169 of the Best Saisons, Blind-Tasted and Ranked

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Waypost Brewing Co. Saison (83)

Honeydew, white pepper, and green tea on the nose, with a touch of overripe tropical fruit. The sip is a bit undercarbonated and limp, with soft pepper notes outcompeting other fermentation flavors. Lacks the bold edge that’s so loved in the style.

Creature Comforts Eukaryote (84)

"Bright lemongrass-and-lime hops note, with a touch of malt undertone. The sip avoids the heavy hops character suggested by the nose, with a quick, mildly bitter finish. Confident, contemporary."

Mikerphone Brewing Do You Remember The Time? (84)

Earthy tropical-fruit notes—papaya, mango—with a bit of sweaty funk. The sip is intensely _Brett_-forward, but feels light on carbonation with a dry, tannic finish.

Grand Canyon Brewing Company Wild Saison (84)

“Strong hops element to the nose with a lemon-lime and herbal bent. In the sip, strong acidity shapes the hops into citrus candy with a bitter phenolic finish.”

Birds Fly South Rustic Sunday (85)

Dirty, peppery funk on the nose—black pepper, oxidation, rotting lemon and lime, sweet leaf. The sip offers a touch of red apple sweetness with rails of peppery phenol."

Cape May Brewing Harvest Ale (85)

Some bready malt character comes through with notes of banana. Grape must character is present but dry in character, and this adds a slight sweetness but not much. Hints of fruit—apple and peach—with a strong fermentation character and lightly tart in finish.

Creature Comforts Brewing Co. Tastes Like Flowers (85)

“Hay-like nose echoes Wasa crackers with a touch of fennel. The sip throws unsweetened orange juice together with spice cake in a cautious bready spice mix.”

Roaring Table Brewing Beth (85)

“Light, slightly sweet malt nose with a touch of vague tropical-fruit esters. The sip offers a bit of chalky bitterness, energetic but just a hair off the expected dryness.”

Our Mutual Friend Brewing Saison Trystero (85)

“Touch of woody, almost smoky funk on the nose. Subtle with a hint of Noble-ish hops. Sip has a round body that feels less precise.”

Brix Brewery & Taphouse Lu Rae (85)

“Woody and round, with a hint of squash on the nose. The sip is sweeter but sharply acid-forward, with a bracing bite but lower carbo that works against the whole. Wine and fruit notes dominate.”

Perennial Artisan Ales Prism: Hallertau Blanc and Centennial (85)

“Curious nose blends herbal oomph with a bit of dank cannabis and overripe citrus, as anise notes cling to the edge of the glass and swirl through the nose. The sip dials that down, as a musty hop note takes the pointed edge off the nose.”

Ratio Beerworks Dear You (85)

Heady mix of crisp floral with orange citrus. The sip tames the fermentation notes with hefty orange and tangerine, backed by tight phenolic spice that keeps the big flavor in check. Fun expression, bending classic saison to today’s hazy citrus tastes.

Transient Artisan Ales O’Tay (86)

"White pepper, faint lemon, toothy wheat, honey funk on the nose. The sip veers toward lemon-lime, with a nice, round, mellow acidity that begs for another sip."

Central 28 Beer Co. Blanc (86)

"Toasted bread crust on the nose, maybe a bit burnt, with bourbon-soaked citrus notes. Banana smoothie with mild hop bitterness to keep it in line. Weird and challenging."

Funky Buddha BA Undefeated Saison (86)

Some nice dryness with a barnyard earthiness. Estery spice notes add to the complexity. White grapes give it a bit of sweet but finish dry in the taste. Strong carbonation, and the finish is relatively dry, somewhat tannic, though balanced and interesting.

Highland Park Brewery Green Chimera (86)

“Crisp herbal hop notes support bigger citrus notes, amplifying the juice character. In the sip, the unsweetened citrus juice of the nose blooms with a pointed acidity that becomes mouth-filling for an intensity that’s big but not quite supported by the body.”

Perennial Artisan Ales Saison de Lis (87)

"Light tea-like note, subtle yeast cloves, and a faint smoky phenolic on the nose. The sip is lighter than the aroma, subtle in every way. A perfect beer for pairing with food—bright and palate-cleansing."

