593 of the Best IPAs, Blind-Tasted and Ranked

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Ballast Point Aloha Sculpin (72)

Moderate malt flavor where hops should be. strong crystal malt flavor leaning towards a metallic note. There is a slight cider character as well that gives the beer a light acidic / sour character

Anchor San Franpsycho (74)

Tastes like an artificial sweetener. Like a liquid pez. Not a lot of bitterness. Does have some lemon flavor. Very low malt. Despite it tasting like candy it doesn't actually have a lot of sweetness. Finishes medium dry.

Against the Grain Pile Face (80)

Classic west coast flavors - pine and light citrus are balanced by a clean malt presence.

Stone Fear Movie Lions (81)

Malt sweetness paired with a citrus orange hop. Onion and pine resin come through, it's just not a good combination with under attenuated malt.

Tree House Hurricane (83)

The fruit salad of the aroma carries to the nose with a more prominent under ripen banana dominating initially, with a pineapple and grapefruit emerging in the mid palate. A slight pithy, drying character from the bitterness gives the impression of eating on a banana rind.

Elysian Dayglow IPA (83)

Hard candy jumps up front, moderate grainy malt in the middle. Lingering bitterness that makes you long to wear a fleece pajama onesie in a single room wood cabin next to a fire.

NoDa True Grit Southeastern IPA (84)

"Bright, juicy, overripe tropical nose—mango, papaya—cleanly expressed. The sip trades juiciness for broad, mouth-filling bitterness that steals the show."

New Holland Hoptronix (84)

Non-descript hop bitterness and a clean west-coast IPA with notes of mango and orange. Alcohols are noticeable, but well restrained given this is a triple IPA. Spicy, drinkable for a triple.

Double Nickel IPA (84)

Malt, biscuit light toast quality in the beginning with a light grapefruit flavor in the middle of the sip. Light tartness mixed with a touch of bitterness at the end of the sip. Finishes with a mild biscuit flavor and light bitterness. A touch on the sweet side of the amount of bitterness and hop characteristics. A light mint herbal like quality.

Surly Furious IPA (84)

Huge herbal hop character up front very similar to unsweetened black tea. Crystal malts really balance the hop bitterness but is an interesting competition it seems between the sweetness and the hop bitterness. Finishes extremely dry with a really resin and herbal hop character.

Foothills Brewing Seeing Double (85)

"Orange caramel, orange oil, lightly sweet malt on the nose; classic feel. Sip continues the orange theme: broad citrus. Omnipresent bitterness sneakily evades detection, taking cover under orange camouflage."

American Solera Chase Exotic (85)

"Spicy nose with violet, lemongrass, passion fruit—weird, unexpected, with an overripe element. The sip is closer to the mean: lightly watery, rough lingering bitterness, with some redeeming funky fruit."

Cape May Brewing Crushin’ It (85)

"Nose is more herbal and floral than fruity; touches of mint and bright herbal tea. The sip goes full-on orange-sweet—no subtlety required—with enough bitterness to reel it in before sprawling across the palate in decadence."

Foothills Seeing Double IPA (85)

Malt sweetness with a syrup like consistency upfront with a medium hop fruitiness. Melon sweetness with a touch of light banana and lemon. Very light on the bitterness only exposing itself at the very end. A bit of cardboard oxidization towards the middle of the sip makes the hops muddled.

21st Amendment Blah Blah Blah IPA (85)

Citrus up front with lemon and grapefruit. Turns into vegetal and earthy: green pepper, green onion, garlic. No harshness. A bit of alcohol warmth that features pineapple in the finish.

Dogfish Head Flesh and Blood (85)

Blood orange citrus upfront with a mild tartness that continues into the finish. Moderate carbonation helps put the tartness with medium bittering hops. A light underling biscuit malt presence but that isn't sweet. Not balanced and leans towards the bitter, tart, astringent side.

AleSmith Brewing Co IPA (85)

“Soft orange and pine on the nose, while the flavor brings a throwback element of caramel to the mix for a nostalgic but classic feel.”

Brooklyn Brewery Pulp Art (85)

“A throwback nose with caramel malt notes, a bit of dried orange, and some earthier notes. The sip feels a bit like hazy IPA viewed through a 1990s IPA kaleidoscope, with light sweeter notes but a big grainy malt component and surprisingly earthy bitterness.”

Stoudts Queen of Hops Brut IPA (86)

Brut goes Belgian as the phenolic yeast ester evokes a distinctly saison note. A touch of yeasty bitterness hits quickly on the sip and overwhelms any more delicate hops notes.

Lord Hobo 617 Hazy IPA (86)

"Candied orange and peel aroma with a toasted quality. The sip is surprisingly grainy, with low-key orange and lime that don’t get in the way of ‘beer’ flavor. Accessible for generalists, not adventurists."

Prison City Double Doink (86)

"Berry and fleshy passion fruit on the nose; glimpses of berry-tannins and spice—oddly Pinot Noir-like. Sip wavers back toward tropical fruit/sweet/bitter, lean with flashes of sweet."

Brouwerij West Supercollider (86)

"Warm citrus and cool, dank funk tussle in the bright, bold nose, underpinned by white pepper. The sip brings indoor voices, toning down the brash energy and nicely balancing the indulgent fruit."

Ommegang Nirvana IPA (86)

Light body, medium bitterness, clean dry malt character. Hops dominate and bring an intense orange zest and pith character with the bitterness of the zest clinging to your palate. Other citrus notes are sprinkled in. Finish is dry and the bitterness lingers.

Lagunitas Born Again Yesterday (86)

Pleasantly balanced - the malt has some caramel sweetness up front, but still finishes relatively dry and crisp. Classic American hop character though, but there's a grassy dry hop character that comes across a bit astringent on the finish. Pleasant lingering spiciness on the swallow.

Great Lakes Brewing Company Great Lakes IPA (86)

“Very light—classic with a soft bitterrness and touch of round mouthfeel. Citrus and forest notes in the aroma and flavor are very light. Minimal in expression without sacrificing character.”

Stone Brewing Stone Delicious IPA (86)

“Heavy on the wooded-forest nose, smaller flashes of citrus linger on the margins. The sip pushes an intense bitterness that overwhelms everything around it, sacrificing subtlety and nuance.”

New Holland Brewing Hazy River (86)

“A nondescript nose leads to gentle peach-banana in the sip, with an almost baby food–like mealy element. A lingering earthy pineapple bitterness marks the finish, but it’s tame at best.”

Victory Brewing No Brainer IPA (87)

A tame, safe, and straightforward take on American IPA with a dialed-down bitterness and dialed-up fruity hops character. The nose is a touch musty, but the flavor steps up the fruit intensity.

No-Li Brewhouse Big Juicy IPA (87)

"Understated nose: subtle grain, citrus. Flavorwise, it dives into the orange-juice pool headfirst, unconcerned with the question of depth. Simple and straightforward."

Sketchbook Brewing Brewery Witch (87)

Herbal lavender on the nose offers an almost saison-like character with a touch of yeast phenolics that cement the comparison. The sip is similarly saison-esque with a bit more malt sweetness and slight touch of citrus over a minimal bitterness.

Maplewood Wild Idaho Nights (87)

"Vague lemon, lime, tangerine nose, at a level that wouldn’t be unusual for pilsner. Flavor swings for the fences, with amplified citrus, confident bitterness, and a satisfying sweet-but-dry effect."

Central 28 Beer Groveland Road (87)

"Grainy baked orange on the nose with a touch of vitamin-chalk. The sip is orange juice and bitter peel, more wide-bodied than sweet, with a staid, workmanlike approach that’s less vivid and more resigned."

Crooked Stave Mandarin Dream (87)

"Dominant citrus-flesh nose; bits of leaf, oily peel, grassy hops. The sip is clunky, with a malt-forward, bitter-citronella body. As that hit wears off, a peppery-orange spicy warmth sets in to brings it back around."

Bend Brewing Hophead Imperial IPA (87)

"Weedy, dank nose, with pronounced PNW hops-meet-dispensary vibe. Sip is boldly bitter yet alluring in its rounded herbal edges—an outlier among citrus- and fruit-forward IPAs but entertaining for that reason."

Untitled Art Tangerine Milkshake IPA (87)

"Sickly sweet candied-tangerine nose also pulls up notes of rhubarb and forest fern. The sip continues the sweet jag with straight tangerine juice and minimal bitterness—simple and straightforward."

Two Roads Brewing Co Cloud Sourced (87)

“Soft stone fruit finds structure from a floral note in the nose. The sip is light—very light—with gentle pale malt notes through the middle. Just a bit too sweet for a beer this light, but fruit notes keep it fun.”

Indeed Brewing Co Flavorwave (87)

“Punchy berry spice with a fruit-tea element in the nose. The sip leans more mainstream American, with bits of orange, tangerine, and pine forest wrapped in a lightly hazy package. An herbal bitterness climbs into the finish.”

Hop Butcher For the World Florida Citrus Commission (87)

“Quirky—chalky orange-pineapple notes in the nose give way to purple cotton candy, pineapple smoothie, and juicy orange in the sip. The alcohol heat is palpable with a slightly medicinal edge, yet the bitterness doesn’t quite rise to the occasion.”

Ghostfish Brewing Company It Came from the Haze (87)

“Punchy floral notes and a touch of bubblegum on the nose. In the sip, an edge of tropical bitterness runs through, but it lacks the sweetness to sell some of the fruitier elements.”

Arches Brewing Simply Sticky IPA (87)

“Heavily unfiltered, but not juicy, or sweet; the soft but present malt, light bitterness, and pithy tropical approach is more focused on tropical bitterness than fruity sweetness.”

Terrapin Beer Hoppin’ Bubbly (88)

Strawberry-orange-peel nose with a touch of breadiness. The sip is a bit too malt-forward for the nascent style but still resolves cleanly enough. A middling approach that’s neither disappointing nor thrilling.

Monday Night Here Comes the Sun (88)

"Tropical-citrus greatest hits on the nose, in quick-cut format. Runs through everything from orange to mango to lychee and back again. The sip is sweeter, with big body and rich malt."

Calusa Brewing Citronious (88)

"Big, bold orange in the nose—over the top, with a touch of light herb. The sip is sweet and juicy, with a note of almost toasted orange peel and almond."

East Brother Beer Gold IPA (88)

"Nutty malt and earthy-spicy hops on the nose—subtle, warm. On the sip, honey sweetness hits with tongue-coating intensity. Light herbal bitterness in the finish, stopping short of scrubbing the palate. Present alcohol, despite moderate ABV."

Urban South Sunshine Haze Dream (88)

"Over-the-top orange and vanilla cream in the nose. Sip is intensely sweet—past the most liberal definitions of IPA. Could work if the beer offered some balancing bitterness."

Parish Brewing Dr. Juice (88)

"Soft melon on the nose, round and gentle. The sip is cleaner and brighter—relatively dry with a soft citrus bitterness. Designed for drinking more than one. Contrite and lean but pleasing."

Neshaminy Creek Shape of Hops to Come (88)

"Classic C-hops citrus nose; herbal, dank. Sip is loud, with throwback DIPA bitterness smoothed and honed into a better version of itself. Avoids today’s fruit clichés with the attitude of an aging scenester, reminding you how things used to be better."

Cerebral Phantom Transmission (88)

"Dry Southern Hemisphere hops evoke white grape, citrus rind, and cedar-lumber, with slightly sweet pungency. The sip echoes the nose, with curious fruity woodiness that sits satisfyingly on the tongue while drying out in the finish."

Blackberry Farm Brewery BFB IPA (88)

"Light tropical fruit-funk on the nose—less defined than others, but enjoyable in its subtlety. Light and dry in flavor, with a curious, tropically tilted, overripe-fruit bitterness that slightly overpowers the friendlier fruit."

Single Hill Brewing Eastside IPA (88)

"Dank, sticky nose dripping with resin and citrus oil. The sip brings big orange fruit with a light pithy bitterness. Big without overwhelming, fruity without cloying."

