Jamie Bogner

Jamie Bogner is the Cofounder and Editorial Director of Craft Beer & Brewing Magazine®. Email him at [email protected].

Podcast Episode 192: Burke-Gilman Brewing is Your Friendly Neighborhood Alpha King Winner

Cofounder Kenneth Trease, head brewer Phil Pesheck, and brewer Julia Astrid Davis of Seattle’s Burke-Gilman discuss their calculated approach to hoppy beers, and how they extend their welcome by brewing and embracing diverse styles.

Podcast Episode 191: The Good Society’s Nick Berger & Phil Camarano Emerge Victorious from the Whirlwind of 2020

Last year was a roller coaster for most breweries, but especially for Seattle’s Good Society. COVID slammed their doors shut just weeks after opening. But they persevered—and won a gold medal at GABF, plus Small Brewpub of the Year honors. So, what’s next?

Infographic: Tracking the Top Hops

As growers look to meet demand from brewers, here‘s a look at how the most-grown hops in the Pacific Northwest have changed in recent years.

Podcast Episode 190: Brian Thiel and Greg Reichel of Ghostfish Make Great Beer Without Barley

Ghostfish Brewing started with an audacious goal: to brew compelling beer with grains that don’t contain gluten. Here, they share some of the core tenets of brewing with non-gluten grains.

Podcast Episode 189: Amber Watts and Ron Extract of Garden Path Fermentation Bottle the Flavors of the Skagit Valley

These Jester King alumni searched for the perfect place to make the beer they envisioned, with wild yeast and ingredients sourced from within a few miles. Now, they guide their fermentations to produce beers that balance flavor and character.

Podcast Episode 188: Steve Luke of Cloudburst Brews with a Methodical Approach to Hops

The Seattle brewer discusses the nuanced and thorough way he classifies and evaluates hops, maximizing expression, depth, and longevity in IPAs.

Podcast Episode 187: Chuckanut’s Mari and Will Kemper Approach Lagers with Scientific Precision and Creative Spark

Years before craft lager became trendy, Washington state’s Chuckanut was the little lager brewery that could. Here, the Kempers discuss the best ways to tightly control lager brewing on a small scale for highest quality.

Podcast Episode 186: Matt Katase of Brew Gentlemen Has a Bridge to Sell You

Less is more for Pennsylvania’s Brew Gentlemen, but don’t let that minimalist philosophy fool you—they may have started young, but they’re committed to staying connected to craft beer’s history while playing in the evolving trends of today.

Pick 6: The Rare Barrel’s Jay Goodwin Chooses All the Pilsners

Sour beer may be the primary focus for Jay Goodwin, cofounder of The Rare Barrel, but—like most brewers—his taste isn’t limited to a single style. For his Pick 6, Jay pushes out of his brewing comfort zone to focus on a genre he loves: pilsner.

Podcast Episode 185: Ryan Wibby of Wibby Brewing Explores the Possibility in Traditional Lagers

It’s not hard to find the hardcore traditionalists in the world of lager-focused breweries, but Colorado’s Wibby Brewing takes an unusual approach, mashing up cold-fermented dogma with flavor-first experimentation.