Fifty West Brewing Co. Everything All At Once... (87)

"Strong strawberry-kiwi on the nose for a smoothie-like intensity. The sip is subtle, the flavors clearly defined without too many distracting phenols. A slight smoky note on the finish adds depth."

Resident Culture Wildlight (87)

"Light white-pepper nose with vague bits of peach. The sip is relatively soft with a tingly yeast bite, morphing from tart clementine to spicy Brett. For serious Brett fans only."

Sante Adairius Rustic Ales Saison Bernice (87)

"White pepper and orchid with a touch of mustiness, like a staghorn fern on an old wood board. The sip is bright citrus, orange and tangerine, with light acid and funk."

Ozark Beer Company Early Train (87)

“Light peach skin is understated in the nose. In the sip, subtle notes of white peach, chamomile tea, and pinot grigio, but with a very, very light acidity.”

Wellspent Brewing Company Wandering Lights (87)

Subtle, crisp nose with orange peel, pepper, and light botanicals. The sip is soft and cottony as it slips to the back of the tongue with a broad swath of light pepper. Mild acidity and a gin-like herbal dryness contribute to the clean sip and finish.

Burial Beer Co Before Us, Above Us, Within Us Saison Ale with Grapefruit Zest and White Peppercorns (87)

“Peppery phenols play with softer orange tones and a fennel note in the nose. The sip brings a soft banana sweetness played against herbal bitter notes. Unusual, but effective.”

Our Mutual Friend Brewing Apricot Ovale (87)

“Peach leaf and caramelized peach on the nose set a sweet expectation with a hint of funky earth, but the sip brings a concentrated peach and lemon-juice acidity.”

Perennial Artisan Ales Carolina Gold (87)

“Phenolic spice plays against a bit of sweet alcohol in the nose, amplifying the touch of fruit aroma. The sip plays a bit too loose, as a firm but pleasant bitterness comes over the top of the lighter body, leaving it unsupported.”

Brewery Ommegang Hennepin (88)

"Highly effervescent, big spicy yeast notes. The sip is dry with an ever-so-delicate malt sweetness that otherwise takes the edge off. Archetypal."

Von Ebert Brewing Bouquet Blanc (88)

"White tea floral notes on the nose offer a crisp, almost yuzu fruit character. The sip is focused, tightly edited, with crisp Brett notes and integrated fruit."

Jolly Pumpkin Artisan Ales Yikes! (88)

"Subtle nose with woody, peppery Brett and light tropical fruit. The sip is equal parts sour apple and lemon-lime, with a very light malt component."

Wooden Robot Saison de Peche (88)

"Gentle gauzy peach notes in soft focus. The flavor is soft peach juice with an incredibly gentle fermentation character and mild tartness."

Funky Buddha Undefeated Saison (88)

Pepper, honey, spicy phenols, autolyzed yeast, aggressive alcohol, medium bitterness, and extreme effervescence that causes tingling on the inside of the cheeks. Finishes absolutely bone dry. Throughout there’s a little lemon, some earthy hay-like funk, and some dry white grape wine flavors.

Boulevard Saison Brett 2018 (88)

Orange-juice, peach, spicy and slightly astringent alcohol. Clean, light, bready malt background. Moderately sweet with moderate bitter and sour in the finish. For a beer in this category, seems light on the Brett funk—a younger beer, perhaps?

Birds Fly South Ale Project Saison is Dead: Mosaic (88)

Teasing a lime-citrus note that pulls back before falling over the edge, the nose retreats into familiar farmhouse lore—grass, hay, rose. The sip meanders through similar territory, dangling sweet promises that (thankfully) remain unfulfilled.

Brewery Vivant J'aison (88)

Bright, light, and gauzy lemon nose develops with a touch of herbal spice. The sip is less fruit-forward, with hefty bitterness that’s part pith, part black pepper. Peppery note lingers and overpowers the softer lemon, leading to an austere finish.

