Jamie Bogner

Jamie Bogner is the Cofounder and Editorial Director of Craft Beer & Brewing Magazine®. Email him at [email protected].

Podcast Episode 239: Roaring Table Brews For Elegance, Simplicity, and Texture

In the Chicago suburb of Lake Zurich, Illinois, Beth May and Lane Fearing of Roaring Table have built a small, unassuming brewery that's making waves with an impressive variety of styles.

Pick Six: Lisa Allen’s Favorites Are Rooted in Nostalgia & Experience

This six-pack from Heater Allen’s Lisa Allen is filled with formative beers that she’s stuck with through the years as well as inspirational lagers connected to specific beer-hall memories that have influenced the way she brews today.

Podcast Episode 238: Laura Burns of Omega Yeast Offers an Expert Approach to Stable Beer Haze

The R&D director of the Chicago-based yeast purveyors combines her brewhouse experience with years of lab work in yeast genetics to help brewers understand how yeast does—and doesn’t—create stable haze.

Podcast Episode 237: Less is More for Surly’s Ben Smith, Pursuing Bigger Hop Flavor in Hazy IPA and Refined West Coast IPA

Minnesota’s Surly Brewing has a reputation for brash and unapologetic beers, but head brewer Ben Smith is exploring ways to maximize flavor in IPAs by doing less, not more.

Podcast Episode 236: Forager’s Austin Jevne Embraces Nuanced Flavor in Fruited Seltzers, Sours, and Barrel-Aged Stouts

For Austin Jevne, cofounder of Forager in Rochester, Minnesota—and now owner and head brewer of the Humble Forager brand—creative flavors are the crux of brewing.

Podcast Episode 235: Barrett Tillman of BlackMan Brewing Tells Stories Through Beer

When the former head brewer of a prominent Texas brewery left the large-scale production world for his own small project, the reasons were as much systemic as they were creative. Now, his Costa Rican-based brand is poised to grow… and tell new stories.

Podcast Episode 234: Pierre Tilquin of Gueuzerie Tilquin Makes Lambic and Gueuze with Lively Spirit and Mathematical Precision

Tilquin’s strategy for blending gueuze is one part romance, one part math, as the experience he’s developed with lambics from different Belgian brewers informs every piece of the blend—from age to technical performance and flavor.

Podcast Episode 233: Urbain Coutteau of Struise Brouwers Shares Some “Peasant Intelligence”

Known for their high-gravity beers and irreverent attitude, the Struise Brouwers have injected fresh energy into Belgian beer over the past two decades. Yet the systems they’ve built to brew these big beers are as creative as the beers themselves.

Infographic: Ship It!

While the pandemic has led to a general loosening of restrictive Prohibition-era laws regarding beer for takeaway and delivery, there’s still plenty to do to liberalize the United States’ antiquated approach to alcohol regulation.

Podcast Episode 232: Raf Souvereyns of Bokke Is Blending Lambic with Fruit and New Perspective

In the Belgian province of Limburg, near the town of Hasselt and the Haspengouw region known for fruit-growing, the Bokke blendery is getting back on its feet.