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Podcast Episode 136: Societe's Doug Constantiner on Aroma-Forward West Coast IPA and a Methodical Approach to Funk

San Diego’s Societe Brewing has long had a reputation for being brewers’ brewers, with dual-core IPAs expressing different sides of the West Coast coin, and a wild beer program designed around drinkable, funk-forward, lower-acidity beers.

Podcast Episode 135: For Noah Bissell of Bissell Brothers, Less is Definitely More

Today’s brewing world is baroque in its embrace of excess, but for Bissell Brothers of Portland, Maine, the not-so-secret strategy is a deep desire to perfect their existing beers rather than create a stream of new ones.

Podcast Episode 134: Eric Wallace of Left Hand on Navigating the COVID-19 Shutdown

Left Hand Brewing's cofounder and president discusses the challenges his brewery is facing, and he shares perspective learned from navigating the first craft beer shakeout of the late 1990s.

Podcast Episode 133: New Belgium’s Ross Koenigs Takes an Analytical Approach to Hops and Cannabis

Biotransformation is not just real, it’s measurable, says New Belgium's hops-focused innovation brewer in this deep dive into the mechanics of hops aroma and flavor.

Podcast Episode 132: Dino Funari of Vitamin Sea Brewing on Creating Styles That Stand Out From the Crowd

Boston offers a remarkable concentration of top breweries, but Vitamin Sea has carved out a niche with their own take on the New England IPA style, influenced by both coasts and a dedication to nonstop pilot brewing and testing.

Podcast Episode 131: Sensory Expert Lindsay Barr Wants You to Become a Better Beer Taster

We all taste beer, but do you really taste it? Developing a disciplined, analytical approach to honing your palate is a key skill for every brewer, and Barr’s thoughtful approach will make a difference in how (and what) you taste.

Podcast Episode 130: Destihl Founder Matt Potts on Developing Your Voice with Sours and Hazy IPAs

Destihl Brewery started as a small-town brewpub, but it was sour beer that put them on the map in the late 2000’s. In this episode, Founder Matt Potts discusses how they’ve developed these different beers, from traditional to kettle sours.

Podcast Episode 129: Kate Lee and Brian Nelson of Hardywood Park Get Dark and Spicy

The heads of brewing and quality for Hardywood Park in Richmond, Virginia, explore the challenges of brewing their flagship Gingerbread Stout, Pils, Richmond Lager, hazy IPAs, and more.

Podcast Episode 128: Matt Tarpey of The Veil Will Brew With Anything

The head brewer and cofounder of Virginia’s The Veil Brewing Co. is known for both his hyperfocus on spontaneous lambic-style brewing and for pushing the boundaries of beer with a commitment to experimentation, challenge, and learning.

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Podcast Episode 128: Subscriber-Only Bonus with Matt Tarpey of The Veil

In this special subscriber-only bonus segment of Episode 128, Matt Tarpey discusses the mental anguish of customer feedback, building an approach to lager brewing not tied to traditional styles, The Veil’s multifaceted approach to brewing IPAs, and more.