Roughhouse Brewing Floral Print - Farmhouse Ale with Flowers (88)

“Light pepper and white-flower definition with creeping notes of earthier blossom. The sip throws punchy herbal and floral notes with zippy carb against a generally sprawling cracker and bread body.”

Side Project Grisette (89)

"Light orange citrus and linen on the nose. The sip is less precise, with broad orange-lime notes and a bit of Brett spice. Big flavor for a small beer; drinks sweet despite its dryness."

Von Ebert Brewing Angular Momentum (89)

"Lemongrass, dry hay, lime zest, white rose. The sip is effervescent, highlighting light Brett and bitterness, with a touch of fermentation funk, acid, and light fruit."

Hacienda Beer Co. Insatiable Dreams Strawberry (89)

"Plastic, rubbery nose deflates the pleasure of strawberry. The sip is better, with earthy strawberry and light acidity, but the burden of the rubbery nose is too much to overcome."

Black Shirt Brewing Stringbender (89)

Peeeeeaches. Very low sweetness, although there’s an impression of sweetness because of the peach, with moderate bitterness. Peppery phenolics. Low sour. Dry overall finish.

Hop Butcher Weirdsmobile (89)

Dankness, passion fruit, pine, pithy orange, and lemon peel, touch of peppery phenolics. High bitterness is compounded by the expected bone-dry finish. Balance is all about the IBUs in this one. Some saison character is hiding under massive hops burst.

Sovereign Brewing Dissensus (89)

“Wormwood note plays against cherry and a faint hint of curry in the nose. The sip brings unsweet bubblegum to bear with bold _Brett_ bitter floral and juniper-berry notes. Let it sit for a few years.”

Birds Fly South Ale Project Out Back Counting Stars (89)

Contemporary NEIPA nose—replete with tropical fruit and citrus—punctuated by crisp _Brett_ through line. The sip is soft and accessible, while pepper notes add a certain structure that keeps it honest. Juicy yet defined, it’s a curious syncretic approach.

Casey Brewing and Blending Apricot Fruit Stand (89)

“Apricot fruit and leaf with an herbal undertone in the aroma. The sip leans into juicy soft stone fruit, lemony acidity, soft tannin and vanilla, and a small jolt of acid.”

Zebulon Artisan Ales House Saizon (90)

"Perfumey apple blossom, white rose, chrysanthemum, dry white wine. The sip takes a sharp turn toward hop bitterness (happily), with light funk and vivid carbonic bite."

2nd Shift Brewing Pink Guava Bridget (90)

"Unrepentent, unrelenting, juicy tropical guava flat-out owns the nose and flows through the sip. This agua fresca sour trades beer character for intense fruit, but the guava is compelling, making for a Brett beer that the masses could drink without thinking twice."

Yeast of Eden Oodelallie (2018) (90)

"Dry, punchy nose—bubblegum, currant, rose, herbal. Sweet-tart sip, with clean acid profile, round berry notes, and warming oak-vanilla before it dries."

Little Beast Brewing Fera (90)

"Earthy note grounds the fruitier Brett and hops in the nose, while the sip feels more beer-like than some of the more fruit-forward iterations."

Birds Fly South Rumblefish (90)

Dry and funky. Earthy hops (onion, lemongrass) finish. Slight tartness. No sourness. Slight acidity. More dry/tart than sour, and that dryness is amplified by the significant bitterness. Light clean bready pale malt background. Nice wild Brett/woody character in the aftertaste.

Brasserie de Blaugies Bier Darbyste (90)

“Walnut wood, chestnut, charcoal, and roasted plum aroma leads into a quirky sip that rides the impossible edge between soft fruit-forward accessibility and phenolic definition.”

Roaring Table Brewing Dutch Sailors Eyes (90)

“A bit of decaying forest and wet hay with lighter hits of grapefruit and lime. In the sip, citrus sweetness as the earthier elements subside, but that lingering bitterness keeps it from finishing sweet.”

Cerebral Brewing Hereditary Title (90)

Warm and woody white wine–grape nose with faint tropical fruit. The sip accelerates with a sharp lactic-acid hit that settles between pillars of earthy _Brett _and dried citrus. A bit intense for the expectation set by the aroma.

