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Elevating International Lagers with pFriem | Brewing Course

Josh Pfriem, cofounder and brewmaster of Oregon’s pFriem Family Brewers, details the thinking and process behind the brewery’s delicate, award-winning lagers inspired by traditions in Mexico, Japan, and beyond.

Fun and Flavorful Pastry Stouts with Great Notion | Brewing Course

Lara Hargrave, lead brewer at Great Notion in Portland, Oregon, takes us on a journey through the production of big, whimsical, indulgent, nostalgia-inducing dessert-inspired stouts.

Video Course: Building Big Barrel-Aged Barleywines with New Image

From selecting malts with intention to deploying Madeira-inspired macro-oxidation, finishing on different woods, and blending to taste, New Image founder Brandon Capps outlines a technical approach to crafting characterful barrel-aged barleywines.

Video Course: Brewing Historically Inspired Smoked Beers with Our Mutual Friend

Jan Chodkowski, head brewer and co-owner of Denver’s Our Mutual Friend, outlines his approach to brewing historically inspired, highly drinkable, smoke-forward beers.

Video Course: Mastering Cold IPA

The brewer who invented and defined cold IPA—Kevin Davey of Heater Allen and Gold Dot Beer—shares the tips and techniques needed to brew one that shines.

Video Course: Fresh Approaches to Fresh-Hopped Beers with Single Hill

Join Single Hill cofounder and head brewer Zach Turner on an expedition to the Yakima Valley at harvest time to pick up the freshest hops, then take them back to the brewery and add them—in different forms and different ways—to beers brewed on the same day.

Video Course: Homebrewing with Cannabis

Ross Koenigs, founder and brewmaster at Second Dawn in Aurora, Colorado, explains the science and practicalities of making beer at home with hemp and marijuana.

Video Course: Lager Harder with Bierstadt Lagerhaus

The Bierstadt brewers are back, as Ashleigh Carter and Bill Eye share deeper insights and more on their technical approach to German-style lagers that beg to be enjoyed in quantity.

Video Course: West Coast IPAs Built to Last with Westbound & Down

Westbound & Down director of brewing operations Jake Gardner won’t tell you how to write your West Coast-style IPA recipe. But he will tell you how to make yours better—with more pronounced hop aroma and flavor that lasts longer in the package.

Video Course: Chad Yakobson’s Guide to Brewing Saisons and Wild Beers with Brett

Crooked Stave founder and brewmaster Chad Yakobson, one of the industry’s foremost experts on Brettanomyces, leads this in-depth course on brewing and fermenting funky, farmhouse-inspired beers.

Video Course: The Mad Fermentationist’s Practical Guide to Brewing with Fruit

Sapwood Cellars cofounder, brewer, and ”Mad Fermentationist” Michael Tonsmeire shares his expertise in all things fruit—sourcing, selecting, processing, blending, brewing, barrel-aging, and more.

Video Course: Brewing Flavorful Stouts Big and Small with Maplewood

Maplewood founder Adam Cieslak and brewers Roger Cuzelis and Adam Smith get under the hood of stouts ranging from session-strength to big and barrel-aged, discussing the mechanics of layering in flavor while keeping them balanced and drinkable.

Video Course: A Scientific Look at Hop Aroma and Flavor

Scott Janish, cofounder of Sapwood Cellars and author of The New IPA, guides us on a science-driven deep-dive into ways to maximize and dial in hop aroma and flavor.

Video Course: Squeezing the Most out of Hops with Hop Butcher for the World

Known for juicy IPAs dripping with hop character, Hop Butcher for the World cofounders and brewers Jeremiah Zimmer and Jude La Rose share what they’ve learned about choosing, blending, and employing hops for punchy and alluring aroma and flavor.

Video Course: How to Put Stuff in Beer with Phase Three

From various fruits to coconut and cacao nibs, Phase Three in Lake Zurich, Illinois, takes a pragmatic approach to using a wide range of flavor adjuncts. Here, cofounder and head brewer Shaun Berns goes into deep detail on their philosophy and process, ingredient by ingredient.

Video Course: Brewing Traditional Lagers with Dovetail

From design to decoction to coolship to cellar, Dovetail owners and master brewers Hagen Dost and Bill Wesselink dig into the details of how they produce their acclaimed lager, Kölsch, and weissbier.

Video Course: Maximize Your Hop Aroma with Laura Burns of Omega Yeast

Laura Burns—microbiologist, brewer, and R&D director of Omega Yeast in Chicago—digs into the science and practical techniques for maximizing the hop aroma in your IPAs and other hoppy beers.

