208 of the Best Sour Beers, Blind-Tasted and Ranked

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Untitled Art Spritzer Weisse (78)

“Light, subtle nose brings beer and lactic lemon note forward. Sip is bare-bones, with touch of graininess and slight bitterness in the finish.”

Parish Brewing Co. Greetings From Holly Beach (80)

“Strong tiki nose feels more earthy and creamy than cloying, like an expertly crafted cocktail. The sip, however, brings a cresting tiki wave. Sweeter in the sip, it stays honest with a touch of funk.”

Black Shirt Brewing Co. Viewmaster (80)

“Cherry streusel with a touch of pastry dough on the nose. Widely round and sprawling. The sip is softly fruity and thick in the middle—enjoyable, inoffensive.”

Omnipollo Bianca Peanut Butter Gose (81)

“Brilliant color. Curiously earthy nose with hints of fruit denies abject pleasure. Sip misses expected creamy notes, instead pushing defined berry. For a beer that purports to be hedonistic, it’s remarkably restrained.”

The Lost Abbey Zinners & Saints (82)

"A sophisticated and relatively dry wine character pushes through initially, with a grape clarity that's the envy of fellow brewers."

Avery Brewing El Gose (82)

“Light and subtle fruit on the nose is remarkably restrained—vague hints of fleshy papaya or prickly pear. Flavor hits with a slightly bitter undertone, salt for body without serious salinity, and a light grainy malt.”

Odell Brewing Sippin' Pretty (83)

“Bold tropical guava on the nose is equal parts funky and fun. The sip muddles into a soft and ill-defined middle ground.”

Anderson Valley Brewing Co. Framboise Rose Gose (83)

“A fleshy, slightly sweaty nose with just a hint of berry. The sip was surprisingly dry in that fermented-out raspberry way, finishing pretty down-the-middle. Predictable, safe, unassuming.”

Black Project STARGATE² (84)

"Intense fruit juice sacrifices beer character for jamminess."

Firestone Walker Bretta Tangerine (84)

: "Fruit and leather (not fruit leather), with a fruity sour note make this drink like a well-mixed cocktail more than beer. Tiki depth without the excessive sweetness."

Two Roads Brewing Co. Tanker Truck Plum Gose (84)

“For a quick sour, the nose here is remarkably layered with Rodenbach-like dark fruit. The sip is rich, balanced on the bigger side—more sweetness, more acidity, more depth.”

Evil Twin Brewing Watermelon Spritzer (84)

“Salt here lends the watermelon flavor an almost cucumber-like note on the nose. The sip is intensely sweet, which highlights the sweet fruit notes above all others, but it structures the flavor that would otherwise get lost.

La Cumbre Brewing Co. Mango Pineapple Gose (84)

A delicious agua fresca nose offers the bright definition of pineapple over the round funky sweetness of mango. The sip offers a sharp acidic hit with shocks of pineapple that linger into a pleasing retronasal echo.

Brewery Vivant Space Queen Immortal (85)

"A woodsy, earthy hops note and roasted peanuts on the nose girds the expected citrus hops, adding dimension, but the diminutive malt character does little to support the big fermentation and hops notes layered on top of it."

New Realm Brewing Co. Tart's Content (85)

“Reminds you of Grandma’s house at the holidays. Could be equally at home served mulled from a crockpot. It’s savory and remarkably drinkable with big hits of romantic, nostalgic holiday spice.”

Dogfish Head Super Eight (85)

“Sometimes, a laundry list of ingredients can cohere into a new thing that’s so compelling it puts any questions to rest. In this case, we’re left scratching our heads.”

Sonder Brewing Boggs (85)

“Ocean Spray Cran-Cherry nose pops assertively, and the instant acid bite is as bracing as expected. Sweetness never materializes in more than a light balancing way, allowing fruit bitterness to scrub the palate. Curiously dry.”

Vista Brewing Velo de Flor (86)

"A strong tannic note defines the nose with notes of vanilla and oak. Reminiscent of a wild cider—effervescent and light. Precious little (aged) hops character leaves us looking for personality."

12 West Cuvee Verdad ALMA (86)

"Light and slightly sweet with a soft funk and cantaloupe/honeydew-melon notes. The gentle acidity is well-balanced with the funk and sweetness making for a flavorful (if a touch sweet) sipper."

Libertine Brewing That Girl is Boysen (86)

"Cherry/berry liqueur on the nose is sharp and defining. The sip offers a bit more acetic acid than we enjoy, with a back-of-the-throat burn that's hard to overcome."

Servaes Passionfruit Distant Light (86)

“Slight Pacific fruit funk on the nose with a softer melon note rounding it out. The pale pink color is gorgeous. Intensely sweet and rather overwhelming—a fruity dessert beer for those with a sweet tooth.”

Madtree Brewing Shade (86)

“Jammy berry notes bring to mind red wine—intriguing. Flavor-wise, it’s safer, with a light berry note and significant salt component that bowls over rather than highlights the fruit.”

Allagash Brewing Co. Windfall (86)

"A near-perfect peach nose feels equal parts earthy, sweet, perfumey, subtle, and punchy. Bright peach character follows through the sip with a mild acidity and dry ever-so-faintly-bitter finish."

Springdale Beer Co. Desert Solitaire (86)

"Low-key nose with subtle mixed-fermentation notes of lemon and linen, braced by faint wine. On the sip, a tropical-fruit and white-wine-grape burst of flavor and acidity."

Funkwerks Pineapple Provincial (87)

“Funky, slightly sweaty fruit note begs for a touch less attenuation to sell the tropical cocktail aspect.”

Area Two Experimental Brewing Kriek (87)

"Sweet almond and punchy, rich, tart cherry drive the nose. The sip wavers between cherry-fruit pleasure and funky Brett-driven austerity, starting juicy and ending in herbal dryness."