American Solera Dama de Tigre (90)

“Bold and confident berry notes clearly expressed in the nose transition evenly in the sip, capturing all of the jammy richness with little distraction. It’s one note, but rings loud.”

Funk Factory Geuzeria The Bee and the Barrel (90)

Ginger, juniper, raspberry, white tea, and light wood on the nose. Intensely fruity sip offers orange and raspberry with enough acidity to support them. Herbal spice provides definition and keeps the fruit from sprawling. Fundamentally weird and noisy, but thoughtful.

Highland Park Brewery Philosophy Of Love: Ancient Cypress (90)

“Cohesive herbal nose pulls together with soft apricot and spicy juniper. The sip shies away from sweetness, opting for a lightly woody herbal dryness highlighted by a touch of fruit. Beautifully compelling, like a finely made cocktail.”

Rockwell Beer Company Party Hat (90)

Crisply defined light tea and faint tropical fruit on the nose. The sip trades a touch of that definition for a slightly sweet body that might be perfect with a bit more carbonic bite. Bread, melon, and a touch of pepper as it finishes.

The Rare Barrel Blurred with Pinot Noir Grapes (90)

Spicy blackberry and cranberry nose with earthy blueberry sweetness. The sip rides an exacting line between sweet and dry, holding that tenuous tannin-fruit balance. It truly works, bending technique in the service of flavor—a hybrid greater than the sum of its parts.

Jester King Brewery Bug Farm (91)

Nose of Thai basil, cucumber, lemongrass, and barnyard—funky, intriguing, with herbal-spice backbone in a fresh, crisp line. The sip trades clarity for general fruitiness, citrusy and tart—not quite fulfilling the aroma’s promise. But figuring it out is a delicious chore.

Perennial Artisan Ales Stepping into Tomorrow (91)

As close to the Platonic ideal of _Brett_-saison nose as possible, without wavering into defined fruit or spice. The sip seems overly conservative, with woody _Brett_ notes but little else. A study in simplicity, for better or worse.

Great Divide Brewing Co Colette Farmhouse Ale (91)

“Bread crust, papaya, and a light minty pepper note in the nose lead into flavor that tightly balances that light tropical fruit with punchy pepper in a vibrant push-pull.”

Roaring Table Brewing Elizabeth (91)

Rustic, woody _Brett_ nose, with notes of warm oak and aged sherry. The sip feels conflicted, with lemon-lime citrus notes tussling against the _Brett_ definition. Finishes citrus heavy, but with a clean, pithy coda.

Baere Brewing Company Not Forgotten (91)

Cherry, lemon, oak, and musty cellar in the nose. A somewhat intense acidic lemon note backed by wood-tannin leads the sip, but it quickly resolves into lemon pith and black pepper. Intense and unrelenting, yet endearing.

Fair Isle Brewing Montgomery (91)

“Exquisite fruit range on the nose—lime peel, kumquat, with a bit of raspberry, hint of herbal spice. In the sip, the light herbal notes put a crisp cucumber line on the fruit flavors—expressive without over-emoting.”

The Rare Barrel Guava Chameleon (91)

Thick tropical guava on the nose, with a touch of herbal brightness and a fruit-flesh overripeness. In the sip, moderate acidity pushes the line to the edge. Spritzy tropical fruit keeps it light, while light wood grounds it. Unexpected and compelling.

American Solera Spritz Culture (91)

“Gorgeous rosé color. Honeydew and raspberry in the nose with a squeeze of lime. Champagne-like effervescence provides a very light bitterness to play against the soft, sweet wine-grape notes in the sip, and the very faint acidity makes it imminently accessible and, dare we say, ... fun?”

Side Project Brewing Saison du Blé (Blend 11) (91)

“Traditional _Sacch_ saison yeast notes in the nose—a bit of earth, but light pepper and a faint floral note. In the sip, a juicy tangerine note pushes to the front, with a punch of acid brightness and pithy bitterness.”

Amalgam Brewing Gin Pyramids (92)

"Juniper and gin botanicals float over an almost Japanese citrus note. Light and bubbly, with light funk and acidity, yet a mid-palate bitterness."