Figueroa Mountain Lizard's Mouth (88)

Blueberries, pineapple, dank, green onions, orange in a Styrian Golding sense. Really nice mellow bitterness that doesn’t overpower and a malt sweetness that counters a lot of the hops presence. Mid-palate hops are somewhat limited but present with an almost pie-like character. No alcohol warmth to distract.

MadTree/Fathead's Lupulin Effect (88)

Citrus and pine. A bit of honey and caramel. Medium sweet into intense bitter that lingers. Really interesting grapefruit-pith character. Some significant alcoholic warmth. Smooth for a West Coast IPA.

Green Bench Turbid 9 (88)

Initial sip has light bitterness overall with a chewy body. Lemon citrus flavors mix with a light sulfur note in the chewy body. Light body overall and fairly simple. A touch of bitterness grows slightly towards the end of the sip. Fairly simple and not too complex.

Deep Ellum Brewing Co Dream Crusher (88)

“Tropical caramel notes on the nose feel classic and contemporary at the same time. The bitterness is substantial, but smooth and integrated for a surprisingly pleasant West Coast approach.”

Jackie O's Brewery Close But Far (88)

“Yuzu and satsuma aroma with faint herbal and floral notes behind it. Friendly tropical bitterness on the sip, but a murkiness obscures the brighter fruit notes.”

Elevation Beer Company DIPA (88)

"Rides the line between American and juicy, pushing a creamy peach-gummy nose that continues in the sip. Firm bitterness keeps it from devolving; doesn’t compromise either the fruit character or bitterness.”

Unsung Brewing Company Let it In (88)

“Traditional in its citrus-pine axis with a hefty herbal spice. In the sip, a structure defined more by zippy carb and less by intense bitterness offsets the orange-caramel sweetness.”

Aurora Super Fresh to Death (89)

"A fruity cannabis vibe drives the nose; light tropical-citrus melody over dank rhythmic riffs. The sip is chunky, with thick major-key citrus power chords that diminish into herbal flourishes."

Sketchbook Brewing Day Game (89)

"Bright pineapple on the nose, a touch of musty earth; honey and herbal hops collide. The sip toys with full-blown sweet fruit before herbal bitterness pulls it back for an indecisive finish."

Firestone Walker Union Jack 2020 (89)

"Caramel hints of West Coast, with berry and currant esters—spicy red fruit—and light citrus. On the sip, disciplined bitterness—polished, present, yet understated, smooth—with light berry and spruce-like fruity pine notes."

Dust Bowl Confused Therapist (89)

"Bold grape notes out of nowhere. The sip continues the light-grape fruitiness, with a muddled bitter/malty through-line. A guess that doesn’t find an answer."

2nd Shift Brewing Art of Neurosis (89)

"Classically bent citrus-dank nose. The sip continues the party, with a moderate yet smooth bitterness underpinning it. An idealized West Coast IPA, maybe a touch sweet with crackery malt, but right down the classic line."

Crooked Run Group Therapy (89)

"A citrus-juice explosion in the nose—vivid orange spiked with nose-piercing lime daggers. The sip settles into a more mixed-citrus expression, as hops and citrus bitterness creep up over more delicate fruit notes."

Santa Fe Brewing 7K IPA (89)

More tropical and dank in the flavors. Pineapple and pine but also some orange and lemon sneak in. Moderate sweetness into moderate high bitterness. A touch of alcohol.

Societe The Fiddler (89)

Citrus hop profile with a lingering bitterness with lemongrass and a pithy quality, bordering on a grassy overly dry hopped character. After the first swallow it mellows a bit (or your palette fatigues), and you're left with a crisp, dry beer with a pleasantly aggressive bitter finish.

Sixpoint Undefined Variable (89)

Tropical notes of pineapple, mango, and lemon with some subtle coconut. Slightly dank & earthy (green onion). Subtle pine notes. Finishes dry and crisp and subtly bitter. Slightly mineral/metallic. A bit chalky.

Industrial Arts/Two Roads Bloomerang (89)

he deep floral tartness of the hibiscus mixes well with the tropical fruit character. Orange, tangerine, papaya, coconut. Also, a touch of spicy black pepper. moderate esters. Bitterness is a little pithy. mouthfeel is a bit minerally.

High Branch Say it Ain't So (89)

Coconut up front followed by papaya. On the drier side with a moderate chalk and mineral character. Very creamy yet needs more carbonation to bring out the hops. Flavor components are low for the style. New World hops with pineapple, peach, and apricot, layered over pine and resin. Complexity of hops character is impressive.

Cellar West Artisan Ales Web Foot (89)

“Funky fruit nose, filtered through a significant earthiness. Subtle warm tropical-fruit notes in the sip—mango papaya—and a pointy bitterness with a fruity tropical edge. Fun without being heavy-handed.”

Woven Water Brewing Company Corporate Water (89)

“Very light haze, it still pulls those juicy strings with orange and pineapple in the nose and the sip. On the palate, it’s hop wine—big, juicy, fruity, but unapologetically alcohol-forward. In context, it works, with just enough bitterness.”

pFriem Family Brewers Big IPA (89)

“Earthy caramel meets tropical in the mash-up nose. The sip leads with a nice crisp bitterness that isn’t overpowering—perfectly structured with classic orange and pine notes that feel more fresh than nostalgic.”

Big Grove Brewery and Taproom Easy Eddy (89)

“Bright and airy, with soft guava notes and a touch of tropical bitterness. The sip leans to the sweet side, with marshmallow notes spotlighting the softer tropical fruit. A touch light on bitterness with a distinct fruit bias.”

Left Hand Brewing Company Wook Bait (89)

“Coconut-lime on the nose, with a funky locker-room edge. The sip leads with a pithy herbal bitterness that quickly dissipates into gentle notes from the nose, with mild lingering bitterness.”

Burial Beer Co Malcontents of Dissonance Triple India Pale Ale (89)

“With boldly earthy hops with fruity back notes on the nose, it upsets the typical flow. The sip pulls in a bit of saccharine fruit sweetness, sharp but not full spectrum.”

Westbound & Down Brewing Company Western Conference: Fremont (89)

“Papaya-habañero nose hints at a peppery spice with an earthy fruit base. Prickly carb and bitterness push the pepper note on the sip before settling into a gentler finish.”

The Virginia Beer Company Free Verse (89)

“Murky fruit cocktail in the nose. The flavor breaks stride with a minty anise bitterness in the sip that pushes just a hair too far.”


“Substantial mango-orange nose drops into a slightly thinner-than-expected taste, with a freshly squeezed fruit-juice sweetness. A pleasant citrus bitterness runs alongside with a tight edge, quickly resolving the finish to dry. Excessive nose and an austere sip.”

Hi-Wire Brewing Big Top Production Facility Hazy Juicy Hoppy Fresh Double IPA with Citra & Strata (89)

“Passion-fruit popsicle nose, with a light creaminess and a dialed-back intensity that remains vivid. The sip lets spicy, herbal, tropical bitterness take the lead with sweeter notes receding, but it’s soft and works well in context.”

Kros Strain Brewing Company Fairy Nectar (89)

“Dank nose with elements of old pineapple. Zippy and light, with a dialed-back intensity. The sip is easy—moderately sweet, to pull out fruit character without weighing it down. Restrained bitterness is enough to balance things out.”

Wise Man Brewing Mountain Calling (89)

“The nose leads with bright tropical fruit for a new-school feel, and the sip follows through with dry but convincing tropical notes and a soft tropical bitterness. Lean and light, with a compelling tropical crispness.”

Uinta Brewing Co. Caravan IIPA (89)

“Clear, but the chalky tropical-fruit notes on the nose share more with hazy IPAs than fellow West Coasters. The sip continues the soft and tropical theme, with a dialed-back bitterness and waves of gentle tropical fruit, but the net effect is just a bit too subtle.”

Firestone Walker Brewing Co Luponic 18 (89)

“Plantain, lime Runts candy, and kiwi notes on the nose, with a crisp tropical edge. The flavor feels pedestrian by comparison, as sharper bright floral notes layer over tight carbonation and a very gentle tropical bitterness, but no real fruit to speak of.”

Westbound & Down Double IPA (90)

"Mild citrus and tropical notes collide in the nose. The sip goes from 0 to 60 in less than a second, with full-bore ragged bitterness. Subtlety’s out the window. Unreconstructed."

Alvarado Street Triple Cone (90)

"Orange oil, rich herbs, and left-field funky touch on the nose. Sip offers orange peel and herbal bitterness in a big, warming package. Mellow, genuine, polished. Bold, compelling hop expression."

Russian River Brewing Happy Hops (90)

"Light, but distinct, passion fruit and pineapple on the nose. Flavor loses some of that definition, as big, tropical herbal-bitterness quickly overpowers more delicate fruit notes."

Vitamin Sea Brewing Below Sea Level (90)

"Woodsy bark-and-sap nose, underscored by light citrus. The sip turns those to full volume, with amplified woods and citrus over relatively sweet body, checked by a through-line of woody bitterness. Unique, outside the mainstream."

Pontoon Brewing Wake Zone (90)

"Spicy lemongrass nose plays its cards close. There’s an economy to the sip—unindulgent, only light residual sweetness—with fruity notes balanced immediately by a lingering rough bitterness."

Highland Park Brewery Hello, LA (90)

"High-key guava and passion-fruit notes bathe the nose in light. That lightness pushes the contrast in the sip, at the expense of mid-tone values—blown out between blazing top-fruit notes and a sharply defined bitter end."

Grand Teton Land of Many Waters (90)

"Light yet pungent tropical fruit on the nose; sweet and intriguing. Gentle but assertive hop bitterness overshadows the fruitier notes."

Cape May Brewing Follow the Gull (90)

Overripe mango and papaya offer an alluring tropical nose, but a strong yet soft initial bitterness quickly shifts gears. A hazy IPA for those not afraid of bitterness.

Deschutes Brewery Fresh Squeezed (90)

"On the nose: orange marmalade on toast; peach and apple notes. Unlike many contemporaries, it’s not embarrassed by substantial malt, embracing a rich but reasonable grain bill that adds dimension to the fruit."

Transient Artisan Ales A La Carte Reality (90)

"A woodsy forest note collides with soft peach and cut grass. The sip is sweet but not cloying, with more stone-fruit flavor balanced by woody bitterness."

Tampa Bay Transmission Zero (90)

"Dank weed notes intertwine with soft berry, stone fruit, and passion fruit. The sip brings the soft fruit notes forward. Wants a touch more bitterness in the finish."

Southern Tier The Psychic Laser (90)

Moderate fruit upfront with strawberry, melons and light plums. Medium bitterness with a touch of spiciness towards the end of the sip. Light sweetness from the malt balances out the bitterness. A touch of mint towards the middle of the sip. Finishes with a smooth fruitiness with just a hint of bitterness.

Fremont Brewing Lush IPA (90)

The initial taste was surprising with a sweetness that gets immediately overwhelmed by bitterness. Classic West Coast blend of pine and citrus. Tropical fruit, mango, pine are firm but balanced in the bitterness. Light body with a sweet caramel finish that hangs out and cuts the hops down a tick.

Toppling Goliath Pompeii (90)

Similar to the aroma. Huge tropical flavors that trail off into more traditional pine characters. Very clean bitterness, not harsh at all. Very dry. Finish has a green-tea bitterness with an almost smoky background that distracts from the fruitiness.

Captain Lawrence Tears of Green (90)

Herbal, mango, cherries, green onions, dank, watermelon, lemon, balanced bitterness and sweetness.

Prison City Turf Wars (90)

Rich and chewy with a complex mélange of ripe fruit and a toasted-malt sweetness with hints of toffee. Finish has a bit of a harsh mineral character that detracts from the softer fruit character; it isn’t particularly bitter, but there is a lingering harshness that is a bit out of place.

Worthy Brewing Kama Citrus (90)

Moderate bitterness upfront with a light orange character in the middle. Orange is less pronounced in flavor than in the aroma. Light biscuit maltiness but not sweet, light body. Fruit flavors are a bit muddled and should compete with the bitterness.