Funk Factory Geuzeria The Last Four Winters... (87)

"Creamy peach and apricot fro-yo on the nose; light mineral funk, faint hit of pie crust, and sharper aged-hops notes. Acidity inches past bright into tangy."

Dogfish Head Seaquench (88)

“A Calvinist nose leaves little adornment and no room for pleasure, but the lime notes on the sip backed with a subtle, soft bitterness and mild acidity flash glimpses of the earthly delights.”

Reuben's Brews Razzmatazz (88)

“Creamy raspberry candy on the nose avoids the typical sharp raspberry bite. Rounded in the sip with more subtle restraint on the fruit and sweetness that allow the base beer to shine (despite the shocking color). Bold on the nose, balanced in the body.”

Left Hand Brewing Co. Wheels Gose Round (88)

“Chalky SweetTart nose pulls some soft rose petal and a touch of honey malt. The raspberry arrives on time. The sip expands and defines, with stronger highs and lows and a middle that pulls the sparkling mix together.”

Crooked Stave Member Berries Petite Sirah (88)

"Rich nose of dark cherries and raspberries, black pepper, leather. The sip is sharp red berry, oak tannin, spicy pepper, bitter Brett funk, and a simultaneously juicy and dry red grape."

Funk Factory Geuzeria Harvest Sun (88)

"Chardonnay grape and pawpaw fruit on the nose is sharp but creamy. Peach pulls forward in the flavor with a midline acidity that pushes the contrast."

Revelry Brewing Co. Ramblin’ Rubus (88)

"Sharp raspberry note on the nose suggests a strong acidity, and the beer delivers on that bright and pointed expectation. A hazy body softens the intensity just a touch."

Pure Project Everything Gold May Stay (88)

"Subtle wood and berries on the nose with a faint vegetal note. Flavor is wide with just enough perceived sweetness to balance out the rather significant acidity. Balanced on the intense side of the equation."

Garage Brewing Company Fruitopia Berliner Weisse (89)

“Dense, sour candy–like tropical-fruit nose. In the sip, sharp acidity grabs the attention—the fast swallow to clear it from your palate feels rushed. Through the swallow, a chalky flavor dulls the fruit.”

Big Grove Brewery and Taproom Strawberry Cherry Swirl (89)

“Chalky strawberry-cherry nose with a touch of funky fermentation esters. The sip leads with a hit of fruit acidity but never devolves into full-on sweet territory.”

Bhramari Brewing Company Origami Dream (89)

“Soft Hawaiian Punch nose, with considerable vanilla pushing through. The sip backs off the sweetness a touch, amping up light citrus with an herbal red-fruit angle that remains undefined. Less body than others, but with great drinkability—you could finish more than one.”

Revolution Brewing - Brewpub Freedom of Expression (89)

“Tightly balanced sweet-tart nose captures rose aromatics that complement the rosy color. In the sip, rhubarb’s gentle earthiness knocks down the strawberry’s initial sweetness in a tightly choreographed dance. Starts sweet, finishes dry. Eminently drinkable.”

Good Word Brewing & Public House Gran Gran (89)

“Beautiful purple head and rich wine- colored body make it quite attractive. On the nose, the wine theme continues with a hefty blackberry note. It’s sweet-ish in the sip without going full-on sweet, and the spicy blackberry tannin and subtle spice offer a nice balance to the sweeter elements. Drinkable, without feeling like a compromise.”

Humble Forager Brewery Coastal Sunset V4 (89)

“Pineapple with a very light cherry note in the nose strikes an almost buttery-rich tone, like bread pudding. The sip leans toward pineapple Slurpee with a shot of cherry—syrupy and sweet.”

Birds Fly South City Bus (89)

"Generic grape note on the nose, but the flavor isn't standard. It's low in the funk one expects from grape-driven sour beers, but the sparkling carb drives a quick fruit-forward spritz to satisfy with a champagne-beer experience."

Russian River Brewing Beatification (89)

"Gorgeous and subtly confident in execution, exuding mild funk with a bit of structuring bitterness and just the slightest touch of grapefruit sweetness in the mid-palate and finish."

Urban Artifact Trivet (89)

“Minty fresh, vaguely fruity nose offers red fruit with a lemony acidic streak. The sip softens the initial sharp acidity with a rounder chalky finish.”

Reuben's Brews Holiday Gose (89)

“Holiday spice and sawn pine lumber echo the season in the subtle nose. The body offers light acidity and mild sweetness that’s almost too subtle for the intentions.”

Freethought Temporal (89)

“A sophisticated herbal cocktail evokes bitters, acid, ginger, and endlessly enthralling layers. The flavor veers toward pink grapefruit and sage—just beautiful.”

Narrow Gauge Brewing Meersalz Raspberry (89)

“Rich, creamy raspberry on the nose doesn’t lose the script. The sip balances sweet and tannic berry notes, never giving in to abject smoothie sweetness, but avoiding the hollowed-out character of full refermented raspberry beers.”

Jester King Brewery Coolship Roadtrip (89)

"Understated soft stone-fruit nose feels subdued, but a sharp and too-bitter bite on the sip leaves a lingering cacophony that never really resolves."

Perennial Artisan Ales Funky Wit Apricot (89)

"Milky apricot nose with a subtle funk. Sharp sip with assertive acidity and a bright fruit that lingers. A touch too heavy-handed in the acidity."

The Veil Brewing Co. Covered in Nothing (89)

"Sweet sherry nose suggests barrels and age. Spanish cidre, marmalade. An umami weight best savored slowly and deliberately."

Black Project Oxcart (89)

"Low carbonation, but aroma’s subtle orange and stone fruit, propped by funky mineral note, pull things back around. The sip is intensely fruit-forward, with orange and lime notes that feel heavy."

