Style: Hazy IPA

ABV: 6.5 IBU: 45.0

Aroma: 12
Appearance: 2
Flavor: 17
Mouthfeel: 4

Calusa Brewing Citronious

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What the brewers say

"Citronious blasts with the fresh flavor and aromas of citrus, mango, and tropical fruits."

What our panel thought

"Citrus, pine, dank aromas compete for control; tangerine, grapefruit, hints of grass. Solid malt backbone, hints of bread and biscuit. Malt and softness couple to mute the hop flavors; they fall to the background. Touch of hop burn in the finish. Pleasant and drinkable, but the aroma is the star."

What our editors thought

"Big, bold orange in the nose—over the top, with a touch of light herb. The sip is sweet and juicy, with a note of almost toasted orange peel and almond."



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