Finback Pataman (90)

Fruitiness upfront with ripe pear and light peach character. Medium fruit sweetness with a very light bitterness. Light earthy and spicy hop flavor right at the end of the sip. Finishes with a light herbal flavor and heavy fruit, mostly peach but also mango, pineapple and light grapefruit.

Tired Hands Pineal (90)

Very pleasant from start to finish - light fruit with underlying hints of pine up front, a soft mid palette with a pleasant grainy/oat flavor, and a crisp and clean finish that is nicely bitter but not overly aggressive. Lingering notes of pine and light fruit.

Shared/Narrow Gauge Crusin' Gravel (90)

Crackery malt backbone plays off of the citrus and tropical hop character. Finish is dry and slightly chalky. Bitterness is subdued but lingering, and some hop burn hangs out too.

Weldwerks Galaxy DDH Juicy Bits (90)

Lemongrass, grapefruit pith & some slight pine. A slight herbal spiciness. Fairly soft mouthfeel. Well balanced. Finished surprisingly dry, almost harsh.

Pure Project Mantra (90)

“White wine–grape nose is rollicking and playful. Sip gets down to business with a firm bitterness softened by gentle white-grape notes with a candy edge. Big, but conveys cleanly with a tightly edited accessibility.”

Reuben's Brews Reuben's Crush Cancer (90)

“Fresh tangerine slice and a bit of Meyer lemon in the nose—bright and cheery. The sip is tight, but a touch thin and rather dry, lending the light bitterness a touch of extra prickliness.”

Burial Beer Co A Rather Genuine Expression of Apathy Double India Pale Ale with Peach & Lemon (90)

“Mandarin Kush weedy nose with a touch of lime citrus over dank. The sip softens it, with general stone-fruit notes and a broad fruit pectin heft, as spicy lemon notes punch through.”

Brewskey Pub & Taproom Strateka (90)

“Pink grapefruit and pink lemonade on the nose, subtle, with a sip that leans on pithy grapefruit bitterness to balance out the sweeter notes. Balanced and present, it’s neither too much nor too little.”

Melvin Brewing Galactic Compass (90)

“Juicy tropical pineapple nose. Defined body with a fruity bitterness and green-tea herbal spice. Embraces the duality of base and beauty with an earthy groove and sweet fruity melodies.”

Tuckahoe Brewing Co New Old School (90)

“Woody stone fruit on the nose—almost _Brett _saison-ish. In the sip, herbal bitterness and vegetal-leaning citrus notes create an interesting interplay of competing high notes, but it feels top-heavy.”

Dust Bowl Brewing Co Tomorrow's Clear (90)

“Creamy citrus in the nose—orange and lemon—with a floral blossom note. The sip dials back typical West Coast bitterness just a bit too far, for an accessible fruit-forward appeal at the expense of structure.”

Ecliptic Brewing Phaser Hazy IPA (91)

Cohesive and bright, belying individual aroma and flavor notes. Crisp fruit notes and a slightly sweet malt base make it a hazy IPA you can drink several of.

Hardywood Park Craft Brewery VIPA (91)

Lemon-lime notes hover over a woody and slightly grainy aroma, but the flavor embraces the comfort of ge-neric West Coast bitterness without offering much more.

Foothills Brewing Festival Express (91)

"Nose balances fruit esters of blueberry, apricot with grainy, toasty, almond malt note. The sip is thin, with strong bitterness and clean finish—less juicy than promised."

Schlafly Beer Hazy Pineapple IPA (91)

"Light, sweet pineapple on the nose. The sip is unbelievably light, lively, with light-but-satisfying body and gentle, fruity bitterness. Understated pineapple, trading sweetness for drinkability. Compelling."

Calusa Brewing It’s You, Not Me (91)

Fruity with a slightly sharper edge than most, thanks to a sweaty lime note that rides up the side of the aroma. The sip is soft lime, a touch of sweet orange, a sprinkle of lemon juice, and a bit of kiwi. Any bitter-ness feels seamless with the overall fruit character.

Alaskan Brewing Hazy Bay (91)

"Zesty lemon-lime nose, touch of earthy grain. The sip is soft and fruity yet lean—the carbonation scrubs any sweetness for a fruit-essence quality rather than juice. On the sparing side of juicy and hazy."

Breakside Brewery Dream Pop! (91)

"Classic orange-and-pine notes, with citrus amped up and running roughshod over the trees. Upfront bitterness is soft and non-confrontational and lingers, scrubbing sweetness from the palate."

Bent Water Equivalent Exchange (91)

"Broadly hoppy nose with a perfumey touch—lavender, azalea. Grainy, malt-forward sip, with soft sweetness buffering bitterness but standing in the way of anything truly juicy or fruity."

Outer Range Brewing Sibirica (91)

Malborough Sauv Blanc notes of pear, guava, lychee, and kiwi push hard through the nose while the refined body and soft malt character thoroughly bury any hint of heat or strength. Finishes a bit sweet, but immensely satisfying.

Three Weavers Brewing Knotty DIPA (91)

A clean and faintly fruity nose (peach, cantaloupe) offers an understated but intriguing approach, and those same flavors push forward matched by a firm but balanced tobacco and pine-tree bitterness offering interest-ing layers to explore.

Destihl Drivin’ That Haze IPA (91)

"Layered nose—lemon-lime seltzer, peach smoothie, dank weed. Flavor continues with soft notes wrapped in broad, herbal bitterness, lingering with deep citrus."

Station 26 Bang Bang Double IPA (91)

"Herbal bitterness on the nose with a touch of anise, but little of the favored citrus aromas we’ve come to expect. The sip brings more fruit—lychee, lime—but with a marker-sharp edge that keeps it at arm’s length."

Great Notion Brewing Full Grown (91)

Weedy fern, aspen leaf/bark, kiwi, and humid Southern forest make this equal parts intriguing and polariz-ing. In the flavor, white-wine notes push forward with comforting touches of oak, slight sweetness, herbal-ness, and citrus.

Bale Breaker Brewing Co. Hazy L IPA (91)

"The nose cuts with clarity—confidently bright orange and soft lemon that don’t need sweetness as a crutch. The sip is a bit more PNW bitter than Massachusetts sweet, but that bitterness is gentle and reassuring."

Surly Brewing Space Race (91)

"Gorgeously expressive yet tightly edited nose: fruity Pez candy and bold tropical fruit. The sip is less chalky, more juicy, with passion fruit and mango over pleasing bitterness. Not as turbid or soft as some, but well executed."

Stone Brewing Enjoy by 7.04.19 (91)

An integrated honey sweetness-meets-herbal-citrus nose is painfully subtle, but a soft and mild herbal bitterness plays against a mild malt sweetness for a softer take on classic American-hops flavor.

Monday Night With a Little Help From My Friends (91)

"Nose pulls floral and herbal notes into the hazy genre; sophisticated and endearing. The sip is sweeter, with herbal-bitter sharpness that denies immediate pleasure while sweet, slightly vegetal flavor unfolds. Weird and interesting."

Girdwood No Woman No Cryo (91)

"Dehydrated orange and mango fruit leather on the nose. The sip is bold, tropical fruit–forward, with mango and passion fruit underpinned by bitterness and light funk. Confident and committed."

Bonfire Brewing WtFO (91)

Vague citrus flesh and zest on the nose, with a clean but understated style. The sip is equally bright with a light and soft bitterness that quickly makes way for the soft lingering fruit. A light DIPA, if such a thing exists.

Westfax Brewing All Together (91)

"Big soft orange and peach on the nose; just a touch of pungent tropical fruit at the end. The sip embraces the tropical element, with guava, mango, and papaya backed by gentle but consistent bitterness."

Comrade Brewing More Dodge Less Ram (91)

Crisp peach and funk notes become a very soft but present bitterness in the sip that quickly lingers as more peachy funk. Confident and intense in its high-key balance.

pFriem Family Brewers Brut IPA (91)

A light and perfumy nose is gentle and engaging, while the softest of hops-bitterness profiles and dry body with a vague chardonnay-grape and oak-tannin note sell the brut idea well.

Deschutes Brewery Fresh Haze (91)

"Haze with a 1990s craft throwback nose—malty, with more estery fruit notes than hops. The sip highlights berry with a bit of orange and tropical fruit. Fun in its retro-malty simplicity."

MadTree Brewing Brunch So Hard (91)

A savory nose of fleshy tropical fruit avoids ‘sweet’ while embracing ‘fruity.’ It’s not quite as clean and direct as some brut IPAs, but avoids saccharine clichés nonetheless.

Bale Breaker Sesiones del Migrante Mango IPA (91)

A strong mango, backed by a slight herbal- hops note, sets the stage for a beer- forward sip, as the mango recedes and a soft bready malt punctuated by a firm bitterness presses forward to linger in the finish.

Industrial Arts Torque Wrench (91)

ots of piney dankness that could use a bit more malt to balance it out. Light mango, a little orange-juice character, too. The bitterness lingers long. A throwback to the bitter wars of IPA.

Rogue 10 Hop IPA (91)

Earthy and dank hops flavors. Fairly piney. Noticeable caramel malt. Some dried-fruit esters (raisin, fig). A slight mineral character. Some noticeable booziness and alcoholic warmth. Finishes on the sweeter side and distinctly bitter.”

Boothbay Thirsty Botanist (91)

There is a rich mix of candy and grainy sweetness with a lush tropical-fruit hops character. Finish is rich and chewy but with enough bitterness to balance it out. A bit of lingering grassy astringency distracts from the other more pleasant aspects of the beer.

Perennial Lascaux (91)

Really nice mango flavor with a bright lemoncello light character. This citrus and tropical fruit forward beer is complex with this slight resin character hop finish. Nice lingering bitterness but not off putting. We like the balance between the malt and the hop presence on the nose and finish. Great medium dry finish.

Pontoon Brewing Company IPA or Whatever (91)

“Peanut butter with nut and caramel notes in the nose, topped by a light orange marmalade. The sip continues the nutty, orange thread, with medium bitterness. If there were an ounce more flab, it wouldn’t work, but the lean approach delivers.”

American Solera I Wanna Talk About Mosaic (91)

“Powdery stone fruit in the nose, with a light stone-fruity sweetness in the sip. Structured with a zippy bitterness that holds it together and provides a beautiful foil for the sweeter fruit notes.”

pFriem Family Brewers IPA (91)

“Citrus with a distinct floral-blossom note in the nose, the flavor uses a touch of malt sweetness to highlight the citrus notes in the sip, while the restrained bitterness recedes. Crisply modern with a classic familiarity.”

Great Divide Brewing Co Fastpack IPA (91)

“Light wheat aroma with faint stone fruit and a touch of lime. The sip is minimal, with a rounded but firm bitterness that pushes out softer fruit notes. Assertively bitter for a low-ABV beer.”

Highland Brewing Co High Pines (91)

“Classic in all the right ways, with heavy pine hops and big dose of caramel malt, yet it stays nimble.”

2nd Shift Brewing Co Art of Neurosis (91)

“Big and uncompromising, with a nose of pineapple and cut grass. It’s boisterous and loud but simultaneously refined. One foot in the past, with a winking nod to the present.”

Jagged Mountain Brewery Sunlight Basin (91)

“The deep gold color suggests a malt heft that doesn’t materialize. Instead, a bright herbal spiciness plays against pineapple notes with a tight and well-structured bitterness. Lively and light on the tongue with a dynamic energy.”

Bend Brewing Co Devil's Cabbage Dank IPA (91)

“Dusty with a prickly-pear fruit note, cut wood, and pine forest in the summer. The flavor leads with a big and dank bitterness that edges out any softer fruit notes. Bold for the bitter fans.”

Black Shirt Brewing Okul Wheat IPA (92)

A richer, deeper nose offers roasted caramelized papaya and mango with a lime squeezed over them. The sip is broadly sweet and expansive with a fruit-smoothie thickness and faint fruity notes.