Broad Brook Brewing Company Berliner Weisse Style-Blueberry (90)

“Creamy fruit-milkshake nose with light berry and punchy lemon. The sip isn’t nearly as sweet as the nose suggests, as semidry berry notes with an earthy twang gleam with just a light polish of lemon and vanilla.”

Ecliptic Brewing Tucana Tangerine Sour Ale (90)

“A curiously malty nose offers a departure from the stylistic norm, highlighted by bright citrus hits. The flavor continues to meld malt and fruit elements, but a strong citrus acidity hits with a shock of muddled lime and orange. An earthy element weighs it down.”

Three Taverns Brewery Cream Weaver (90)

“Orange creamsicle with a curious woody vanilla nose. The sip is unabashedly sweet, with high-key tangerine citrus. The lower carbonation departs quickly, leaving it more sweet fruit drink than beer.”

Brix Brewery & Taphouse Pink Raptor (90)

“Soft grapefruit and light berry in the nose. The sip broadens with a body-building salinity and general tart fruitiness, without grasping onto specific fruit definition. Finishes with an overripe tropical-fruit note that never gets too sweet, despite its funky imprecision.”

Tampa Bay Brewing Co Production Brewery Key Lime Pie in the Face (90)

“Spicy graham-cracker crust and a touch of key lime on the nose. In the sip, the buffering pie elements fall away, leaving the intensely sour key lime without the sweetness to make it more palatable. Austere and extreme.”

Melvin Brewing Eureka (House of Flying Barrels) Mystic Tigers (90)

“Vivid color, but the nose tilts more earthy/fruit skin than juice or flesh. The sip pairs bold acidity with a dry but round tropical-fruit punch, for an intense and slightly unrelenting approach.”

The Lost Abbey Tiny Bubbles Key Lime (90)

“Margarita nose—salt, vaguely funky tequila, light bit of lime. The sip is full, with expansive body for a light beer. Just sweet enough to smooth the acidic edge without weighing the beer down.”

New Belgium La Folie Grand Reserve PX (90)

"A toasty s'mores- like graham cracker-marshmallow-milk chocolate nose suggests pastry while a grilled lime acidity in the sip is followed by a warm and toasty lingering marshmallow note—satisfying without being sweet."

Transmitter Harvest 7 (90)

Subtle and well-integrated fruit posit a berry-forward acidic beer that's not as challenging as a lambic with a very subtle funk, but offers an acidic and fruit-forward expression."

August Schell Astral Fusion (90)

"A slightly medicinal nose, but on the sip, the acidity is bright and immediate while the tart berry fruit notes amplify without becoming overbearing. It finishes quickly and cleanly."

Perennial Artisan Ales La Cosecha (90)

"A bit of mineral lambic-style funk in the nose adds a bite over a bed of sweet ripe peaches. The flavor is alternating hits of pungent fruit acidity softened by dreamy sweet peach pie."

Standard Brewing VooDoo Funk (90)

"An incredibly pale body, but draws you in on the nose with a lemon-curd-on-sourdough-toast tang, and the flavor hits quick with a zap of tart lemon-water acidity that quickly resolves into a fast and gentle finish."

Prairie Artisan Ales No Way Frosé (90)

Caramel-corn nose smells like a county fair—a sweet, fruity, caramelly mishmash. Fruit leather with a lilting phenolic throughout. The sip only furthers the confusion.”

Ninkasi Brewing Co. Brightberry (90)

“A murky nose hides potentially bright notes in the soft haze of refermented fruit. The sip is obscured by water chemistry, leaving a hint of defined fruit in your first breath afterward.”

Modern Times Beer Fruitlands (90)

“Confident tropical notes in the aroma neither scream nor whimper. The sip is one of the brightest of its kind, as the initial sharp hit of fruit acidity lends a definition and structure throughout.”

Beachwood Blendery We Are Who We Pretend to Be (90)

"Painless, light mineral gueuze funk on the nose—sweaty, funky tropical fruit with flashes of satisfying sweet fruit. Flavor is a touch more austere, with a very light stone-fruit-juice note and a touch of funk."

Fonta Flora Brewery 2019 AWAS Blend #1 (90)

"Red-wine grape, oak tannin, and a vague dry fruitiness with a sherry-like musty nose. The sip is austere and dry with a bright red berry, jammy note."

West Sixth Brewing Sixfold VI: Blackberries (90)

"Sharp tannic wood nearly overwhelms the berry notes on the nose. The sip is biting with wood and fruit tannins piling on to a sharp acidity."

Yazoo Brewing A Travers Le Plateau Fruité (90)

"Sweet bourbon and aged ester character—raisin and fig—make for an earthy and grounded nose. The sip is umami-rich with dried stone fruit, sharp acidity, prune and fig, and a bitter and tannic half note that surges mid-sip."

Birds Fly South Ale Project Graffiti Heart (90)

"This light approach to Flanders-style red steers clear of the syrupy sweet and sour standard and offers a Bantamweight body with rich cherry, strong acidity, and residual sweetness."

Brewery Vivant Angelina (90)

"Woody, toasty malt note under apple and light grape in the nose. The sip brings more red grape, a mid-sharp acidity, sour citrus and lemon peel, and a pithy bitterness."

Woven Water Brewing Company Æther (91)

“Berry smoothie meets rich cabernet in the nose; fruity top notes and earthy bass build layered, full-spectrum appeal. In the sip, rich low-key sweetness underpins the dark berries without stealing the show, developing richness without cloying.”

Oskar Blues Brewery Guava Rodeo Sour Ale (91)

“In the nose, tropical juice—a touch of sulfur and a broad phenolic layer over endearing sweeter fruit notes. In the sip, moderate acidity provides structure, and sweeter fruit notes play against a present malt note.”