The Lost Abbey Carnevale (92)

"Yeasty yet malt-forward nose, crisp Brett and honey-malt warmth. Very little fruit character, but the classic definition makes for a good food-pairing beer."

Reuben’s Brews Brettania: Raspberry (92)

"Juicy semisweet raspberry with a mild mineral funk. The sip is intriguing—starts soft, with a convincing juicy sweetness that all but disappears into a light mineral dryness."

Perennial Artisan Ales On y Va (92)

Foreground is a light spicy saison character: earthy, herbal, lemon, stone fruit, grainy malt, spicy phenolics of clove and pepper. Hops come through as a citrus background. Finishes very dry and crisp.

Surly Brewing Cynic (92)

Sweet with fruit notes of orange, white grape, and pear. Then some pepper herbal notes behind that. Some toasty biscuit notes come through. Finishes slightly sweet but still a bit dry. Medium carbonation at the end gives it a vibrant finish.

Rockwell Beer Company Polymath (92)

Melon with a light linen edge on the nose—understated yet characterful. The sip brings strong tropical citrus and melon notes, defined by a pronounced acidity and punctuated with tight tannic trills. A touch heavy-handed.

Jester King Brewery H. Execute (92)

“Woody and dank, with punchy pineapple, lime, and vague tropical notes in the nose. The jolt of acidity in the sip flips the hop notes toward lemon-lime with a bit of dank background bitterness.”

Westbound & Down Solera Saison + Dry Hop (93)

"Bright, modern hops nose—citrus, white wine, strawberry—with a gauzy sheen. Less fruity than many, with a defined Brett peppery note and hop bitterness."

Outer Range Brewing Final Summit (93)

There’s still white grape, pepper, and a touch of bready, but more floral in the flavor, specifically iris. Very low sweetness into a moderately bitter dry finish that lingers a bit. Oniony, spicy hops, orange, and pineapple, spicy alcohol, light bready malt.

American Solera Caballo Azul (93)

“Minty blueberry in the aroma with wine grape. Earthy berry notes, fluid tannic structure, and a juniper-berry bitterness create a luxurious sweet-spicy-earthy trifecta.”

Jester King Brewery The Oregon Hophouse (93)

“Woody, stemmy, cedar, coconut—almost Sabro-adjacent—hops on the nose. In the sip, a sweeter coconut citrus feel pushes a frozen cocktail vibe.”

is/was Brewing Spandrel (93)

“Bright, structured, lightly herbal and floral, dry. Light honey note on the nose with a bit of yeast ester that plays between earth, banana, tropical fruit. The sip is brisker, with white-flower blossom, a prickly carb, and a bit of unsweet fruit flesh.”

Odd Breed Wild Ales Meandering Thoughts (93)

“Pillowy lemon and orange on the nose with a touch of hay. Sip brings a gentle jolt of acidity for a sunny demeanor. Bubbly and outgoing.”

Cellar West Artisan Ales Gin Barrel Checkerback (93)

“A bit of herbal spice with a juniper and berry tannin backbone. In the sip, pepper, floral, and light berry notes swirl in an intriguing blend.”

Allagash Brewing Company Little Grove: Peach & Kombucha (93)

Light candied stone fruit on the nose with a light herbal note. The sip is tightly effervescent, sharp-edged like champagne but without the softening sweetness. Party up front (in the nose), business in the rear (on the sip).

Blackberry Farm Brewery Farm & Fury (94)

"Neutral, slightly malty, slightly Bretty nose offers only glimpses of peach. A subtle, softly tart peach juice with faint Brett funk pushes through the flavor."

Archetype Brewing 2-Year Farmhouse (94)

"Cotton-candy-grape nose, subtly sweet body with very light acidity and faint fermentation character. Screams for a touch of bitterness to shape and structure the soft, sweet grape."

Resident Culture Comparison Is the Thief Of Joy (94)

"Strawberries transform into a panoply of tropical fruit in the nose. The sip forgoes expected sweetness for earth, bread, and rich strawberry."