Cigar City Brewing Space Pope (92)

Unfiltered but not quite hazy, the subtlety of the nose feels almost English (are those esters or hops notes?), and the grassy hops underpinning the fruit only furthers the U.K.-meets-American feel. The sip is more di-verse, with herbal tea–like tannic bitterness, soft citrus, and gentle strawberry and apricot esters.

Monkish Ribbidy-Diddiby (92)

"Beautiful display of tropical funk and sweetness in the nose—overripe passion fruit, tangerine, fried plantain. The sip is oddly light, with soft but pungent tropical notes tempered by residual sweetness. Expressive and bold yet controlled."

Migration Straight Outta Portland (92)

Crisp peach and fennel notes on the nose offer a curious expression that avoids one-note clichés. The sip is similarly clean and direct, with an immediate medium bitter note that fades into lingering peach and peach-skin notes.

Cerebral Brewing Scam Likely (92)

Kiwi and lemongrass on the nose. On the sip, a bright and drying bitterness quickly gives way to a spicy tam-arind note.

Firestone Walker Luponic Distortion 012 (92)

Faint strawberry and cantaloupe over French pastry dough evokes a finely crafted tart that’s pushed aside on the sip by a mildly bitter-lime shortbread cookie.

Castle Island Vern (92)

"Soft, sweet tropical-pineapple nose. Hybridizing New England and West Coast, it doesn’t sacrifice much—big fruit notes, boldly expressed, despite the otherwise dry finish."

Firestone Walker Citra (92)

"Green Gummy bear and light stone fruit on the nose, with a touch of straw. The sip is clean, straightforward, with a lean body that’s more crush than plush, for a warm summer afternoon."

Victory Brewing Cloud Walker (92)

A soft peach and sharp lime offer a nice contrast in the nose, while the sip offers a prickly carbonic bite high-lighted by a pointed bitterness braced by light fruit notes.

Ska Brewing Moral Panic (92)

A touch of C-hops–style mustiness with a lemon streak shooting through it gives way to a slightly-less-crisp-than-expected body that is light on the brut and heavy on classic West Coast hops and English yeast esters.

Cigar City Brewing Florida Man (92)

"Earthy, grounded, tropical nose, equal parts rustic and sweet. Tropical fruit notes dominate the sip, backed by earthy, mellow bitterness—not West Coast, not New England, something else."

Modist Brewing Dreamyard (92)

A smooth and steady orange-lime-kiwi fruit nose offers hints of creaminess, and the sip delivers with very light orange-lime-zest smoothie. For the creamy nature of the beer, a remarkably light body.

Iron Hill Brewery Philly Special IPA (92)

The nectarine-and-tangerine smoothie nose is creamy and inviting while the sip is equal parts light pithy bit-terness and soft fruit. Bright and punchy.

Odell Brewing Mango Tree Shaker (92)

"Intensely fruity nose eschews balance for bold tropical expression. Sip barely reels in the fruit with a touch of malt and whisper of bitterness. Sacrifices IPA bitterness for a fruit-forward sweet bomb."

Oskar Blues Can-O-Bliss Tropical IPA (92)

Effortlessly bold and bright tropical, nectarine, and tangerine notes offer a wildly compelling nose in this un-filtered-but-not-quite-hazy IPA. The body offers a zero-g parabolic dive, allowing the hops to float in virtual weightlessness with only a touch of bitterness grounding it.

Squatters Hop Rising Tropical DIPA (92)

"Familiar if unremarkable corn-like sweetness on the nose; light tropical notes. Gives way to a body that takes tropical flavor (guava, passion fruit) to 11."

Brewery Vivant Space Traveler (92)

High carbonation and chalky and they amplify one another. Orange, peach, lemon a touch of mint and pine wood, with strong mint on the exhalation. It finishes with medium bitterness and more chalkiness."

Telegraph West Swell Juicy IPA (92)

Really bight herbal and grassy note comes through on the flavor. The lemon like citrus comes through secondary. Slight bitterness but subdued. We really like the bettering charge. Finishes dry with a nice lemon/lemon grass note.

Lord Hobo Consolation Prize (92)

Up front citrus bitter, and then it mellows to other flavors (strawberry, lemon, lemongrass). Some spicy notes and grapefruit peel. Some distinct malty sweetness. Green pepper with some peppercorn spiciness and noticeable pine notes. Finishes slightly sweet and fairly dry. Fairly well-balanced.

The Veil Brewing whitemiata (92)

Delicious fruit and floral-hops sweetness, with a back-end bitter wallop to remind you that you’re drinking a beer. The aftertaste is a combination of pure orange-blossom honey and slight astringent bitterness.”

Surly Todd the Axe Man (92)

Lemony, but some grapefruit pith, too. Some resinous pine. Sharp bitterness locks onto the tongue and lasts forever. Some hops astringency. Fairly dry all the way through. Aggressive hops are accentuated by the sharp carbonic acid bite.

Outer Range Pillow Stacks (92)

Highly bitter, but enough residual sweetness to make it balanced for the style. The orange highlights dance on top of the somewhat grassy and green-onion notes with the blend of herbal tones pulling things together. Malt is a secondary thought. Finish isn’t overly bitter with a slight sweetness on the very end.

Bale Breaker Top Cutter (92)

Moderate bitterness upfront with pine and light dankness. Bitterness extends throughout the sip into the aftertaste. Earthy and spicy hop flavors throughout. Dryness helps push the bitterness with only a touch malt in the middle of the sip.

Abandoned Building Temporary Sanity (92)

Light sweet oats up front followed by medium melon flavors and tropical fruit. Finish is dry with medium bitterness. Medium chalk flavor.

New Holland Tangerine Space Machine (92)

Initial impression: tangerine. Mid-palate: tangerine. Finish: tangerine. Aftertaste: wait for it…tangerine. A light herbal spicy character similar to white pepper appears as it starts to warm. Creates a nice complexity. Not a lot of beer flavor comes through.

DankHouse Brewing Couch Kush'n (92)

Tropical-fruit hops with a grassy, pith-like quality on the finish. Rich and full-bodied, fairly sweet, just short of cloying. Not particularly bitter on the finish, but there’s a fair amount of hops burn and heat from the alcohol that makes up for it a bit.

Springdale Good N' You? (92)

More citrus and tropical in the flavor with pineapple and a bit of guava. Orange, tangerine, lemon. Also some bready malt. Moderately low sweetness into moderately high bitterness. There’s a bit of a hops burn as well.

Oskar Blues Brewery Pinner (92)

“Peach-candy nose is sweet but not too sweet, while the flavor balances with a bright and concise bitterness perfectly scaled to the light body. Feels bigger than its size, but moves nimbly into a quick finish.”

Wolf's Ridge Brewing Rogue Wave (92)

“Pineapple-lime daiquiri nose is an uncanny match for a frozen cocktail. A lightly acidic edge helps define those fruit notes in the sip, with some tangy tart snap. Unusual.”

Oskar Blues Brewery Can-O-Bliss Resinous IPA (92)

“Tropical fruit with a cotton-candy softness drives aroma and flavor, while a concise line of resin bitterness abuts the sweeter notes.”

MadTree Brewing Phantom Forest (92)

“Juicy without the haze, a pineapple-guava nose blends sweet and earthy funk. The bitterness hits with a rolling wave more than a bite, then recedes quickly into a pithy linger.”

Von Ebert Brewing A Boat With No Name (92)

Stinging nose with a punchy herbal bite, it's dank with light overripe tropical fruit notes. The sip is gently bitter and nicely balanced, building intensity with each sip. As thin as an ultra-distance runner, and as focused. No frills, no soft edges.

Perennial Artisan Ales Visions: Piña Colada (92)

“Light woody notes with bamboo shoot and faint tropical fruit. Sip whirls together sweetish tropical fruit with that soft bamboo note for a curiously earthy gestalt.”

Firestone Walker Brewing Co Gen-5 (92)

“Tropical fruit and spicy tropical bitterness in equal measure. Soft but snappy, sweet guava but pithy, loose but well-defined—it’s a study in delicious tropical contrast.”

Outer Range Brewing Co I Miss Loud Taprooms (92)

"Juicy tropical notes on the nose with a significant sweetness, soft and cloud-like. In the sip, sweet orange and tangerine citrus with an herbal effervescent citrus bitterness. It’s very sweet, but endearing and familiar.”

Moksa Brewing Co Nebulosity (92)

“Very pale, with toasted orange peel and papaya in the nose. On the tongue, it’s pillowy, with a sneaky herbal bitterness that gives way to bigger sweet and tangy papaya notes. Bright, and easy to keep drinking.”

Bootstrap Brewing Lush Puppy (92)

“Orange color and heavy turbidity suggest some mash-up of old and new, and it delivers just that—a bit of citrus meets tropical in the nose, with a constrained, low-key bitterness.”

Idle Hands Craft Ales Splitter (92)

“Thick tropical-fruit notes get a punch of lemon brightness in the aroma, while the flavor tilts toward hefty and sweet tropical smoothie. A green fruit bitterness helps keep the big body in check with light pepper and warming alcohol notes.”

Finback Ultimate Beats (93)

"Sophisticated nose: layers of wood, earth, toasted and fresh coconut, subtle herbal pineapple. Coconut flavor charges forward, faint pineapple in background. Bitterness is well-rounded, earthy, a nice foil to coconut sweetness. Touches of herbal spice lurk, broadening the perspective."

GoodLife Brewing Descender IPA (93)

"Friendly, familiar citrus-pine nose. The sip rolls in gently with confident bitterness that feels more pithy than herbal, but rounded edges give it a gentility that never overstays its welcome. Maintains character despite accessibility."

Von Ebert Brewing Wolf Summoner (93)

"Light, clean, tropical nose—lychee and guava. The sip threads the tight space between West Coast bitterness and East Coast fruit with tremendous aplomb, both crisp and bitter, light and fruity, without sacrificing either."

Uinta Brewing Grapefruit Nosh (93)

"Sweet citrus-juice nose is focused. Sip feels both classic and new, with throwback-IPA citrus amped on a dad-bod middle that’s neither obese nor chiseled. Citrus-bitter finish invites more sips."

Green Cheek Beer Cocohut (93)

"Nose avoids one-note coconut—fleshy, rich, like a well-made tiki cocktail. Sip brings out coconut milk; light tropical notes and rounded bitterness keep it in check. Never gets too loose or flabby."

Drekker Brewing Freak Parade (93)

Faint locker-room funk layers over bright orange and lemon notes. Assertively sweet yet a touch chalky, but the medium bitterness offers structure while highlighting the fruit notes.

Creature Comforts Tropicália (93)

A soft peach and tangerine nose is supported by a remarkably smooth and restrained bitterness that’s fully present yet disappears quickly. The delicious touch of sweetness in the body highlights the fruity notes, creat-ing an old-school IPA full of new-school flavor.

Monkish Isolation Oscillation (93)

"Bright Citra adjusted by a Nelson Instagram filter, boosting contrast and sharpening edges. Not sweet, not dry, it toes the Aristotelian mean; soft tropical notes backed by tight carbonation."

Jackie O’s Brewery Fluid Forms (93)

"Classic PNW sweaty citrus and pine drive the nose, endearingly. Sip is soft, broad, echoing classic hop flavors while embracing the new. Clever, familiar, reassuring."

Great Notion Brewing Juice Invader (93)

"Fruity, woody Chardonnay notes with copious green tropical fruit. Funk competes with fruit. The sip offers a quirky bitterness, unsettlingly intense. Weird and left field, for the serious hopheads."

Pinthouse Pizza Fog Runner (93)

"Guava and lychee burst from the nose. The sip offers funky, tropical, yet structured and defined fruit flavor."

Untitled Art Forward Hazy IPA (93)

"Tropical fruit goes floral in the nose, with a bit of smoothie sweetness. The sip is flatter, with a one-dimensional fruit sweetness, lightly prickly bitterness, and oddly watery body for an imperial-strength beer."

New Belgium Brewing 1985 IPA (93)

"Waxy Lemonhead candy and peach-candy nose. The sip brings more soft peach, with a prominent pale-malt note. Zippy carb provides a bit of bite, but it’s quick and easy with minimal contact."

