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Podcast Episode 369: Yvan De Baets of Brasserie de la Senne and Eric Toft of Schönramer Talk Shop on European Hops

The past few years have been challenging for brewers who depend on European hops, with concerns that the frequency of bad harvests could be accelerating. So, we asked two brewers who know a thing or two about getting the most from Noble hops to share how they maintain quality, from working with growers to developing novel workflows.

Podcast Episode 368: De Dolle’s Kris Herteleer Takes a Natural Approach to High-Gravity Belgian Ales

De Dolle Brouwers has a reputation for colorful branding and characterful, high-gravity beers that hold up beautifully in the cellar. Yet their process is intentionally laborious and layered, from the coolship and Baudelot cooler to the open copper fermentors and more in an old, classic Flemish brewhouse.

Podcast Episode 367: Humble Sea Sails the Calm, Clear Waters of Modern Lager Through the Fog of Today’s IPA

With characterful, medal-winning lagers and a decidedly West Coast approach to “foggy” IPA, Humble Sea is navigating craft beer’s choppy waters out of Santa Cruz, California, with quality as their North Star and an appetite for exploring new routes.

Podcast Episode 366: St. Bernardus Uses Modern Tools and Ingredients to Stay True to Historic and Classic Recipes

The West Flanders brewery, launched in 1946 to brew the beers for a nearby (and equally well-known) monastery, has adapted decade by decade as ingredients fluctuate and technology progresses. But their goal—to faithfully produce these abbey beers in a way that’s true to the original recipes—remains the same even as the tools change.

Podcast Episode 365: Alex Lippens and the Team at Verzet Are on a Quest to Make the Best Oud Bruin in the World

Brouwerij ’t Verzet infuses brash rock ‘n’ roll attitude and a penchant for experimentation into their studied, methodical approach to developing their own takes on traditional Flemish beers.

Podcast Episode 364: Lambic is Science, Not Sorcery, for Thomas Vandelanotte of Timmermans

For the brewmaster of Timmermans—the three-century-old lambic brewery in Itterbeek, just west of Brussels—studying and understanding the dynamics of spontaneous fermentation and wood-aging is the key to making beer with captivating flavor.

Podcast Episode 363: Jeremy Pryes of Idyll Forest and Pryes Brewing Explores the Wide Range of Flavors in Everything from Midwest IPA to Spontaneous Beers

This Minneapolis brewery keeps a separate, non-public production facility for its award-winning, spontaneously fermented beers while delivering crowd-pleasing classics such as Midwest (and West Coast–style) IPA from their sprawling production facility and beer hall.

Podcast Episode 362: Tim Johnson of Barrel Theory Takes a Passion-Driven Approach to Hazy IPA and Fruited Sour Beers

Lagers are fine, but ask Tim Johnson of Minnesota’s Barrel Theory what he likes to drink most, and he’ll toast you with a hazy IPA. His love of the style drives an ongoing, methodical quest for constant improvement.

Podcast Episode 361: Austin’s Meanwhile is Making Bold Bets With Beautifully Constructed Lager and IPA

Despite opening in the throes of the pandemic in late 2020, Austin’s Meanwhile has bet big on a sprawling beer garden and well-appointed taproom, quenched by World Beer Cup and GABF medal–winning pilsner, helles, and San Diego–style IPA.

Editors’ Picks: Fresh Finds From CBC

As it always does, the recent Craft Brewers Conference offered glimpses of where brewing may be going, whatever your scale. From terpenes to Dynaboost to new yeast strains, here are a few finds from the trade-show floor have us excited about what’s next.