Unsung Brewing Company Punch Bowl 2021 (91)

“A chalky but endearing child-aspirin fruit note on the nose. The sip is vibrant, with semisweet berry notes braced with berry spice and tannic berry skin. Hovering between sweet and dry with wine-like richness, it’s compelling in its contrarian pose.”

Alvarado Street Brewery Howzit Punch (91)

“Huge passion fruit on the nose—sweaty, tropical, sweet, with a funky tart element behind it. The sip is juice-forward, with each sip capturing the acidity, sweetness, and bitterness you’d expect from the actual fruit. Finely tuned and captivating.”

St. Elmo Brewing Company Roxanne (91)

“Tropical guava nose with a spicy tingle and cool detachment. The sip punches with more intense acidity, adding a bold sheen to lighter tropical notes while amplifying some of the earthy elements. Finishes slightly dry, with an unexpected funk.”

The Rare Barrel The Search (91)

Lots of wild, mixed-fermentation flavors and a touch of musty complex earthiness mix well with the earthy and herbal hops flavor. Wood astringency is a bit intense, stone fruit and pear, moderate-high sour citrus pith. Bitterness lingers in the finish. The oak overshadows some of the more subtle contributions of malt, wild fermentation.

Monday Night Vinology: Syrah (91)

"A buttery and soft wine nose leads to a subtly tannic, mildly sweet, and gentle body. It's acidic, but not overly so, but lacks a touch of funk. Relatively straightforward wine-grape sour."

Funkwerks Raspberry Provincial (91)

“Refermented natural fruit offers an earthy berry nose and flavor that trades intensity for honesty, then gives way to a firm lemony acidity.”

American Solera Foeder Cerise (91)

"Rich cherry notes on the nose could be almond/marzipan or hair salon, depending on the mood. Flavor is juice-forward with a dry matte sheen that stops just short of rustic expectations."

pFriem Family Brewers New Avenues Blend #1 (91)

"Rich dark raspberry and a light vinous note combine for a light red-wine note in the nose backed by just a touch of lambic-style funk. The sip is dark, rich, savory, umami, and slightly sweet—a textural experience on top of the rich taste."

Firestone Walker Bretta Blanc (91)

"White-wine grape on the nose mashes up earthy, expressive, sweet, and confident. The sip is bright with a burst of acid and sweetness that settles down into lingering cantaloupe and honeydew."

The Lost Abbey Peach Afternoon (91)

"Subtle but very clearly expressed juicy white peach on the nose is complemented by a floral background. Tame acidity lets the fruit, and beer, shine. Gorgeous."

3 Fonteinen Oude Gueuze (91)

"Vivid mineral funk jumps out with a touch of diesel; an endearing stone-fruit character rounds and softens it. The sip is soft, with restrained acidity and light grapefruit—sweet fruit and scrubbing bitterness."

2nd Shift Brewing Chateau la Douchebag (91)

"Woody, hay-like nose offers a bit of wet mud; light floral note. The sip brings a soft, accessible acid profile—delightfully restrained—with notes of passion fruit, papaya, guava. Tropical, clean, bright, without the phenolic drag."

Pure Project Hydra (92)

“The pink color is suggestive, but the nose dives deeper with unexpected fruity hops. On the sip, vaguely pungent and spicy red-berry notes push forward, and the combination of tannin and spice undercut the sweetness. A light hop bitterness helps cleanse the palate.”

Vitamin Sea Brewing Sour Pipe Project Shave Ice (92)

“Sweet tropical-fruit nose punctuated by a hit of vanilla. In the sip, a bright burst of acidity and carbonation segue into a broadly tropical body—sweet but not too sweet, with just enough funky tropical-fruit bitterness to offset it.”

Wise Man Brewing Tropical Shirts (92)

“Soft berry nose, gentle and inviting. In the sip, a relatively dry—not bitter or overly acidic—berry character runs through like old-fashioned Kool-Aid before you add the sugar. A bit thin, but excellent fruit expression.”

Maplewood Brewing Company Brunch Punch Fruit Punch (92)

“Creamy fruit nose mashes up cherry and berry with a clever tropical twist. The sip delivers on the soft promise of the nose, as it rolls in gently with a broad berry fruitiness highlighted by tart tropical-fruit notes.”

Jolly Pumpkin La Roja with Boysenberry & Guava (92)

Soft dark fruit from the malt pairs nicely with the fruit additions. Great balance on the finish. The lingering malt sweetness is cut by the tart character, and there’s a bit of an edgy bite that cleans things up. Lingering woodsy astringency adds some funk but isn’t overdone.

Rodenbach Vintage 2015 (92)

"Fortified wine and rich tart cherries on the nose with just a hint of acidity and background notes of leather, sweet tobacco, and balsamic comfort—soft and inviting."

Atom Brewing Peach Sour (92)

Overripe juicy and sweet peach with a restrained tartness/sourness. Slight funk. Well-balanced wild characteristics. Neutral oak tannins that give a slightly astringent finish. Slightly solvent. Restrained sourness complements the fresh fruit.

Rowley Farmhouse Ales I live for Merlot (92)

"Subtle sulfur on the nose with a blurry berry sweetness on the sip, it's suitably acidic, but simple in expression."

Dankhouse That Purple Passion (92)

“Bright fruit and waxy fern on the nose. The sip is very sweet but still compelling, with an enduring berry/passion-fruit character and just a touch of fruit funk.”

Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. Otra Vez (92)

“Classic margarita nose offers lime with an earthy herbal note. Refreshing and bright, the sip offers subtle sweetness that highlights the lime, while acidity and subtle earthiness keep it organized through the finish.”

Ballast Point Brewing Co. Citrus Cove Gose (92)

“Herbal lemon-lime tea with a bright undercurrent of fresh-squeezed lime juice on the nose. The sip sacrifices some expected citrus sharpness to a paunchy malt body with a kick of lime in the finish.”