Odell Brewing Mountain Standard (93)

Bright, yet soft and unassuming—a confident and self-assured take, not afraid to balance on the lighter end of the flavor spectrum. A bit of soft tropical-fruit smoothie with a sprinkle of leek or ramps and the perfect touch of citrus sweetness to pull it all together.

New Realm Brewing Más Macho (93)

"Neutral nose like Switzerland amidst citrus world war. While bitter battles rage, this big IPA rejects purely citrus or dank models, elevating smooth herbal bitterness to an artform."

Resident Culture Causal Continuum (93)

Nelson Sauvin–style white-wine notes prevail with undertones of pear, lychee, and kiwi, but with only the mildest funky diesel notes that typically accompany. The sip is a touch chalky with a hint of herbal spice that gives structure to the tropical-fruit notes.

Perennial Artisan Ales DDH Cave Torch (93)

An orange Creamsicle note on the nose pushes close to milkshake territory, and the ever-so-soft bitterness on the sip foregoes typical orange pithy intensity for an engaging, subtle, and slightly sweet citrus note.

Tired Hands Alien Church (93)

More bitterness than one expects from the aroma. Juicy tropical hops are enhanced by a candy-like light malt sweetness and backed by a balanced bitterness. Very creamy.

Maplewood Son of Juice (93)

Soft and fluffy throughout. Low bitterness with a dry finish. Orange, lemon, lime, peach, and tangerine notes. Body is quite chewy. A mineral-like, chalky mouthfeel hangs out on the finish and magnifies the dryness of the attenuation.

Corridor Brewery Squeezit (93)

Rich mix of tropical-fruit sweetness and bready malt sweetness. Not particularly bitter—what you would expect from the style—leaving a soft lingering orange and strawberry fruitiness with a slight warming quality.

Moksa Brewing Pineapple SUPERFUZZ (93)

The pineapple slips right into the citrusy tropical-fruit flavor (orange, mango, papaya, coconut) of the hops. It’s a little distinctive because it’s riper than the usual pineapple character. It also adds a balancing tartness that goes well with the lemon/orange citrus. Could use more carbonation to accentuate some of the brighter flavors.

Finback Brewery Four Year (93)

Pretty juicy (orange) and not a huge onion bomb that the aroma made it seem like it was going to be. Definitely has alcohol, but it isn’t overpowering. For a high-gravity IPA, this has a good amount of hops flavor (pine, resin, orange) and malt backbone. Balanced toward bitter as it should be, but all in all, it has a lot of other stuff going on.

Bootstrap Brewing Insane Rush IPA (93)

Hops flavor is a blend of earthy and pine. Slightly sweet malt yields to clean fruity hops (peach, apricot), and it’s slightly dank. Finishes dry enough for the style and slightly bitter, but not as bitter as a traditional West Coast IPA.

Upland Brewing Juiced in Time (93)

Rich tropical-fruit notes with a fair bit of sweetness. Peach, guava, pineapple, orange. Moderate bitterness and fairly dry finish.

12 West Brewing Company Super Beaker (93)

“Zippy citrus in the nose layered with an almost dried citrus-tea element. On the palate, a rich mouthfeel without sweetness, punctuated with a thin burst of herbal hop bitterness that hits quickly and recedes. Both East and West.”

Ahnapee Brewery Hippie Hoppy Hobo (93)

“It conveys its strength like a weightlifter at muscle beach, showy and aggressive, but it backs up its claims with smooth definition.”

Sloop Brewing Juicier Bomb (93)

“Really soft juicy citrus with a touch of tropical funk. Gentle and not-too-sweet with a nice touch of tropical bitterness for a pleasant edge.”

Von Ebert Brewing Nothing Noble (93)

“Light berry in the nose with low-key stone-fruit notes. In the sip, a cohesive body with integrated bitterness supports spicy berry notes and a building bitterness that grows with each sip. Still, it’s remarkably clean.”

Incendiary Brewing Company Turn the Tide (93)

“Musky tropical spice on the nose, restrained but intriguing. The sip pushes bitterness forward, gentle and rolling. But it builds in waves of tropical herbal spice.”

Starr Hill Brewery LLC Ramble On Juicy IPA (93)

“Orange blossom, citrus, and a light honey note in the nose. The sip is soft and sweet, with only a faint fruity bitterness off in the background.”

Motosonora Brewing Victory or Death IPA (93)

“Quickly dissipating head opens up with a generic fruitiness that spans berry, citrus, and melon backed with a light herbal note. A burst of herbal bitterness in the sip falls fast for a get in, get out quick drinkability.”

New Image Brewing Co Double Double Double Double (93)

“Big, but decently structured and balanced, it hits hard quickly, with a nose that mixes up dank weed and light tropical citrus notes. In the sip, the same dueling flavors compete, with tropical fruit sweetness butting up against an herbal-weedy bitterness. Intense on all fronts but balanced well.”

Prison City Brewing Riot Down Undah (93)

“Dried mango on the nose, almost powdery with a vague sweet- potato element. On the sip, mango and pineapple collide with an earthy undertone and a bit of grilled-pineapple char. While fruity, it’s firmly grounded.”

Unsung Brewing Company Invisibility (93)

“Sweet and slightly chalky tropical-fruit intensity in the nose—amped up and aggressive. The sip brings crisp and peppery tropical fruit in the body—lightly defined in a way that keeps it from feeling too sweet. Smartly balanced.”

Fonta Flora Hulihe’e IPA (94)

Broad but thoroughly integrated warm fruit notes sit over a touch of fennel, spice, and crusty bread. The sip is classic PNW bitterness initially, fading into a bittersweet linger.

Sketchbook Brewing Night Game (94)

A soft and slightly sweet grapefruit nose segues into a softly bitter sip that allows the sweet fruit notes to shine.

Archetype Brewing Shoulder Devil (94)

A crisp clean nose hints at red peach and cantaloupe while a medium bitterness in the sip feels properly in place and substantial in weight as it nicely balances the fruit, ethanol, and malt sweetness.

Prison City Brewery Riot in Maine (94)

The de rigueur Citra and Mosaic nose takes a bit of a turn with strawberry and peach yeast esters for a broad and soft aroma. The sip is more of the same—pillowy peach, apricot, and strawberry with a very light bitter-ness.

Devils Backbone Clink (94)

Subtly integrated hops nose offers a bit of California white, while the intensely carbonated body floats on the tongue with mild yet sophisticated hops that pull out bits of apple and pear, light tropical fruits, and a touch of pineapple.

Firestone Walker Mind Haze (94)

What it gives up in intensity, it makes up for in all-around drinkability, as this balanced-on-the-lighter-side hazy IPA offers slightly sweet fruit-forward comfort without the heft of others in the category. Subtle peach and apricot aromas and flavors with a hint of tropical lychee and kiwi for depth.

Adroit Theory Now I Am Death (94)

Rich tropical guava/lychee on the nose is highlighted with a touch of diesel funk. The sip is an expertly re-strained sweet-malt note highlighting those tropical flavors in a compelling way.

Three Weavers Hops Need Friends (94)

"Classic orange-pine nose gets a creamy twist; soft vanilla smoothie notes. The sip mashes that with old-school West Coast vibes—softer, sweeter elements balanced by ragged herbal bitterness. Its feet in both worlds, it’s both familiar and new."

New Belgium Brewing Liquid Paradise IPA (94)

"Nose of pomegranate and rose. The sip dives into tropical territory, with punchy, lightly bitter tropical/citrus fruit. Mid-low bitterness maintains the fruit party. Just enough structure."

Three Weavers Even Sassier (94)

"Tight tropical fruit on the nose, implied sweetness. The sip offers smoothie-like softness—mango, guava—backed by tropical bitterness. For a beer that’s nowhere near turbid, it’s remarkably soft. Enticing."

Hop Butcher for the World Ocean Key (94)

"Quirky citrus-pineapple nose; vanilla and wood soften the intense fruit. On the sip, sweetness pushes thoroughly into dessert territory, buffered only by touches of fruit-acidity and herbal bitterness. Polarizing. Complex, interesting, very sweet."

Green Bench Brewing Turbid 13 (94)

Softly enticing nectarine and papaya notes segue into a creamy body with similar fruit notes and a mid-sip bitter hit that cleans it up before trailing off into a bit of gin-and-tonic juniper and lime.

Finback Whale Watching (94)

"Big, stinky tropical flower-blooms on the nose. Like a rainforest of intense aroma—citrus, mango, lychee, star fruit, sweaty locker room, decaying logs, waxy bark. The sip tones down the weirdness, ups the sweetness, delivering a deep experience."

Bodem Half Acre Beer (94)

Watermelon, strawberry, and mango aromas and flavors swirl into an almost creamy mouthfeel despite the clarity. A remarkably delicious fruit-forward IPA as confounding as it is rewarding.

Alvarado Street Mai Tai P. A. (94)

Bold tropical fruit notes evoke passion fruit and mango with deeper layers of musk, coconut husk, and al-mond. The sip hits quickly with a tight but polished bitterness that softens into more lingering citrus and bit-ter orange peel. A thoroughly new-school approach to West Coast IPA.

Liquid Mechanics Lucid AF (94)

Soft lemon and lime on the nose feels classic yet not overbearing, and the flavor offers a similar soft and rolling bitterness that gently asserts itself. But a slight lingering malt note keeps it from finishing as crisply and cleanly as we’d like.

Societe Brewing The Dandy (94)

Clean with a soft floral nose. Bantam-weight body gives just enough support to the gentle bitterness.

Founders Sleeper Cell (94)

Spicy alcohol notes actually work well here to blend with the rosy hops flavor. Bitterness is moderate but not overpowering. Smooth with the melon flavor dominating the profile.

Foley Brothers Skeleton Crew (94)

Grapefruit is more pronounced in the flavor, but the pine is still there. Slight grassy or vegetal note. Bitterness is pronounced and a little pithy, but not harsh. Finish draws on both the flavor and bitterness of the hops. Fairly dry, but there’s a light candy sweetness in the mid-palate.

Great Divide Heyday Modern IPA (94)

The lemon and herbal grass in the aroma come together as lemongrass in the flavor with just a touch of bready malt to support. Notes of blue cheese and strawberries. Nice lingering resin-like bitterness that lasts until the following sip. The finish is dry and a touch astringent.

Birds Fly South The Blueprint (94)

Similar to a white IPA in terms of spiciness, hints of white pepper and ginger that pair nicely with a backing tropical fruitiness. Guava character has a light sweetness that helps balance out the tartness a bit. Light body, dry and crisp on the finish.

Hopewell Brewing Co Outside Voice (94)

“Juicy, tropical nose braced by a bitter tropical edge; the sip comes in soft and explodes with a rather intense bitterness that’s unexpected but not unpleasant.”

Twin Barn Brewing Company Palmer's Town NEIPA (94)

“Subtle stone fruit, soft peach, and a bit of cream on the nose with faint tropical hits. The sip strikes a casual middle ground between sweet body and light crisp bitterness, with just a bit of tropical fruit as it lingers. Simple and accessible.”

Roaring Table Brewing Wave Snap (94)

“Zippy herbal nose with pithy fruit. The sip is punchy and energetic with subtle fruit notes and bigger dank herbal notes. Nicely balanced away from sweet.”

Hop Butcher For the World Destination Moon (94)

“A bit of guava fruit with an earthy pineapple back—the tropical cocktail piece is evident. On the sip, fruit notes hang in pitched relief against a classic piney backdrop. Modern with a classic twist.”

Cerebral Brewing Urban Sorcery (94)

“Woody tropical fruit with an herbal-tea jag. The sip brings bright herbal bitterness with a tropical funky note, layered over rich fruit midtones. Pensive despite its obvious pleasure.”

Lakefront Brewery Inc Hazy Rabbit IPA (94)

“Woody, funky tropical notes in the nose, but dialed back with subtle restraint. In the sip, light malt and fleshy papaya provide heft, but it’s slightly dulled by a broadly sprawling bitterness.”