The Veil Brewing Co. Melancholia and Uncertainty (94)

"Bright and effervescent with a nose that evokes tropical fruit, orange zest, aged oak. White-wine-like with subtle fruit character, subtle acidity."

Funk Factory Geuzeria Fleur du Nord (94)

"Orange blossoms, dry hay, honey on toast. The sip is soft, with a captivating, light citrus acidity. Brief burst of Tang quickly dries into a lingering tangerine-honey note."

KC Bier Co. Der Bauer (94)

Bucket o’ melon, orange, peach, bready malt, spicy and drying alcohol, bone-dry finish assisted by the alcohol. Spicy pepper phenolics. Moderately low sweetness with moderate bitterness.

Pure Project Madeline (94)

Crisp tropical nose of passion fruit and guava collide with subtle black pepper. The sip bends tropical, projecting sweetness despite the beer’s dryness. Fruity acidity reinforces the theme, with a sharp hit that quickly fades in a broad tropical-fruit note. Big and intense.

Highland Park Brewery On Leaves (94)

Curious herbal-citrus note on the nose—lime leaf, orange oil—with an earthy woodiness. In the sip, gentle citrus juice pushes forward with low acidity and round, woody warmth. Fascinating and enveloping, at a distinct herbal-citrus intersection.

Fair Isle Brewing Season 1 Batch E (94)

Nose evokes the petrichor of impending rain, earthy and refreshing; a hint of lime adds an edge. In the sip, rooibos tea–like spice and a hard-kombucha hit bring a kinetic feeling of motion. Rhythmically pulses with waves of herbal energy.

Our Mutual Friend Brewing Biere Ovale (94)

Peach peel and balsamic on the nose, with light straw and hint of sharp grapefruit. The sip brings that grapefruity acidity and bitterness forward in soft focus, drying into a pleasing and clever pithy-grapefruit linger. Characterful interplay of hops and yeast.

Russian River Brewing Co - Santa Rosa Jannemie (94)

A crisp floral and pepper edge on the nose offers a telltale _Brett_ signature, and that peppery phenol dominates the flavor with a ranging but oddly pillowy spiciness. Dry and minimal.

pFriem Family Brewers Barrel Aged Saison IV (94)

“Dried lime leaf and a spritely and fresh herbal zip on the nose wrapped in gentle white-wine tones. The flavor sees bold and lightly bitter white-wine and _Brett_ notes drop with bombast, scrubbing into a light pepper finish.”

Smuttlabs Kisses & Kittens (95)

Low malt complexity but a wonderful tartness that lingers from start to fnish. Big carbonation helps bright up fruit flavors. Finish is extremely dry and refreshing. Moderately strong cherry, blackberry, and blueberry. Light acidity gives it a crisp refreshing finish and the earthy notes gives it some interesting complexity.

Casey Brewing & Blending Casey Family Preserves: Raspberry (95)

"Raspberries steal the whole spotlight. Over-the-top, intense expression of the fruit. Tangy balanced acidity."

Reuben’s Brews Brettania: Windsor (95)

Crisp linen and white tea, chrysanthemum nose. The sip brings some endearingly bready malt to soften the Brett sharpness, closing with a dry white-wine note."

Standard Brewing Faithful and True (95)

"Lightly floral and earthy with a tightly edited noble hops nose. The sip is a tight balance of hop bitterness and mild Brett, with a subtle white-wine dry/sweet note as it lingers."

Perennial Artisan Ales Owen (95)

"Perfumey nose balances sweet and savory, with everything from elderflower and wormwood to tangerine and orange zest. Flavor highlights woody notes with the same balance of sweet citrus and spice."

Libertine Brewing Company Saison (95)

Lemon flavors abound, with hints of lemon zest and lemon juice. When combined with tartness, it comes across as lemon drop or Warheads candies. Tartness is somewhat sharp and a bit lingering in the finish. Somewhat balanced (not too dry or too sweet), but tartness helps give a perception of dryness in the finish. Moderate sour lemon note up front with the sourness that grows throughout the sip to the end.