Westbound & Down Metaberry + Vanilla and Cognac (92)

"Earthy vanilla pops the raspberry right out with a note that would be candy-like if it weren’t so deep in tone. Vinous rich red note with touch of vanilla and oak is ultimately endearing."

Calusa Brewing Foederhead (92)

"More Brett pale than wild ale. Crisp linen on the nose, light woody Brett bitterness, and minor tartness."

Jester King Brewery 2019 SPON Three Year (92)

"Thai basil, rose, lemon petit four, herbal tea in the nose. Round, woody vanilla note softens the bright lemon acidity before it resolves and dries in the finish, with light tannin and soft bitterness."

The Rare Barrel Blurred T (92)

"Sparkly loose and casual red-wine nose offers a spritzy, almost stone-fruit and apple nose. The sip is similarly light with a bright almond and grape note. Engagingly light and bright."

Yeast of Eden Vinisimilar: Pinot Noir (92)

"Tart cherry pits, black currants, almond, lemon funk, and a crisp herbal note on the nose. Slightly feral and lightly citrusy, with earthy mineral undertones."

The Ale Apothecary El Cuatro (92)

herry, forward acidity, low notes of cherry skin and wood tannin. Mild leathery Brett. Port grape-like notes carry in the dry finish.

West Sixth Brewing Co Tart Cherry Crumble (93)

“Cherry-pie nose replete with crust, vanilla, and touch of cherry milkshake. The sip isn’t as sickly sweet as the nose suggests; tart cherry does the heavy lifting, while more aromatic notes fade into the background. A drinkable strategy for the style.”

Omnipollo Even More Bianca (93)

“Woody berry with vanilla/marshmallow high notes; brown-sugary sweetness. Sip is pure dessert smoothie—thick, but with clever earthiness behind a punchy-berry acidic front. Layers of brown sugar, churro, roasted marshmallow. Tannic punchy-berry finish scrubs the sweetness.”

Uhl’s Brewing Co Raspricot Shleemies (93)

“Beautifully integrated nose weaves clever hops with berry and stone fruit, blending seamlessly and hiding the edges. The sip pushes the berry agenda, as lightly bitter, tropical hops sweep away an initial sweet hit.”

Aurora Ale & Lager Stay Out of Malibu! (93)

“Pungent and spicy red-fruit nose with a bit of herbal bite. Fun, with layers to dig through. The sip is sweet with a strong smoothie vibe, but the punchy sour-fruit notes and touch of herbal dryness give it a cocktail complexity.”

Two Roads Brewing Co Persian Lime Gose (93)

“Earthy lime on the nose. A rather intense burst of citrus acidity in the sip is highlighted by effervescent carbonation. Finishes with a pleasant, semisweet, lingering citrus.”

Speciation Artisan Ales Saltation (93)

Complex tropical fruity tartness, though not overpowering. The salt on the finish adds a nice mineral softness and cuts the puckering quality of the sourness. Not much in the way of barrel character, but maybe a slight tannic dryness at the end.

Area Two Experimental Blood Peach (93)

"A rich candied peach nose is braced by an immediate and present, but characterful, peach flavor and a burnt brown-sugar base. The strong malt supports the intense fruit character."

Black Project OXCART (2018) (93)

"Light black tea and lemon lay over a mild mineral funk, but its power is in its restraint. Expressively deep and confident in its complexity."

Funkwerks Kriek (93)

"Foregoes cheap cherry thrills for a grounded tannic and cherry pit, almost almondy depth. Compelling."

Amalgam Landscapes (Orchard Blend) (93)

"Funky, sulfury, petrichor, peachy nose. On the palate, a mineral spiciness provides structure for a non-sweet peach-jam flavor that's intensely fruit-forward. Young, it sacrifices Brett funk at the altar of fruit—let it age, then enjoy."

Off Color Brewing Yuzu Fierce (93)

“Alternating waves of funky green citrus and a prickly pear–like minty fruit note. Sip is richly fruit-forward but in the least predictable way—dry honeydew and cantaloupe with a slightly sharp acid underpinning. Quirky, unexpected, satisfyingly hooky.”

Vista Brewing Grato (93)

"Cotton candy-esque nose with light bubblegum defies expectations. The sip is more subdued, thankfully, with richer plum notes defined by a light and bright acidity."

Black Project Spontaneous and Wild Ales Kilter (93)

"Bold raspberry is highlighted by a hit of vanilla. Softly acidic, gently carbonated, fruit-forward, reasonably complex."

Great Notion Brewing XL Jammy Pants (94)

“Hefty, with a sturdy berry nose, it teases excessive sweetness but delivers something richer—red-wine and berry tannin play against the sugar and acid to create a robust and piquant sip you’ll want to explore.”

Cerebral Brewing Ultra Modern (94)

“A gorgeous, almost cucumber-crisp nose sets a refreshing tone. The sip pushes more of that watermelon/cucumber-crisp definition, with subtle, sweeter tropical-fruit notes atop the palate. Fully embraces the intense flavor expectation, but remains articulated and thoughtful.”

Yeast of Eden Native Ghosts (94)

"Bright funk and mild orange and grapefruit sweetness. It's not as brutal on the mineral funk note as some Belgians, but that top note is there, fortified by a gentle citrus sweetness that makes for a rounded whole."

Crooked Stave Mama Bear's Sour Cherry Pie (94)

"Cherry and lime on the nose with a hint of cucumber, curry, burnt toast, and strong tannic wood notes. On the sip, the acidity is bracing with lime and cola notes."

Monday Night Pervasive Species (94)

"Attractively fruity hops on the nose present a citrusy character with some moderate funk. On the sip, acidity is controlled and the citrus constrained, yielding a nicely balanced pale sour."

