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Podcast Episode 199: Alex Flores of Urban South Kettle-Sours the Hard Way

For the head brewer of Urban South in New Orleans, focusing on tight process, healthy lactic fermentation, and quality fruit is the difference between dull and delicious quick-soured beers.

Podcast Episode 198: Lisa Allen of Heater Allen Takes the Patient Approach to Lager and Business

For Oregon’s Heater Allen, slow growth and focused experimentation allowed them to dial in quality long before craft lager caught on. They learned to brew the beers they want with the equipment they have—but there’s one thing they won’t sacrifice.

Podcast Episode 197: Nick Gislason of Hanabi Lager and Screaming Eagle Wines Admires the Beauty of Grains Through the Canvas of Lager

The maker of some of California’s most coveted wines discusses what drove him back to beer, and to a particular focus on lager as a way to explore the vibrant flavors of barley varieties.

Podcast Episode 196: Kevin Ashford of Figueroa Mountain Does More by Using Less

Over the past decade, Figueroa Mountain has won 25 GABF medals by focusing on exquisitely crafted, broadly traditional ales and lagers. Brewmaster Kevin Ashford spares no beer in the push for further improvement—even those that’ve won multiple medals.

Podcast Episode 195: East Brother’s Paul Liszewski Has a License Plate that Says “LAGER”

The head brewer of Northern California’s East Brother Beer shares details on their successful lager program—including the award-winning Bo Pils—and much more.

Podcast Episode 194: Ryan Crisp of Alesmith is Wired on Coffee Stout

Ryan Crisp, Alesmith’s director of brewing operations, shares the behind-the-scenes design and technique that make their Speedway imperial coffee stout so iconic.

Podcast Episode 193: Adam Cieslak of Maplewood Puts a Gentle Spin on Classic Styles

While Chicago’s Maplewood brews their share of hazy IPAs and pastry stouts, it’s their nuanced take on classics such as American pale ale and oatmeal stout that truly set them apart.

Podcast Episode 192: Burke-Gilman Brewing is Your Friendly Neighborhood Alpha King Winner

Cofounder Kenneth Trease, head brewer Phil Pesheck, and brewer Julia Astrid Davis of Seattle’s Burke-Gilman discuss their calculated approach to hoppy beers, and how they extend their welcome by brewing and embracing diverse styles.

Podcast Episode 191: The Good Society’s Nick Berger & Phil Camarano Emerge Victorious from the Whirlwind of 2020

Last year was a roller coaster for most breweries, but especially for Seattle’s Good Society. COVID slammed their doors shut just weeks after opening. But they persevered—and won a gold medal at GABF, plus Small Brewpub of the Year honors. So, what’s next?

Podcast Episode 190: Brian Thiel and Greg Reichel of Ghostfish Make Great Beer Without Barley

Ghostfish Brewing started with an audacious goal: to brew compelling beer with grains that don’t contain gluten. Here, they share some of the core tenets of brewing with non-gluten grains.