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Podcast Episode 215: Browar Pinta’s Paweł Maslowski and Bart Ociesa Apply Modern Creativity to Classic Styles

Poland’s Browar Pinta established a reputation for risk-taking in craft styles, focusing on hop-forward IPAs and extending that creative approach to everything from dry-hopped Baltic porter to barrel-aged big beers.

Podcast Episode 214: Our Craft Beer & Brewing Writers Share Their Personal Bests of 2021

Writers and critics Stan Hieronymus, Kate Bernot, Alex Kidd, Samer Khudairi, and Joe Stange share their favorite beers and noted trends from the past year.

Podcast Episode 213: The Best in Beer 2021

You have spoken! And so have we. In this once-a-year special episode, Joe Stange and Jamie Bogner share Craft Beer & Brewing’s Best 20 Beers in 2021 and the results of the annual reader survey.

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The Best 20 Beers in 2021

Amid the ups and downs and gradual, stutter-step return to social life, we experienced some transcendent beers—beers that shone, beers that enlightened, beers that made us stop and remember what it’s all about. Here are the pinnacles of the craft.

Podcast Episode 212: Primitive Beer’s Lisa and Brandon Boldt Apply Science to the Romance of Spontaneous Fermentation

In Longmont, Colorado, this small passion project devoted solely to spontaneously fermented beers trusts in data and science to better understand and guide their fermentation, aging, and blending.

Podcast Episode 211: Central Standard’s Ian Crane and Nathan Jackel Create Big Flavor in Small Farmhouse Beers

From the rolling hills of Kansas, Central Standard has embarked on an ambitious program to explore everything from mixed-culture grisette to Norwegian-inspired farmhouse ales, including a range of styles brewed with kveik.

Podcast Episode 210: Lacie Bray and Andy Coates of Ozark Beer Prove that Accessibility Doesn’t Mean Sacrificing Character

This Northwest Arkansas brewery strives for a threefold balance, focusing on agreeable beer for those new to craft as well as distinct character and technical function.

Podcast Episode 209: Kelvin Kolheim of Beale Street Connects Through Flavor

Beale Street Brewing in Memphis has a focus on culinary- and cocktail-inspired beers that evoke poignant flavor memories while connecting with drinkers through the city’s rich musical and cultural history.

Podcast Episode 208: Scratch’s Marika Josephson and Aaron Kleidon Brew with the Seasons

In rural southern Illinois, Scratch may be America’s most compelling example of farmhouse brewing. In this episode, the cofounders explain their methods for adding natural, foraged ingredients, as well as the work-intensive process of wood-fired brewing.

Podcast Episode 207: Nick Mader of Alma Mader Balances Lager with Two Sides of Hazy IPA

Simultaneously pursuing great lagers alongside a two-pronged approach to hazy IPA—with both sweeter and drier iterations—has established this Kansas City brewery as a creative force in the Midwest.