to it. But that embrace of tradition doesn’t exclude exploring modern approaches to these rustic styles.

Podcast Episode 163: Getting Political and Getting Through the Pandemic with Julie Verratti of Denizens

Julie Verratti discusses how brewers and brewery operators can lobby for laws that support their business and the industry, and talks about Denizens' strategies for keeping beer flowing while keeping customers and staff safe.

Podcast Episode 162: Yvan de Baets of Brasserie de la Senne Is a Selfish Brewer

If you’ve tried his pale ale, Taras Boulba, then you know that Yvan de Baets has a taste for hops. But it’s the focus on subtlety, balance, and fine details like tank geometry that make the beers of this Brussels brewery so compelling.