Hill Farmstead Brewery Arthur (95)

Tart note up front with strong grapefruit and lime notes. Moderate carbonation amplifies the acidity and creates a puckering finish with a slight peach sweetness transitioning to a dry Lacto finale. Pear and lemon, dry stone-fruit flavors, and funky earthy <em>Brett.</em>

Baere Brewing Company Saison (95)

“A classic nose, as peppery phenols balance overripe plantain with a sweet potato-skin earthiness. Light zesty lemon notes add a highlight. The sip delves into a purple vibe—like unsweet grape knocked down a couple of octaves, with a zippy bitterness.”

Baere Brewing Company Amparo (FKA Saison with Pomace) (95)

“The color suggests fruit, but the nose offers just a broad red-fruit note with hefty hay. In the sip, thoughtfully downplayed grape adds a spritz without jammy notes.”

New Anthem Beer Project Pillar Of Fire (95)

“A joy in the nose as woody hops play against subtle Noble floral notes and crisp and peppery yeast notes. The sip finds a beautiful balance between the crackle of pepper, herbal bitterness, and softer fruit esters. Finishes with a snap.”

Weathered Souls Brewing Co. Check (95)

Crisp linen nose, woody with a touch of grape. On the sip, more grape, Concord grape juice, light grain, slight lingering sweetness, and a white wine–like, almost ‘buttery’ full body. Finishes with light bitterness.

Perennial Artisan Ales Hainaut (95)

Noble-hop aroma with a touch of Fantôme-style phenolic grit dialed back into clove, asphalt, and linen. The sip is blazingly clean and clear saison—light bread, active effervescence bouncing off the tongue, and a crisp but pleasant phenolic note that lingers as a touch of bitterness. Its ‘crispness’ is off the charts, with Noble-hop bitterness playing an outro that just keeps going.

Smog City Brewing White Peach Saison (96)

"Expressive peach-candy nose, punctuated by a light sourdough yeast note. Lithe and lean, nimble and graceful, but with muscularity and power. Beautifully constructed."

Standard Brewing Apostle (96)

"Curious rosé aroma and look; more like vinous fruit than cherry. The same subtlety expresses in the sip, with a Brett farmhouse note balanced by light white-wine grape and faint hit of stone fruit."

Cruz Blanca Brewery Vidamiga (96)

“Energetic and exuberant gin-like nose with a touch of juniper and squeeze of lime over a bubbly botanical base with a bit of Cointreau. The sip explores a broader range of fruit and herbs, with notes of orange, lime, fortified white wine, almond, and mint. The acidity is thoroughly supported. Concise yet rich and enveloping, punchy yet never too loud.”

Fair Isle Brewing Knitting Circle - S1.c (96)

“Soft peach with a crisp lemon-peel edge on the nose. In the sip, peach, apple, pear, an oak note that recalls bourbon. Punchy, layered, structured, and deeply engaging.”

Side Project Brewing Le Saisonnier (96)

Light, powdery nose with white flowers, linen, old parchment, and faint lime and yuzu. In the sip, a light woody note juxtaposes with a soft lemony tartness, resolving into a light citrus hit. So simple, so light, so full of flavor.

Deschutes Brewery Blue Butterfly (96)

Spicy, peppery, peach-jam nose, with a grassy herbal note behind. _Brett_ in the sip is soft, losing its edge to broad stone fruit. Soft without losing its punch or focus. Accessible and familiar, yet layered and thoughtful.

Cellar West Artisan Ales Nightingale (96)

Glassy foam head lingers for an attractive pour. Guava, passionfruit, and faint smoke on the nose gives it immediate but structured appeal. The sip leads with pepper notes and a bit of herbal bitterness, with just enough body to soften the edges. An interesting take on contemporary hops that doesn't march down the obvious path.

Kros Strain Brewing Company DH Saison 750.3 (96)

“Soft overripe guava and lychee on the nose with a touch of herbal hop to balance. Sip is light with a gentle tartness, a softer carb, and a subtle earthy fruit-rind bitterness. Earthy but light, fruit-forward but buffered by a bit of gauzy _Brett._”

Creature Comforts Brewing Co. Always a Pleasure (96)

Soft but bright floral-and-citrus nose with a touch of well-placed earthy sandalwood for perfumy contrast. The sip leads with a soft, lemony, acidic burst, then brings orange and caramel. Woodsy and engaging. Gorgeous.