Nachez Brewing Cronyism (94)

Peach, nectarine, lychee, apricot, and fairly sour and tart, but not much funk. Neutral aromas of oak and tannin with a bready, malty mouth-coating finish. There are hints of lemon oil, lightly floral, and a dry, crisp finish where the sour builds with each sip.

Cascade Brewing Kentucky Peach (94)

Quite acidic, sour, and tart. Peach, green apple, pear. Minimal funk. Wine-like dryness. Vanilla/caramel oak that is a bit astringent/woody. The wild flavors are fun and complex, and the dryness on the finish really enhances the fruit and builds on the peach aftertaste.

Lindemans Oude Gueuze Cuvee Rene (94)

"A strong mineral funk on the nose of wet slate and shoe rubber gives way to a bright and effervescent lime citrus funk on the sip that's incredibly dry. It's weirdly compelling and thoroughly unique."

Cascade Brewing Peche Fume (94)

"A mildly phenolic nose echoes a fruity scotch, while the taste is less smoke and more toasted or baked peach. The lower intensity of the peach adds a rich sophistication."

Allagash Brewing Co. Coolship Red (94)

"Fresh berries off the vine, leaves and all, punctuate the nose for a bright and herbal approach. The sip is rich tannic fruit with a medium-sharp acidity, just a bit of wood, and bright, quick finish."

Sun King Brewery Leap Year (94)

"Faint strawberry on the nose combines light juicy fruit with a touch of phenol. The sip is overly sharp, with an assertive fruity acidity that overwhelms any subtle aspects of the beer."

Roaring Table Brewing Whirlycaster (95)

“Raspberry-syrup nose gets herbal highlights from judicious hops, like a raspberry Ricola. The flavor continues the herbal-berry swing, with the herbal element drying the finish despite significant up-front sweetness.”

Wolf's Ridge Brewing Moscow Nights (95)

“Bright pop of cucumber in the aroma settles into spicy ginger. Crisp and weightless on the palate, with body more from mineral content than malt. Beautiful balance of lightness and flavor.”

Casey Dry Hopped Oak Theory (Nelson) (95)

Strong ripe peach with white grape. Low sweetness into intense sourness that slowly fades into the finish. Despite the intensity of the acidity, it’s not harsh. The hops character enhances the fruity sourness, adding some citrus notes. The finish is bracing, but overall complex, balanced, and intriguing.

Perrin Brewing Co. Lazarus Sour (95)

"A soft and subtle golden sour with tame acidity and a compelling white-wine character that's medium-dry. Layered with an unexpected complexity."

Odell Brewing Onolicious (95)

Taste is well telegraphed by the aroma, with all of the flavors presented in the aroma coming out just as strongly in the taste. A touch of banana-like esters. A back-end acidity is almost an afterthought to the heavy tropical-fruit notes. A pleasant sweetness heightens the fresh fruit character and balances the acidity.

Upslope Tropical Fruit Sour (95)

The fruit comes together really well. The sourness is a great mix of fruit tartness with underlying fermentation character; the passion fruit adds brightness; and the guava adds some body and a hint of floral character. The finish is relatively light. Very pleasant tart character without rough edges. Beer qualities are an afterthought, just enough to keep it from being thin.”

New Image Brewing Apricot & Peach Maceration (95)

“Outrageously strong stone-fruit in the nose. The sip isn’t as sweet as expected, but the thickness and body from the fruit make for a luscious experience.”

Urban South Brewery Tangerine Pop (95)

“Subtle, brackish, vaguely citrus nose leads into a sip with a bright, juicy punch of tangerine acidity, softened slightly by light malt body. Invigorating in its boldness.”

10 Barrel Brewing Co. Crush Cucumber Sour (95)

“Sharply defined sweet cucumber notes echo watermelon with a slight hint of lemongrass. The beer itself is nicely structured, with an initial hit of lactic lemony acidity, light malt, and quick finish that cleanses the palate for the next sip.”

Sonder Brewing Cuvee #1 (95)

"Peach and apricot with a touch of red wine, oak tannin, bread crust. The sip is gorgeously expressed soft stone fruit (more peach and apricot). Light, fruity, fun mimosa sour."

Area Two Experimental Brewing Hexotic 2019 (95)

"The tropical smoothie nose (mango, passion fruit, guava) suggests a less rigorous beer, but the sip keeps it honest with a subtle funk that echoes the more complex notes in the fruits themselves."

Cerebral Brewing Common Ancestry (95)

"Light lemony peach nose captures the culture and fruit in equal measure, with a refreshing yeast undertone. The sip starts strong with a bright low acidity, before the fruit morphs into a chalky and lightly acetic finish."

Side Project Coexpressionalism Kriek (95)

"Deep, rich, remarkably clear almond and cherry notes sell the kriek ideal. The sip is gorgeous—exquisite balance of grounded funk, fruit sweetness, and acidity. Distinctive."

Cascade Brewing Framblanc (96)

Leathery and Brett-funky maltiness and aged hops flavors. Tart and slightly sour raspberry works well within the funk. Slight stone-fruit notes. Slightly acidic with neutral oak tannins. Crisp carbonation enhances the tartness of the raspberry and the Brett-derived funk. Pretty puckering on the finish, but that’s offset a bit with some tannic bitterness.

450 North Brewing Company @ Simmons Winery Slushy XL- Pink Peach Rings (96)

“Nose of those hard-then-chewy watermelon candies—gloriously over-the-top, yet nostalgically satisfying. A surprisingly toothy sip channels peach flesh with a hefty sweetness that feels grounded in actual fruit. Acidity lingers, once the sweetness wears off. Candy-like, but in the best possible way.”

Finback Brewery Rhythm of Existence (96)

“Earthy funk meets tropical pleasure in the nose. The sip is beautifully structured to avoid fruit-juice clichés, with light juice layers and a hint of sweetness buttressed by a spicy and earthy foundation. Quirky and endearing.”

