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Jamie Bogner

Jamie Bogner is the Cofounder and Editorial Director of Craft Beer & Brewing Magazine®. Email him at [email protected].

Podcast Episode 64: Fort George's Dave Coyne: The Constant Evolution of Recipes

Dave Coyne of Fort George Brewery holds the title of “Barrel Baron,” and manages everything from R&D brewing to the barrel program of the powerhouse Pacific Northwest brewery.

Podcast Episode 62: Falling Rock's Chris Black: Blurring the Lines of the Three-Tier System

Falling Rock Taphouse cofounder Chris Black is known for his strong opinions and bombastic style—befitting for one of America’s most influential publicans.

Testing the Best Beer Luggage

Whether you’re headed back from your latest great beercation or jetting off to an amazing bottle share with friends, keeping your beer safe from the perils of travel is paramount. Our staff tested several bags designed to keep your bottles from breaking.

Breakout Brewery: Bokkereyder

“New lambic blender” are words not often spoken, but upstart Raf Souvereyns’s Bokkereyder lambic brand is putting that phrase in headlines with a distinct nod to the blending tradition and a progressive attitude toward incorporating winemaking techniques.

Podcast Episode 59: Jack’s Abby Brewing's Jack Hendler: The Ins and Outs of Their Lager Brewing Techniques

When he and his two brothers founded Jack’s Abby Brewing in 2011, Jack Hendler thought their brewery making only lagers might grow to brew 3000 bbl of beer per year. Fast forward to 2018, where they’ll finish the year around the 50,000 bbl mark.

Pick Six: Sean Lawson of Lawson's Finest Liquids

For Lawson’s Finest Liquids Founder Sean Lawson, his 6-pack of favorite beers is always in flux. Changing based on location and what’s he’s drinking at the time, and this list is heavily influenced by the location of our interview in Nashville, Tennessee.

Jamie Bogner’s Best of 2018

The cofounder and editorial director of Craft Beer & Brewing Magazine® shares his highlights from the past year of beer.

Chill Plate Bottle Cap Quiz

Chill Plate bottle cap quiz from the Dec-Jan 2019 issue of Craft Beer & Brewing Magazine®. Can you identify all the brewery bottle caps below?

Podcast Episode 57: Triple Crossing's Jeremy Wirtes: Throw Away the Rule Book and Trust Your Tastebuds

Jeremy Wirtes, cofounder and head brewer for Triple Crossing Beer in Richmond, Virginia, may never be completely happy with the beer he makes. “We can always be better, and it’s a constant pursuit of that,” he says.

Podcast Episode 55: Crooked Stave's Chad Yakobson: Geek Out On Sour (and “Clean”) Beer

From his pioneering masters thesis on fermenting with Brettanomyces to his current role running a 10,000 BBL per year brewery and artisan-focused craft distributorship in Denver, Colorado, Chad Yakobson has made his mark on the world of brewing.