New Realm Brewing Jacked 'Squatch (94)

“Lightly perfumy floral notes in the nose with an orange-blossom angle. The sip is big but fruit-forward, the alcohol and residual body highlighting the floral and citrus notes.”

Broad Leaf Local Beer Chromatic Shatter (94)

“Spicy mango nose with sweaty undertones leads into the punchy sip. It’s sweet, fruity, and spicy, with a ratcheted-up intensity in bitterness and sweetness despite its small size.”

Liquid Mechanics Brewing Company Jiggle Juice (94)

“Stone- fruit and sweaty tropical nose. Tropical bitterness—zesty with a bit of zip—with stone-fruit and pineapple notes. Sweet but not too sweet.”

SweetWater Brewery 420 Strain: G13 IPA (95)

Like a great day at your favorite dispensary, in liquid form, it delivers a weedy diesel intensity at first that settles into light tropical fruit braced unflinchingly by its dank structure.

Devils Backbone Brut IPA (95)

Subtle yet pointed pinot grigio notes offer a gentle but characterful white-wine nose with a faint citrus in the background. The sip is effervescent and bright, with an airy and weightless body that underscores the subtlety of the experience. It’s difficult to even approach this as beer, as only the slightest bit of malt hints at its beer origins. But the experience is fragrant, tightly nuanced, and thoroughly well-considered—an expertly crafted beer that offers a different vision of what beer can be.

Abandoned Building Shake (95)

"Intensely tropical fruit-and-vanilla nose with a few sweaty touches broadcasts a dessert beer. The sip isn’t as sweet as the nose suggests, its round body a touch watery. Vanilla smooths the rougher edges for drinkability."

Moksa In Good Company (95)

"Strawberry, rhubarb, clementine, gym sock: weird but oddly compelling. The sip is more straightforward: bright berry, subtle tropical funk, round bitterness. Atypically intriguing, like noise-rock that vacillates from atonal riffs to poppy hooks."

Metazoa Brewing Unicorn Splash (95)

Bold but bright, the nose is a bit like sun shining on pineapple and guava next to a white-wine spritzer with a citrus twist. Building this level of flavor into such a weightless beer is a feat, and the perfectly matched, very light bitterness still offers structure and rhythm to the airy sip. A considerable feat, thoroughly well executed.

pFriem Family Brewers Hazy IPA (95)

Crisp mango on the nose, very pale golden body with a significant but not overwhelming haze, and a refresh-ingly crisp yet fruity body that splits the line between East and West Coast.

Triptych And I Think My Spaceship Knows Which Way To Go (95)

"Lambic-like funky nose is weird and wonderful—citrus, smoke, minerality, earth. Sip returns to the juicy line—bright citrus, subtle bitterness, sweet body pulling it together. A beer I want to keep smelling forever."

Bend Brewing Tropic Pines IPA (95)

A sweaty locker-room funk settles into dank and citrus notes as it warms. On the tongue, it’s warm and fa-miliar with a slightly sweeter approach that complements the citrus notes, but the finishing bitterness scrubs the palate for the next sip.

Sketchbook Brewing Orange Door (95)

Perfumy citrus notes on the nose layer over bready malt notes for classic appeal, and while malt-forward, the crisp sip offers a touch of citrus sweetness quickly resolved by the lingering medium bitterness.

TRVE Brewing Tunnel of Trees (95)

"Classic juicy orange and light pine, feeling like a bright contemporary take on West Coast IPA. The sip is crisp, fruity, with a touch of floral hops creeping in toward the end. Bright without being brutal."

Triptych Brewing Batch 600 (95)

An orange-smoothie nose with glimpses of sharp orange curaçao liqueur flows into a loosely structured and quite sweet body that would benefit from a touch more bitterness.

Ecliptic Brewing Starburst IPA (95)

"White grape, kiwi, light pineapple nose, crisply defined. Soft tropical bitterness drives the sip, rounded, not overbearing, finishing quickly to let a bit of light malt shine."

Burial Beer We Didn’t Need a Real World (95)

"Big, rich nose with sweaty, tropical, overripe fruit and a cleansing floral note. Smells sweet. The sip is absurdly light for such a big beer—antigravity in full effect. Quirky tropical fruit hovers weightless in midair while OK Go pops juicy fruit balloons."

Southern Tier Brewing IPA (95)

A floral and herbal nose offers a bit of throwback English feel with a touch of orange peel and honeysuckle for good measure. But it’s elevated by a deft handling of malt, as the crisp but characterful body provides the perfect foil.

Ommegang Neon Rainbows (95)

"Citrus and melon with a slight musty note. The sip offers clever bits of C-hops, sweet malt, and a round but slightly rough bitterness that seems to be everywhere at once."

Crooked Stave Citra Exploratory (95)

Alternating waves of sweet citrus and musky herbal diesel funk offer an intriguing nose that changes by the minute. The sip is more citrus hops–forward but with a lingering herbal hops note that tastes the way freshly kilned hops smell. Not just a fruit smoothie, but one for those who know.

Great Notion Brewing Juice Jr. (95)

Very soft peach and floral notes in the nose give way to a soft grapefruit/pineapple sweet yet pithy note. Subtle but less engaging.

Odell Brewing Hammer Chain (95)

Orange, lime, and kiwi suggest sweetness on the aroma, and the flavor follows through with equal parts sweet fruit and palate-cleansing bitterness, for a remarkably balanced and enveloping beer that splits the dif-ference between dominant styles.

WeldWerks Sabro DDH Juicy Bits (95)

A blunt creamy vanilla-mint note drives the offbeat but intriguing nose. The flavor is coconut and wormwood with some mild citrus undertones. All in all, a curious and quirky beer that’s oddly compelling.

Alvarado Street DeLorean Dust (95)

Sharp and intense with some hard-charging fruit diesel. The thick body offers a wide sure stance, but it es-chews slow sluggish heft for a yeast-and-hops bite that keep it moving.

Terrapin Beer Luau Krunkles (95)

Pineapple and passion fruit dominate the intensely fruity nose with tropical flair. The sip is a touch more beer-ish, with a mild pithy bitterness offering the lightest of structures to the fruit-forward flavor.

Burial Beer To Streak Blood Across My Brow (95)

nteresting sugar profile of caramel and white sugar on top of the crazy tropical-fruit and spice blend. Notes of peach leather and strawberries with a strong pineapple component. Chewy as can be with a bit lower carbonation than the style is known for. The caramel comes out pretty strongly in the finish making it a bit weighty even for the ABV.”

Epic Brewing Lupulin Burst (95)

Guava juice and bananas, coconut, dried pineapple, orange. Sweet mid-palate but finishes off with just the right amount of bitterness. Sweetness dominates the mouth front to back.

New Realm Brewing Hoplandia (95)

A nice balance of grainy sweetness with a hint of caramel and tropical-fruit hops flavors. There’s also a pleasant grapefruit hops flavor with a bit of pine to back it. Obvious bitterness, but not too harsh. Bitter aftertaste suggests another sip is a good idea.

Bale Breaker Fresh off the Farm (95)

Bright tropical flavor with a nice lemon and lemongrass note. Slight/low pine character travels right to the back and leaves a lingering bitterness. Really nice bready malt character. Second sip comes through as much more resin/dank in character. The slightly sweet finish is the only thing detracting from this beer.

Siver City Ripe 'N Juicy (95)

A welcoming earthy dankness with the juice of citrus (lemon, grapefruit) and tropical fruits (guava). Some peach. Flavors seem to complement each other to give an overall pleasant experience.

Mantra Bhang Bhang (95)

Big chewy blend of lemon, grapefruit, orange blossom, and tropical stone fruit with a healthy dose of spicy hops character to pull everything together. Bitterness balances the malt, but could use a little more edge.

Pondaseta Brewing Co. Pyrite v.6 (95)

“Orange-blossom aroma with unsweet bitter citrus and pineapple juice in the sip. A prickly carb but pleasantly light body.”

Green Cheek Beer Company Casual Quest (95)

“Hazy tropical fruit and a honeysuckle floral note add a simultaneously sweet and funky note to the nose. The sip is big and rich, tropical with a perfect bitterness that feels ideally aligned with the soft fruity notes in the beer.”

WeldWerks Brewing Co. Advanced Fluid Dynamics (95)

“Woody and cool tropical nose with hits of kiwi and dried tropical- fruit tea. The sip is creamy and hefty, but a papaya-like fruit body with pithy undertones provides an edge. Finishes with a crisp tropical bitterness that asks for another sip.”

Firestone Walker Brewing Co Double Mind Haze (95)

“Light tangerine, orange, and general tropical notes. In the sip, an amorphous, generally sweet, broadly fruity character doesn’t lean on individual hops for distinct notes, but blends everything into a fruit-salad mixing bowl.”

Three Taverns Brewery Bringing The Juice | Formation 2 (95)

“The creamy tropical and stone-fruit nose is subtle and smooth, while the sweet guava-peach sip would feel cloying if it weren’t for the light tropical bitterness and generally thinner-than-expected body. Despite the ABV, a general lightness prevails.”

Triple Crossing Brewing Company Citra Triangles IPA (95)

“Orange and funky tropical sulfur notes in equal measure for a balanced but intense aroma. The flavor is more subtle than the nose suggests, dropping into unsweet orange juice with a rounded bitterness that’s strong for the genre.”

Finback Brewery Cat Tails (95)

“Locker room meets tropical funk in the nose with a bit of mango and guava. The sip is sweet but balanced with a bit of tropical bitterness that keeps it in check. Ambitious, but focused.”

Barrel Theory Beer Rain Drops (96)

Citrus meets cereal on the nose as a bready malt character balances the strong orange notes underpinned by slight herbal funky and dank notes. The sip is right down the middle of the plate for Citra-forward IPAs with prominent citrus and just enough bitterness to scrub it clean.

West Sixth Hop Static Channel 2 (96)

"Earthy, lower-key, overripe tropical fruit on the nose. That persists into the sip, with a backing bitterness nearly indistinguishable from the whole. Nimble and deft despite big, weighty flavors."

MadTree Brewing Entropic Theory (96)

"Bit of oaky stone fruit with a vanilla touch on the nose. Sip brings out some herbal-spicy bitterness to weigh against stone-fruit sweetness. Refined, smooth, lively, energetic."

North Park Infinite Content (96)

"Bright and zippy nose; touches of herbal zing and light citrus. The sip goes indulgent, with big orange notes and herbal-bitter touches. Fascinating in its duality—dry and herbal, big and citrus sweet."

Green Cheek Beer The Other Brian (96)

"Peaches and apricots in a gym locker; sweaty but glorious. Sip is big, sweet, and stone-fruity. Layers of clearly articulated flavors make for a fun exploration, finishing lightly bitter and clean."

Standard Brewing OK Fine (96)

Guava and chardonnay complement the slightly woody coconut note on the nose, while the mid-sweet sip and soft low bitterness amplify the fruit notes. A tad sweet, but a refreshing approach that’s equal parts unique and comforting.

Weldwerks Nelson Extra Extra Juicy Bits (96)

"Citrus-glazed pound cake on the nose—equal parts sweet, sharp, funky, with zesty rind. The sip is amorphous, pillowy, with a gentle roll-in and mildly chalky body that never hits hard."

Arches Brewing Low Viz (96)

A murky deep orange body offers initial concern, but the first whiff dispels fears with gentle mixed citrus fruit–cup notes and a slight touch of funk. The flavor is savory citrus with a good bit of pithy bitterness that pushes through to a quick and clean finish.

Sketchbook Brewing Insufficient Clearance (96)

Light and zippy grapefruit and mango notes float over a similarly weightless body expertly dialed in to an easy-to-drink package.

Maplewood Mr. Shakey Strawberry (96)

"Exuberant strawberry-smoothie nose captures nuances—sweet flesh, leafy hops—in an otherwise intense beer that throws nuance aside. Could be read as cloying—but it’s also engaging, with expert-tier strawberry expression."