Radiant Beer Co Baby Flamingo (96)

“Frothy pink head on a vibrant magenta body. Nose mixes dry tropical fruit with a tea-like note. The flavor presents similar contrasts, as indulgently sweet tropical notes play against light lemon acidity and earth.”

Girdwood Brewing Company Funkberry Pie (96)

“Toasty berry-peach-cobbler nose, crust and all. The sip is rich and intense without veering too sweet, as sharper berry notes meet softer stone fruit with a bit of vanilla-like roundness. Bold but welcoming.”

Springdale See You in the Pit (96)

"A sweaty, funky nose screams locker-room, and an intense acidity is amplified by the tart fruit. Brash and bold."

New Terrain Brewing Co. Walk in the Parfait (96)

“Sweet on the nose with a vague yet sweet strawberry-lemon note that’s immediately engaging. Sip is not as overpoweringly sweet as the nose suggests. Accessibly decadent.”

Garage Brewing Co. Black Currant Gose (96)

“Spartan nose offers light berry notes and salty undertone, but the sip brings an explosion of fruit—rich, sweet, tart currants make for a luxurious mouthfeel. A deft hand is at work here, balancing sweet and tart, pushing texture without cloying.”

Creature Comforts Yonah Skins (96)

"Impossibly light pink grapefruit and light grape nose. A spritzy sip prickles with carbonation, but the acidity is no more than a quick brief hit before it settles into a lingering dry sparkly rosé finish."

Urban Artifact Triceratops (96)

"Deep berry liqueur with bold earthy and tannic notes supporting. The sip is semisweet raspberry with an acidic angle that feels fruit-derived. Beer inevitably gets lost with this much fruit."

TRVE Brewing Co. Halfway There (96)

"Soft, woody Brett notes support a strong floral and white-peach burst. Only mildly tart on the sip, allowing floral hops notes to push forward, with only a bit of bright acidity behind it."

Lone Pine Brewing Dark Truce (Cherries) (96)

"Rich imperial brown–ale nose with the faintest glimpse of cherries, but the fruit presents more significantly in the sip. Rustic and warming with a toothy body that provides great structure for the acidity."

Badger State Brewing Company Tiki Tom Singapore Sling (97)

“Sharper pineapple notes layer over sweeter cherry with a burst of citrus brightness. In the sip, that pineapple pushes forward with an undeniably sweet juicy character. A bit under-carbed, but cocktail-like.”

Bend Brewing Co Ching Ching (97)

“Bright pomegranate nose without funky distractions. In the sip, a relatively dry approach, with clearly expressed fruit and gorgeous color. Punchy, without leaning on sweetness to sell it.”

Pontoon Brewing Company Franken Smiggles (97)

“An ultimate feat in absurdity—or a nostalgic romp through childhood for Millennials and Gen Xers. The nose is Franken Berry cereal, complete with crackery malt note and vanilla sugar. The sip is sickly sweet, but it conveys the aroma’s promise without falling completely into cloy. Deeeee-licious.”

Firestone Walker Agrestic (2019) (97)

"A sweet, woody, tannic, berry nose with notes of sherry and lighter red-wine grape flows into a sip that echoes orange wines—tannic, rich, and a bit sweet with everything from grape skin to tropical fruit and citrus."

Prison City Run Like an Apricot (97)

Juicy sweet and tart apricot. Noticeable but well-balanced tartness, sourness, and slight funk. Bready malt characteristics as the fruit and tart fade. Subtle oaky tannins. Slight vanilla and caramel. It tastes like a fruity habanero.

Upland Brewing Oak Timbre (97)

"Bracing and sharp, the aroma of burnt toast with its alluring mix of sweet breadiness and meaty phenols layered on the most mild of fruity berry characters offers an interesting juxtaposition that balances fruit and beer."

The Lost Abbey Veritas Peach (97)

Subtle peach followed by lemon tartness and malty sweetness. A tiny bit of cinnamon flavor really complements the peaches. Great balance. Finishes pretty dry but still allows the sweetness of the fruit to come through.

TRVE Brewing Company Axioma (97)

"Phenolic smoke and tire rubber dominates the nose like a peaty Scotch, with some citrus fruit undertones that soften the intensity. The sip is strangely subtle by comparison, and the lower carbonation offers an experience akin to Grand Cru Bruocsella."

Creature Comforts Brewing Co. Athena Paradiso (97)

“Big funky guava and passion-fruit notes offer an overripe, intensely aromatic hit. Engaging without pandering. The sip is restrained relative to the aroma, without the expected sweetness.”

Decadent Creamery Blackberry Sorbet Gose (97)

“It may seem strange to celebrate how simple and straightforward the blackberry presents on the nose, but in an environment where brewers are doing everything they can to add complexity to beer, sometimes less is more.”

10 Barrel Brewing Co. Crush Raspberry Sour (97)

“A natural raspberry nose—soft and grounded—gives way to a bright sip with a bracing burst of lactic acidity, gently supported by tannic and sweet fruit notes. The perfect perception of sweetness in an otherwise dry beer.”

Speciation Artisan Ales Laurentian: Lake Michigan (97)

"Pungent phenol-forward nose plus sharp acidity (and bitterness) in flavor offer an intense experience for those experienced with the oeuvre."

TRVE Brewing Co. Meditation is the Practice of Death (97)

"Beer-forward, not fruit-forward; light funk and faint cherry drive the nose. The sip morphs from an expectation of sweetness into an herbal funk with a hint of cherry. Acidity remains contrite."

Beachwood Blendery Funk Yeah (97)

Gueuzey minerality remains firmly planted with stone fruit, a touch of honey-like malt, and earth. The sip brings stone-fruit clarity with omnipresent funk and slight bitterness. Stunning."