Two Roads Brewing Workers Comp (97)

"Light pepper, nutmeg, lime on the nose. The sip is a touch watery, belying its lightness, but a bright effervescence on the tongue and an incredibly light malt note offer drinkability in spades."

Wallenpaupack Brewing Co. Talkback (97)

"Spicy pepper note moves beyond yeast alone, with a touch of banana bubblegum in the back. The sip goes intense on banana and the spicy phenolic, with amped-up levels of both that could use just a touch more bitterness to ground them."

Resident Culture Farm Mentality (97)

"Bright peach balances with fruity Brett fermentation character, offering an endearingly beery fruit beer. The flavor rides that Brett and peach balance through to the end—juicy, well-defined, funky, fun."

Yazoo Brewing Co. Saison de Bois (97)

"Dry, punchy nose—faint dried pepper, dried berries, orange peel, gasoline, oak. The sip brings a tannic bite behind mellow orange citrus and white wine, with a chunky, bitter, Brett funk adding complexity."

WeldWerks Saison D'Amitie (97)

Pepper, orange, banana, clove, bubblegum, grainy malt, balanced, smooth finish that’s a bit on the sweeter side for the style, but certainly not sweet. Aftertaste of spice lingers pleasantly.

Funkwerks Nelson Sauvin (97)

Carbonation is high, which enhances the flavor in this beer. Grape character is of white wine and a bit dry, which fits well with the overall saison structure. A mild earthiness with slight spice is not overpowering, and a bit of lemon sweetness is complemented by a cider character.”

Funk Factory Geuzeria Foeder Saison: Vintage Hallertau (97)

Cacophonous but intriguing nose—jagged pineapple and lime cross paths with spicy herb and funk. Likewise, the sip is endearingly off-kilter, as soft lime sherbet, gentle herbal spice, and pineapple highlights dominate the sip. Up and down, it’s a wild ride.

Black Shirt Brewing Co. Pleasure to Meet You (98)

"Peach, melon, lemon candy nose, with sweaty funk beneath. The sip blends bright fruit with funk undertones. Lingering perceived sweetness with a touch of rind-pith presses on."

Hill Farmstead Florence (99)

"Perfumey floral nose of azalea and hibiscus, oaked white wine. Flavor balances sweet lime and yuzu, mild hop bitterness, a slight honey-malt sweetness. Characterful, light."

Wiley Roots Funk Yo Couch Nelson Sauvin (99)

"Hops, hops, and more hops drive the nose with a white wine and tropical-fruit jag. The sip is more of the same—bright but not-too-sweet lychee and kiwi. Just a touch of funk and malt, and no head retention, but beautifully expressive."

Creature Comforts Brewing Co. Barrel No. 64 (99)

Light melon, gentle oak, a touch of petrichor, subtle stone fruit, and confidently understated white-wine grape on the nose. The expectation of acidity in the sip is met by conscious restraint, as the subdued stone fruit and bitterness help to amplify the white-wine character without _Brett _sharpness or puckering acidity. An extraordinary work.

Von Ebert Brewing Islands in the Stream (99)

“Quirky and clever mix of traditional saison herbal and floral notes with a very light contemporary tropical-fruit edge. In the sip, the aspirin note is buffered by softer tropical edges—mango and papaya with just a touch of citrus. Subtle, but entertaining.”

Kros Strain Brewing Company Batch 625 (99)

A vibrant energy drives the light lemon and rustic bread-flour notes on the nose—tightly structured and compact, yet punchy and direct. For a *Brett* saison, the sip is remarkably light and minimal—faint earthy notes appear as it lingers, but it never veers deeply into fruit or phenol-spice. The overall effect is crisp, concise, and to-the-point—not a single note is out of place.

Yazoo Brewing Brett Saison (100)

"Right down the proverbial saison middle, with a touch of tropical Brett in the nose balanced by spicy phenols. The sip is intense—a strong carbonic bite fades into soft citrus and a hint of bitter greens for structure."