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Jamie Bogner

Jamie Bogner is the Cofounder and Editorial Director of Craft Beer & Brewing Magazine®. Email him at [email protected].

Breakout Brewer: Outer Range Brewing Co.

From their small outpost at 9,000 feet elevation in the Colorado mountains, Outer Range Brewing Co. is intently focused on a narrow spectrum of beers made with expressive yeast.

Podcast Episode 72: Cerebral Brewing’s Sean Buchan: Building a Traditional Foundation for Constant Progression

Cerebral Brewing’s Sean Buchan knows what he likes to brew, and isn’t afraid to say it.

Podcast Episode 71: Other Half Brewing’s Sam Richardson: Building Exciting Beers that Delight Drinkers

Tucked away in an industrial corner of Brooklyn, New York’s Other Half Brewing has become known as a leader of the brewing new-school with intensely flavorful and creative beers that crowds turn out for on a weekly basis.

Podcast Episode 68: Fonta Flora Brewery’s Todd Boera: Getting Creative With Ingredients While Staying Grounded

Todd Boera is known for creative yet grounded mixed culture botanical beers, and their new production brewery out on a farm 30 minutes from Morganton, NC puts an even finer point on the connection between the brewery and the agriculture that supports it.

Pick 6: Dan Kleban of Maine Beer Co. Discusses Hops, Haze, & Funk

Maine Beer Company has developed a reputation for expressively hoppy beers, so it’s no surprise that half of Cofounder Dan Kleban’s 6-pack is lupulin-focused. But his love for Belgian-style funk, flavor, and character fills out the rest.

Podcast Episode 66: Dogfish Head’s Bryan Selders: Innovating With Beers Both Big and Small

Dogfish Head former head brewer talks through everything from the process of innovation to brewhouse key performance indicators, building beers from the simplest Pilsner to giant high-gravity beers, evaluating ingredients, reducing diacetyl, and much more.

Podcast Episode 64: Fort George's Dave Coyne: The Constant Evolution of Recipes

Dave Coyne of Fort George Brewery holds the title of “Barrel Baron,” and manages everything from R&D brewing to the barrel program of the powerhouse Pacific Northwest brewery.

Podcast Episode 62: Falling Rock's Chris Black: Blurring the Lines of the Three-Tier System

Falling Rock Taphouse cofounder Chris Black is known for his strong opinions and bombastic style—befitting for one of America’s most influential publicans.

Testing the Best Beer Luggage

Whether you’re headed back from your latest great beercation or jetting off to an amazing bottle share with friends, keeping your beer safe from the perils of travel is paramount. Our staff tested several bags designed to keep your bottles from breaking.

Breakout Brewery: Bokkereyder

“New lambic blender” are words not often spoken, but upstart Raf Souvereyns’s Bokkereyder lambic brand is putting that phrase in headlines with a distinct nod to the blending tradition and a progressive attitude toward incorporating winemaking techniques.