Russian River Intinction Merlot (97)

"Punchy and clean wild fermentation is bright with a savory red-grape note. The tannins offer a drying bite that brings out some of the latent beer bitterness. Finishes bone-dry with a lingering general wine-grape note."

The Lost Abbey Veritas 019 (98)

Raspberry flavor is prominent and even more jammy than in the aroma. Very dry. Quite tart, clean, a bit of funk.

Russian River Brewing Supplication (98)

Oak, red wine grapes, and tannin on those nose with a subtle and dry fruitiness. The sip is bold—not with acidity alone, but with a bright and angular fruit tartness backed with a round and woody fruit bitterness akin to stems or pits that kicks in mid-finish to clearly avoid any cloying fruit character. What's remarkable is how transformative the fruit experience is—forget cherries, this beer becomes something else entirely as the wine barrels and fruit add up to something more nuanced and complex than any sum of the parts."

Epic Brewing Oak & Orchard Rose (98)

"A Jolly Rancher™ nose of candied watermelon and strawberry trend toward the sweeter side, but with enough subtle confidence (and tannic woody backing) to avoid clichés. Flavor-wise, it's round and acid-forward with a balanced sweetness and a bit of brilliant burn (one of those moments where a touch of acetic acid adds the right complex note). But the effervescence helps it resolves quickly into an enjoyable lingering dry fruit note that begs for another sip.

Jolly Pumpkin The Regifted (98)

"Ginger dominates on the nose, and the flavor is far lighter than the ingredient list might suggest. It's not heavy but herbal and bright. Sushi plate meets plum wine."

Crooked Stave Persica 2018 (98)

Quite lactic and peachy. Juicy, almost citrus. Slightly astringent peach skin. Minimal Brett character. Fairly sour, moderately tart. Finish is a bit mouth-coating. The herbal note of more basil with a hint of soy and it’s a little yeasty, but that helps soften the palate. Nice blend of wood, fruit, funk, and tart. Everything is in balance.

The Veil Brewing Co. VAST: One (98)

"Nutty, woody, tart, sweet cherry nose; interspersed herbal notes. The sip gets an earthier, vinous character bordering on red wine. Rigorous, rustic."

Upland Brewing Oak & Red (98)

"Vanillin and oak tannin, mellow East Coast grapes, and iced pastry dough on the nose. The flavor brings more wood notes with the brief pleasure of grapes that are quickly scrubbed by a sharp tannic note."

Burial Beer Fall of the Damned (2019) (98)

"Big jammy berry notes in the nose—bold leather, burnt bread crust. In the flavor—lightly tannic wood/berry note, restrained acidity, round rich berry, toasty malt—a heady mix of malt and berry that borders on red wine."

Alvarado Street Brewery Hot Pink Sherburps (99)

“A rare beer in the category that nails the duality of fan-pleasing, indulgent sour fruit beer and pensive, layered sipper. The tropical pink-lemonade nose is familiar and suggestive; farther afield, tropical notes work their way into the aromatic conversation. The sip is sweet with a mild citrus-acid element, but as you swallow a guava tartness takes hold alongside tropical bitterness. Like a well-crafted pop song, it’s so catchy that even the most hardened critic can’t stop humming the tune.

New Belgium La Folie 2018 (99)

Sharp acidity up front that quickly gives way to complex dark malt character, with toasted bread crust and sweet biscuit and roasted coffee. The sweet and sour are well-balanced. Finish is a touch musty, with a dry woody character that adds a bit of definition.

Societe Brewing The Swindler (99)

Bright acidity that heightens the beautiful funk complexity. Funk is less horse stables and more fruit orchard. Really nice sour character—hints of lemon, apple, and ripe peach. A soft grainy malt character adds some body and lingers nicely on the swallow. Faint Brett-like woody/smoke character keeps things in balance.

Speciation Artisan Ales Extropian (99)

"Savory and sweet with a peach-pie character and a mild acidity. It's oddly comforting but suitably intriguing at once. The lingering sweet fruit note could use a bit of funk to cleanse the palate, but that doesn't detract from this thoroughly engaging comfort sour."

Dankhouse Feelin' Berry Good (99)

“Berry meets black licorice in this slightly tannic, overtly fruit-forward smoothie sour. The sip is less sweet than the nose suggests, with some strong fruit tannins that keep the refermented fruit honest. Big intense notes that thoroughly satisfy.”

Our Mutual Friend Brewing Co. Contacto (99)

"Green apple and green bark with a grapevine vegetal note. The sip is sharp in both acidity and perceived sweetness, with a lingering funky acetic note. A deep cut for only the most serious rustic fermentation heads."

Cerebral Brewing Single Barrel: 45 (99)

"Gorgeous fruity hops note balances against a light yeasty hit. The sip is light as a feather, with a very light Brett component and more significant wine-barrel fruit and vanilla notes."

American Solera Coolship Roadtrip (99)

"Initial burst of tires skidding on a warm road. Settles into heady mix of peach ring, sour diesel, and bearclaw pastry. Flavor skews toward a mimosa made with Muscadet wine and a splash of orange juice—bright, mineral, medium acidity, and light funky notes that keep it interesting."

3 Fonteinen Oude Kriek (99)

"Deep almond and marzipan cherry pit and rich dark cherry in the aroma with pleasant touches of diesel funk. The sip is dry rich cherry, leather, mushroom, and charred rare steak with a bright and perfectly balanced acidity."

Beachwood Blendery Coolship Chaos (100)

"More spare and Calvinist in execution, this dry sour presents a wet-concrete funk initially... grapefruit."

Beachwood Blendery Funk Yeah (100)

"An olfactorily stunning funk component makes for one of the best wild and sour beers we've ever sniffed. It's subtle yet complex, mineral yet not overbearing, with layers of citrus and white-wine grape. The sip is similarly balanced with equal parts lambic funk, sweet white grape, and subtle citrus. Seek out at any cost."