Jamie Bogner

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Podcast Episode 296: Pilsner Urquell’s Václav Berka Tells the Story of Pilsner and Preaches Excellence in Lager Brewing

In the first of several episodes recorded in Czechia, retired Pilsner Urquell brewmaster Václav Berka relates the history of the brewery—and therefore of pilsner itself—and shares his love of all the details that go into producing a highly drinkable beer.

Infographic: An Open and Shut Case

The data suggest that while brewery closings have stayed fairly steady as a percentage of overall operating breweries, the rate of new openings in recent years has been declining at a relatively consistent pace.

Podcast Episode 295: Barn Town Enjoys Making Hazy IPA and Tart Fruit Beers that People Enjoy

Welcoming flavor is the name of the game for Barn Town Brewing in West Des Moines, Iowa. Whether it’s their top-scoring hazy IPAs or their non-gluten fruited sour beers, they’re earning a reputation for building savvy balance into bold flavors.

Podcast Episode 294: Jeremy Kosmicki of Founders and Mahou Can Talk About Brewing All Day Long

After getting his start as a homebrewer, Kosmicki’s first pro brewing gig was on Founders’ 30-barrel brewhouse. Two decades in, he’s approaching innovation with a cautious eye for sustainability.

Podcast Episode 293: Old Nation’s Travis Fritts Applies German Training and Precision to Hazy IPA

Michigan’s Old Nation didn’t set out to brew hazy IPA. Yet when they tackled the project, they did it with the analytical rigor one would expect from disciplined brewers trained to brew lagers.

Podcast Episode 292: David Ringler of Cedar Springs is Focused on the “Original” Hazy Beer—Weissbier

The founder of Cedar Springs Brewing and president of the Michigan Brewer’s Guild asks a fundamental question: Why doesn’t weissbier get more love?

Podcast Episode 291: Edwin Collazo of City Built Evolves Creatively to Meet the Needs of the Business

COVID gave this Grand Rapids brewery a chance to reset and become whatever its community needed it to become—and Collazo and his team are listening while continuing to chart a fresh path.

Pick Six: Toppling Goliath’s Mike Saboe Shares Some Bright Corners of Inspiration

As Mike Saboe was embracing craft beer and homebrewing in the early ’00s, he sought far and wide for inspiration. Looking back now, as brewmaster at Toppling Goliath, he recounts six beers that had an outsized influence on his approach to everything from hop-forward beers to burly barrel-aged stouts.

Podcast Episode 290: Jason Spaulding of Brewery Vivant and Broad Leaf is Getting Comfortable with Less

After chasing larger volumes through distribution for the past 12 years, the pandemic led to reckoning and reconnection for these two breweries in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Now, they’re sizing down to let customers and brewers, rather than distributors, drive the creative narrative.

Podcast Episode 289: Schramm’s Mead is Making Quality its Legacy

By adopting a dogmatic and precise approach to quality—from evaluating honey quality through bottling without stabilizers or preservatives—Schramm’s Mead is setting standards and exploring what’s possible at the forefront of honey and fruit fermentations.