Reuben’s Brews Triple Crush (96)

"Sweet, sweaty, tropical nose—orange, papaya, locker room. The sip is bold and big, with strong citrus, tropical fruit, round bitterness. Soft malt obscures the alcohol. It feels strange to describe a triple IPA as drinkable. Exquisite balance."

Seventh Son Brewing Proliferous (96)

A gorgeous guava and apricot nose invites you to dive in, and the sip offers a soft supportive landing with more defined fruit notes braced by a medium bitterness that builds with each swallow. A thoroughly contem-porary approach applying modern hopping to the (now) classic style.

Surly Brewing Sleek IPA (96)

A citronella nose mashes up fruit with mint, tire rubber, and subtle cannabis. The sip is superbly smooth in its expression of bitterness despite the impossibly pale body. Excellent.

Coronado Brewing Rise East (96)

An orange/mango nose appears as you search for it, but a woody, earthy note competes with those softer fruits. The sip offers a slightly sweet reprieve, with a bit of yeast bite for bitterness. Settles into a tropical-fruit vibe, but stops short of the strong expression most expect.

pFriem Family Brewers IPA (96)

"Soft, fresh, defined herbal, citrus, and floral nose. Body offers medium heft and sweetness, highlighting orange blossom, underpinned by spicy forest. Light, satisfying approach, simultaneously classic and modern."

WeldWerks Double Guava Milkshake (96)

Possibly the worst-looking, best-tasting beer ever, this beer requires physical action from the drinker to get the gloppy fruit matter back into solution before drinking. Patient drinkers are rewarded with an intense flavorful beer that balances fruit and hops character masterfully.

Firestone Walker Luponic Distortion No. 009 (96)

Burst of hops up front. Clean toasted malt character plays supporting role for pine, orange, pineapple hops notes. Just the right amount of bitter, medium mineral finish, very dry.

Monday Night Brewing Space Lettuce (96)

Lovely flavor of tropical overripe pineapple and grapefruit. Really nice malt character with some nice hops bitterness that lingers but falls off rather quickly. Really nice sweetness that gives a good balance. What makes a killer beer—it’s all about the mouthfeel, and they nailed it.

Pinthouse Pizza Electric Jellyfish (96)

Complex citrus notes dominate in flavor as they do in aroma. Tropical fruits—lemon, orange peel, pineapple, and coconut—mixed with slightly grassy, onion, green-pepper flavors. Slight malt sweetness. Finishes bitter, but not super dry. Well-balanced and complex.

Southern Tier Nu School IPA (96)

Medium hops bitterness. Very crushable. Clean malt, balanced hops, resin, pine, light sweetness. Finishes nice and dry. The crisp mouthfeel makes it very drinkable.

Resident Culture Fire Walk With Me (96)

Citrus and peppercorn dominate. Some peach and wheat character present as the high carbonation fades on the palate. Rich body, chewy, sweet without being cloying. Medium lingering bitterness. Other tropical fruits peek in and out but are well blended. Slight alcoholic burn on the finish.

Three Weavers Brewing Expatriate (96)

Prominent hops presence. Kale, grapefruit, orange peel, dank, and pine flavors. Pleasantly malty as it warms up. A very enjoyable West Coast IPA with something extra to make it stand out. Bright and crisp with just enough body to support the hops.

Four Noses Whimsy (96)

Assertive hops flavor and bitterness. Pine resin, some grapefruit, lemon, peach, apricot, and tangerine, plus an earthy foundation. Some of that mint is still here, along with some mild, pleasant esters (cherry, mostly). Perfect malt support. Fairly clean finish, but still a bit of hops flavor to appreciate.

Crooked Stave IPA (96)

Fairly dry despite the sweet aroma. Assertive bitterness that lingers on the tongue. Hops flavor is strong but much simpler: big spruce/pine with a little grapefruit in the aftertaste. There’s some hops astringency, too, with moderate esters. But the bitter hops are the center of attention.”

Left Hand Brewing India Pale Ale (96)

Resinous dank hops up front that lead into a low malty sweetness. Balanced decidedly toward sticky grapefruit-forward hops. Good amount of bittering hops bring the clean malt sweetness into balance.

MadTree Brewing Heroes (96)

Nice tropical-fruit blend: papaya, coconut, orange, light lemon. Grassy here, too. Mild astringency, and oncoming hops bitterness is a good balance to the sweetness of the initial taste. Finish is smooth and slightly sweet but fairly quick to fade.”

Triple Crossing All Neon Like (96)

Chewy, hoppy mouthfeel with lemon and orange giving way to a grassy and fairly bitter finish that isn’t astringent, and leaves you wanting another sip. Some low-level spicy notes peek through.

Bent Water Brewing Company Supercharger (96)

“Peach with some pointed pineapple notes in the nose. The sip is soft and creamy with a mild bitterness that allows the gentle fruit notes forward. Very restrained, minimal sweetness never feels like too much.”

Wayfinder Beer Chronokinetic Cold IPA (96)

“Soft tropical-fruit nose with just a splash of tropical-fruit funk. Very subtle and restrained but with a clever spicy verve. Beautifully integrated with playful and bright tropical fruit and tropical bitterness.”

Mason's Brewing Company Hipster Apocalypse (96)

“Crisp and snappy, with a light body and very light fruit notes that hint more than definitively state. The sip is bitter and tight, but well constructed—zippy, with tropical back notes that don’t dominate the palate.”

Platform Beer Co. Haze Jude (96)

“Hefty fruit-puree note in the nose, with bits of orange blossom, lime leaf, and apricot. The body feels heavy and slightly dulled, with an almost orange- soda element atop a bit of earthy grain.”

Finback Brewery Oscillation 025 (96)

“Strawberry, pineapple, and guava notes with a creamy texture. It feels luxurious and indulgent yet concise. A bright, tropically tinted bitterness and crisp carbonation keep it lively and help defy gravity. Delicious or deep, enjoy it on any level.”

King Harbor Brewing Co Between the Devil and the Deep (96)

“Orange-lime on the nose, nicely structured, with a light herbal bitterness. The sip pushes into the sweet realm, but counters with enough pithy bitterness to keep it from overwhelming. Pineapple smoothie in the sip, with earthy bitterness grounding the more intense sweet notes.”

Burial Beer Anatomical Transmutation (97)

"Fruity-cannabis-strain notes evoke candied citrus, cinnamon buns with orange icing, and overripe fruit withering on the vine. Body feels heavy yet light, with malt that’s whisper-quiet but right where you need it. Mashing up dank citrus and tropical fruit, the sip is thoughtfully controlled."

Cellarmaker Mo’ Strata (97)

"Dank-weed nose, softened by passion fruit. Sip puts herbal bitterness out front; it peaks then fades into a gentle fruity linger. Ambitious but tight, creative but methodical."

Alaskan Brewing Husky IPA (97)

Weightless tropical fruit and peach Gummi notes on the nose offer an assured and accomplished subtlety that pushes through to the flavor with low bitterness and a concise finish. A smartly contemporary take on the style.

4 Noses Single Hopped Citra Whimsy (97)

A wide, round, buttery chardonnay nose with hints of honeydew and pineapple leads to a similarly round sip with similar fruity notes and just a quick hit of bitterness as it finishes.

Urban South Glimmer of Hops (97)

"Soft white cake and frosting in the nose with glimpses of citrus. The sip is sweet and bold, with woody vanilla-citrus notes and a well-placed bitterness running through it. Intriguing in its complexity."

Grist House Craft Brewery Chameleon (97)

Tropical citrus and kiwi hints at sweet and delicious in the nose, but a soft yet assertive bitterness creeps into the sip under the disguise of fruit pith that seems seamless. That perfectly placed gentle bitter note seems to amplify the juicy notes without cloying sweetness.

Tampa Bay Brewing Hop Silo 5 (97)

Funky peach and light citrus notes are highlighted by a bright hit that’s equal parts hops and citrus-pith bit-terness and tangerine sweetness, but it finishes quickly and cleanly with just a hint of pith and rind.

Brouwerij West Bounce (97)

Sweet grapefruit layers over cypress wood for an intriguing entry. It’s a touch sweeter than expected, which exaggerates the citrus character, and a lingering lychee note makes for a gorgeous finish.

Hop Butcher for the World Kielbasa King (97)

"Juicy pineapple, mango, papaya, with black pepper and tannic berry; sophisticated yet accessible. Sweet, with tropical smoothie notes that barely steer clear of cloying thanks to a grounded bitterness. Not too sweet despite big residual sugar, thanks to copious hops."

Cigar City Brewing Jai Alai (97)

"Lightly toasted bread, soft tropical citrus on the nose. The sip offers light sweetness to amplify the fruitier flavors, reined in by an equally pitched bitterness. Balances on the bigger side."

Hop Butcher Neon Green Relish (97)

Coconut and lime bring to mind Tom Kha Gai soup with orange slices. The body’s big, but the integration of fruit notes and bitterness is seamless. Quirky and compelling.

Odd13 QDH Codename: Superfan (97)

"Pungent tropical fruit with a spicy floral edge—clean and lean. Soft sip with mellow bitterness lets the fruit flavors push forward, yet they do so with a bright bite that never feels excessive."

Coronado Brewing Set West (97)

Redefining what ‘West Coast’ IPAs can be, the nose is soft peach and orange candy with a slight hint of hops funk. The sip is a lightly bitter fruit salad of grapefruit, peach, orange. Its power is in its restraint, making for a remarkably nuanced ‘West Coast’ IPA.

Pure Project Super Beta (97)

"Creamy, distinct lime zest, lemongrass, coconut on the nose, like Tom Kha Gai. Semidry sip sits between New England sweet and West Coast lean, woody and fruity. Interesting, engaging."

2nd Shift Brewing Sunny Cat (97)

"Lightly fruity nose doesn’t clearly define where the citrus addition stops and hops begin—enticing interplay, sophisticated, with touches of citrus oil and grass beneath overt fruit. The sip is softer—moderately low sweetness, with a bitterness that could be all fruit if we didn’t know it was hops. That citrus-oil bitterness persists into the finish, with an earthy linger."

Metazoa Brewing Hoppopotamus (97)

"Subtle orange-and-tangerine nose, pleasant sweetness. Sip brings sharp bitterness—bold hit leaves nothing to the imagination, settling into a familiar citrus rhythm that fades into pith and zest, steering clear of sweet."

Door County Punk Ass Cat (97)

Citrus, peach, and strawberry fruitiness up front, with a pleasantly bitter finish that has hints of lemon and pine. Fantastic chewy body—not overly sweet, but rich and full, with a lingering soft character that isn’t overdone. Slight hops burn on the finish.

Cerebral Brewing DDH Cheat Code (97)

Lemon and orange flavors immediately up front with a light hops bitterness. Lots of tropical fruit—mango, grapefruit, with a pithy earthiness. The body is rich and chewy, but it doesn’t come across overly slick or coating. Very light on the bitterness, however, with a touch of spiciness mixed in.

Alvarado Street Riot Punch (97)

Fruity Pebbles combination of flavors. Tropical-fruit notes of mango, papaya, coconut, and vanilla. Overall, a pretty juicy flavor profile. As it warms, the alcohol becomes more noticeable. Medium creaminess. Very clean. The minimal bitterness is just enough to enhance drinkability.

Melvin Brewing Chuck Morris (97)

The initial citrus-forward palate quickly gives way to a strong peach character. Malt is there to support only but is rich—hints of coffee and nuts—without being sweet. Carbonation is high and smooth. Great execution on that front. Some pine character on the smooth, medium-bitter finish, leaving a lingering impression of chocolate and citrus.

Verboten Somebody to Love (97)

Dry and light but not too astringent. Hops flavor is crisp, emphasizing the citrus: lemon, lemon balm, and a bit of grapefruit. Definite bitterness, but balanced relative to the dryness. Lemon and peach in the aftertaste. Not unlike a dry white wine or champagne.

