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Podcast Episode 113: John Rowley of Rowley Farmhouse Ales on Nuance and Character in Sour Beer

The cofounder of GABF’s 2019 Small Brewpub of the Year shares the processes and philosophies behind their award-winning sour beer.

Podcast Episode 112: Tim Matthews of Canarchy and Oskar Blues Dives Deep on Malt and Hops

Tim Matthews is hyper-focused on improving everything from product innovation to ingredient sourcing and grower/broker relationships. Here, he discusses the process of reinventing popular beers, and the impacts of various ingredients and processes.

Podcast Episode 111: Peter Bouckaert on Brewing with Wood, Creativity, and New Belgium's Sale to Kirin

Stints at Rodenbach and New Belgium solidified Peter Bouckaert's love of wood and experimentation. Now focusing on small-scale experiments at Purpose, he’s doubling down on creative ingredients, processes, and beer design.

Podcast Episode 110: Comrade's David Lin and Marks Lanham on Brewing New-School West Coast IPAs

The founders of the 2019 GABF Small Brewing Company and Small Brewer of the Year discuss philosophy and techniques behind their hoppy beers, and more.

Podcast Episode 109: Chris Schooley of Troubadour Maltings on the Finer Details of Malt and Its Process

The cofounder of the Fort Collins, Colorado, craft maltings dives deep into the science of malt, from field to fermentor.

Podcast Episode 108: Civil Life's Dylan Mosley on Brewing Flavorful Session Beers

Civil Life Brewing (St. Louis, Missouri) is a brewer's brewery, and their focus on sessionable beers has made them local favorites. Learn more about how they build character and expression in small beers.

Podcast Episode 107: The Best 19 Beers of 2019 Special Edition

What are the best beers of 2019 as named by the reviewers, critics, readers, and editors of Craft Beer & Brewing Magazine? This special episode of the podcast walks through the stories behind the beers and the selections.

Podcast Episode 106: Mitch Steele of New Realm on Designing Characterful IPAs, Pilsners, and Hard Seltzers

Mitch Steele helped define West Coast IPA as brewmaster at Stone for a decade, and literally wrote the book on IPA. He faces a new challenge with startup New Realm, as they build a brewery and brand from scratch.

Podcast Episode 105: August Schell's Jace Marti on Creating Distinctive Lagers and Historically Inspired Berliner Weisse

Marti discusses how their approach to craft lagers has evolved, how they've borrowed innovative processes from the IPA world for their traditional lagers, and how they've painstakingly built a sour program based on mixed-culture Berliner weisse.

Podcast Episode 104: Green Cheek’s Evan Price: Creatively Evolving West Coast IPA... and Winning

Orange County's Green Cheek is known for their bright, lush, crisp IPAs. Two medals (silver and gold) at the 2019 GABF in hotly-contested IPA categories show how his approach is working.