Hop Butcher The Jewels (97)

Lush tropical-fruit character—grapefruit and mango paired with a rich, chewy body that doesn’t come across overly sweet, but still balances the hops character well. Bitter finish without being overwhelming. Lingering hints of grapefruit rind and ripe mango, with a soft mineral character. A bit of both worlds.

4 Noses Brewing Company ’Bout Damn Time (97)

“Warm, toasty orange notes on the nose with a touch of dried-fruit tea. The sip blends dry herbal notes with juicier citrus for a push-pull contrast that’s win-win.”

Mikerphone Brewing Raindrop Drop-Top (97)

“Crisp floral note layered on citrus in the nose, giving it a clever structure. In the sip, a soft citrus sweetness plays against some diesel, tropical-fruit notes. A tight and classic herbal bitterness.”

Vitamin Sea Brewing Tropical Envy (97)

“Bold and sweet with a chalky tropical angle, it wraps up light funky tropical notes with purely pleasurable sweet tropical fruit in equal measure. Leans sweet with a decided dessert edge.”

Fremont Brewing Lush IPA (97)

“A tropical bouquet from floral blossom to fruit punctuates the nose with a touch of nectar sweetness. The sip pushes lychee and lime notes with a dialed-back tropical bitterness that lets the carbonation and acidity do the balancing.”

Cellarmaker Wild Gooseberry Chase (98)

"Dry, pungent, woody, tannic, almost gueuze-like, with subtle mid-tone vinous notes underneath. The sip is dry, with nary a stray Plato to be found. Thoughtfully constructed with a sophistication not typically found in ‘IPA.’"

Great Divide Brewing Hazy IPA (98)

"Vivid fresh-cut grass on the nose. Sip rides a classic orange-pine line, with significant bitterness. Old-school IPA palate meets new-school techniques."

Narrow Gauge Brewing King Fallen Flag (98)

Sweet orange, pith, and a touch of herbal dankness combine for a deliciously sweet yet intensely character-ful beer. As it unfolds, the sweet notes subside as the dank herbal wormwood notes push forward, and a whole new complexity arises.

Melvin Brewing Cloudy 5000 (98)

Vivid rich tropical papaya and mango notes grounded with hints of earthy fruit skin. The sip offers a touch of fruit sweetness backed by a perfectly placed light bitterness that makes the fruit pop without stealing the scene. Overall, the body is effortless.

Hop Butcher Halogen Farm (98)

Cucumber, juniper, lychee, kiwi—a refreshing cocktail of tropical deep cuts and quirky fresh hooks. On the tongue, it builds and drops in quick succession, with high-key mild, bitter, and herbal notes exploding into big tropical washes. Deliciously intense.

The Brew Kettle White Rajah (98)

"Full-spectrum nose offers clear aromas at every frequency—citrus, tropical fruit, light malt, touch of musty dank. The sip is incredibly clean; firm bitterness tucked seamlessly behind endearing fruity notes."

WeldWerks Sabro DDH Juicy Bits 2020 (98)

"Softly floral, tropical, touch of coconut; aroma wavers between Dove soap and creamy tiki drink. On the sip: citrus smoothie, woody vibe, and light tannic, herbal bitterness. Intriguing as it unfolds."

Gilman Brewing Quarter Panel (98)

"Lightly toasted bread and soft tropical citrus on the nose. The sip offers a touch of sweetness to amplify the fruitier flavors, reining it in quickly with an equally pitched bitterness. Leans big."

Breakside Brewery Stay West IPA (98)

"Orange-blossom nose, touches of vanilla and honey—smooth, round, cohesive. The sip exudes polish, with light, dry citrus and faint summer forest in a seamless whole. Feather-light body."

Tampa Bay Brewing GuavaFeber (98)

An almost-perfect mix of guava smoothie, slight sweaty funk, and bright malt sweetness on the nose leans into a sip with a sharp but quickly dissipating bitterness that settles into a fruity pithy finish. Satisfyingly fruit-forward without losing its beer character.

Tree House Bright (98)

Strawberry shortcake and dank. A nice pine note and the dankness is more reserved and in line with more fruity strains. Malt is a nice support to the hops bitterness.

Wallenpaupack Brewing Company Lake Haze #15 (98)

On paper, it sounds terrible, but in practice, the tropical fruit-meets-coffee nose is fragrant and alluring, and the lightly acidic spicy coffee brings into definition the soft tropical fruit in the body. The result is like a Photoshop unsharp mask filter—ultra definition, surreality, but a picture that feels even more real than it is.

Alma Mader Brewing Breezecatcher (98)

“Sweaty big tropical notes—guava and passion fruit—lend it a simultaneously sweet and stinky nose. The sip is smooth and not too sweet, but not dry, riding an ideal line.”

MadeWest Brewing Company Hazy (98)

“Funky tropical-candy nose with an almost perfumy bloom. Sip is full but dry, clean, and direct—drinkable, with a nice bitter element to balance.”

Cellarmaker Brewing Company Night of the Living Dank (98)

“Lemongrass and papaya on the nose, with a hefty initial dank hit. Spicy, with an almost minty quality that plays against the sweeter fruit and malt notes behind it. Beautifully expressed character.”

Breakside Brewery Wanderlust IPA (98)

“Bright citrus notes layer over faint grassy-herbal ones in the nose, for a soft approach. The flavor brings more pungent dank bitterness—commanding and gregarious with a gorgeous cohesion. The aroma and flavor offer a one-two punch.”

Top Rung Brewing Company HDR #14 (98)

“Bright orange nose with a creamy element—deliciously enticing. The sip knocks that down a touch with a funky and pithy herbal bitterness.”

Fremont Brewing Ollie IPA (98)

“A bit of sweaty mango and papaya in the nose with a touch of peppery spice. The sip is beautifully constructed, juicy with just the right hit of bitterness through it. The result is remarkably understated for such a flavorful beer.”

Grains of Wrath Crypt Keeper (99)

"The aroma quickly evokes sweet orange, tangerine, and clementine, with creamy, gentle fruit notes that would be equally at home in something more hazy. The sip is a study in minimalism, all distractions eliminated to leave the core essence: a beautiful, reasonably dry expression of Citra—slight herbal bitterness, big citrus, perfectly placed carbonation. A master class in flavor integration. It’s hard to imagine a better Citra-based West Coast IPA."

Lawson’s Finest Liquids Triple Sunshine IPA (99)

[Like a Rick Rubin–produced song that’s over-the-top intense but still keeps every note in the perfect place, it’s] a testament to the art of hops blending where individual characters serve the whole. Bold, strong, fruit-forward, bitterness-checked, and expertly balanced, this is a flavor-forward huge IPA that will convince you to rethink any assumptions you’ve made about the style. Let it warm for maximum effect.

Brew Gentlemen Double Weapons (99)

"Sounds crazy to define ‘classic New England–style,’ but the fresh tropi-citrus nose and sweet lychee-guava-yuzu body come close here. Soft, bold, tropical-tinged bitterness keeps the fruit sweetness in check without flattening the joy."

Green Cheek Beer Swim Test (99)

"Sweaty citrus and tropical funk—unresolved tension between glorious and weird. In the sip, tropical sweetness morphs into dry-pineapple bitterness with David Blaine–like precision. Finishes dry, its sweetness ghostly. Drinkable and satisfying. A masterwork of balance."

Highland Brewing AVL IPA (99)

Tropical and bold with notes of sweet reduced orange, mango, and papaya. Crisp medium bitterness with a light mineral note is accessible while engaging.

Outer Range Brewing Way Down (99)

"Bready nose with light, crisp tropical fruit; lean and sparing. Sip offers a similar economy: taut, bright, lightly tropical, juicy, and softly bitter throughout. Engaging, drinkable."

Brewery Bhavana Grove (99)

Soft and cuddly, a strawberry and apricot teddy bear wraps its hands around your nose vaping strawberry marshmallows and red Lucky Charms in a pillowy fruity haze. The sip is less amorphous, with a slow rolling light bitterness gradually creeping in while it pushes toward a lingering orange bittersweetness.

Melvin Me, Myself &Thai (99)

"The floral-bordering-on-Noble aroma is unexpected, but the conventional candied fruit-smoothie flavor is more in line with expectations. Lingers with a banana-Runts Candy-like synthetic-candy sweetness that manages to be endearing."

Russian River Brewing Pliny the Elder 2020 (99)

"Light tropical fruit, subtle floral, and hay bales on the nose—fruity but toasty and dry. On the sip, very light—no caramel, but a balanced and gentle bitterness with pronounced smoothness. The drinkability is off the charts—for a double IPA, incredibly light and easy to drink, unparalleled in its effortlessness."

Lawson’s Finest Liquids Ruby Red Grapefruit Double Sunshine (99)

Crisply gentle in its expression, the grapefruit expertly expresses itself on the nose with an enticing blend of sweet citrus while the sip walks a tightrope between pithy bitterness and citrus sweetness. Hops support, with a comforting lingering herbal note.

TrimTab The Original 006 (99)

Huge tropical bouquet at first—peach, mango, and coconut. Massive tropical and citrus notes with a leaning toward tropical in the middle. Very smooth body with some alcohol warmth and a hint of acidity in the finish that really sells the tropical-juice aroma and flavor. Everything we want in a hazy IPA. Flavor was off the charts.

Burial Beer Hawkbill (99)

Like a mango-and-pineapple carbonated milkshake. Large creaminess that suggests the lactose of milkshake IPAs. Tropical fruit dominates with not much else showing up, but there’s a significant bitterness in the background that keeps it from being a cloying experience. A classic NEIPA juice bomb.

New Anthem Beer Project BA'AL (99)

“Spiky herbal edge to the nose—snappy, with light funky mango and papaya notes. The sip is not overly sweet but hints at some mango sweetness, while a bit of pithy tropical bitterness provides the foil. An almost saison-like crispness underlies the fruit, not quite _Brettanomyces, _but a cutting floral note in that direction. The definition is impressive, giving up nothing in drinkability while highlighting the fruit.”

Roaring Table Brewing Tuba Solo (99)

“Soft stone fruit with a peppy floral-blossom note. The sip blends tropical, stone fruit, and earthy with a significant sweetness that still doesn’t feel cloying. Finishes soft.”

Our Mutual Friend Brewing Time’s Arrow (99)

“Crisp and modern, with a clean malt structure and bright, bitter tropical-fruit notes—it’s precise and uncomplicated with a fine polish. Spicy-herbal mango notes in the nose offer a toothy but defined edge, and a strong but very smooth tropically tinged bitterness provides the perfect balance without going overboard.”

Baere Brewing Company C3(i)PA (99)

“Toasted curry, tamarind, mango, and papaya on the nose—spicy with a compelling mix of herbal and sweet. On the sip, gentle but present bitterness angles perfectly against the light malt.”

New Anthem Beer Project Clapback (100)

"Bright Citra nose—orange, grassy herb, subtle funky undertone—and bold, sweet body. Big, intense orange and orange-smoothie notes on the sip, with a perfectly integrated bitter component that echoes in the juice. Intense, fruit-forward experience."

Hop Butcher Run to Daylight (100)

"Concentrated peel and pith in the nose; lime juice, pineapple daiquiri. Sweet, creamy piña colada—rich but tangy. Firm, resinous bitterness arrives late, too enfolded in a thick blanket of malt to be harsh. Sweetness checked by juicy acidity and late smack of bitterness. Thick, juicy hop wine."

New Anthem Brewing Songs Unsung (100)

A vividly intense grapefruit-meets-kiwi nose jumps out of the glass with a rarely found confidence and intensity of hops flavor. The sip matches the bold character of the nose, with a hint of dank diesel and asphalt, giving shape to the strong fruit notes. It’s deftly balanced at maximum volume—a gorgeous achievement.

Green Cheek Beer Company It Just Works (100)

“Restrained lychee-mango nose gives way to a brisk and taut tropical bitterness, lightly supported by a minimalist body. The balance is there—on the very light side—and while the quality of bitterness leans on that tropical edge during the sip, glimmers of tropical fruit peek out of the sides as it lingers for a light respite. Precise without losing its soul and spark.”