Video Course: Old-Fashioned Lagers and Smoked Beers with Live Oak

Are you ready for this one, lager nerds? In this discursive but detailed video course, Live Oak founder Chip McElroy and head brewer Dusan Kwiatkowski talk smoked beers, pre-Prohibition lager, cereal mashes, decoctions, and much more.

Video Course: Brewing Award-Winning Helles with Altstadt

Ready to dive deep into some helles? From grist to glass, join Altstadt head brewer Craig Rowan for a focused, detailed course on how to brew a great Munich-style helles.

Video Course: Defeat the Hop Creep with Russian River’s Vinnie Cilurzo

It’s a pernicious problem for today’s brewers: the risk of hop creep from dry-hopping. In this detailed video course, Russian River cofounder and brewmaster Vinnie Cilurzo digs into the root causes—and lays out strategies to beat it in your own brewery.

Video Course: Brewing Modern Pale Ales with Cellarmaker

Tim Sciascia, cofounder and head brewer at Cellarmaker Brewing in San Francisco, details their approach to brewing highly hop-driven yet supremely drinkable American pale ales.

Brewing Techniques for Low Alcohol Beers

BJCP Grand Master Josh Weikert covers everything you need to know to scale down your full-strength recipe to a more affordable and crushable beer.

Full Video: Constructing Artful Mixed-Culture Beers with Firestone Walker Barrelworks

With detailed advice from Jim Crooks, master blender at Firestone Walker’s Barrelworks, you can brew complex but balanced mixed-culture beers meant for patient wood-aging and blending.

Video Course: Enzymes and Other Tricks for Boosting Hop Aroma, the Alvarado Street Way

Alvarado Street’s J.C. Hill leads this master class in using knockout hops, yeast, enzymes, and other techniques to squeeze the most aroma and flavor out of your hops.

Russian River’s Complete Course on Oxygen in the Brewhouse, from Mashing to Packaging

In this video course, Russian River cofounder and brewmaster Vinnie Cilurzo and head lab technician Taylor Lane discuss all the facets of oxygen that affect beer quality—for pros and homebrewers alike—from happy yeast to airtight packaging.

Full Video: Barrel-Aging & Blending Big Beers with Firestone Walker

In this video course, Firestone Walker’s Eric Ponce shares advice and lays out the careful process behind the brewery’s barrel-aged and blended blockbusters such as Parabola and Anniversary Ale.

Full Video: Brewing Farmhouse Ales & Table Beers with Jester King

In this video course, Jester King founder Jeff Stuffings lays out their whole approach to brewing and fermenting saisons, table beers, and other dry, full-flavored, rustic ales that taste of their place.

Full Video: Brewing Modern IPAs with Pinthouse

Join Pinthouse Pizza Brewmaster Joe Mohrfeld for a master class in getting the most out of hops to brew highest-quality, aroma- and flavor-forward IPAs.

Full Video: How to Brew Clean Hard Seltzer

Are you ready for the challenge? Chris Colby leads this full video course on the ins and outs of brewing hard seltzer at home—from the technical difficulty of making a clean, sparkling base to adding flavors, and much more.

Full Video: Brewing Black Is Beautiful Imperial Stout with Weathered Souls

Marcus Baskerville, cofounder and head brewer of Weathered Souls in San Antonio, lays out his top-to-bottom approach to brewing big but balanced imperial stouts—including the history-making Black Is Beautiful.

Full Video: Practical Food & Beer Pairing with Greg Engert

From flavor fundamentals that anyone can follow to specific matchups of beer styles and dishes, the Neighborhood Restaurant Group’s Greg Engert leads a master course on pairing great food with great beer.

Full Video: Award-Winning Beer Quality with Jonathan Reeves

Northern Virginia’s Port City Brewing has been a perennial GABF medal-winner since its founding a decade ago. In this video course, Jonathan Reeves shares his top-to-bottom approach to ensuring technical excellence in the brewing program.

Full Video: Brewing Bavarian-Style Weissbier with Bluejacket’s Ro Guenzel

Ro Guenzel, head brewer of Bluejacket in Washington, DC, has a special love for authentic, Bavarian-style weissbier. In this video course, he tackles the history of the style, traditional brewing methods, food pairings, and much more.

Full Video: Brewing Food-Inspired Beers with Aslin

In this All Access video course, Andrew Kelly explains Aslin's approach to conceiving, developing recipes for, and brewing beers meant to evoke memorable culinary experiences.

Full Video: World-Class Beer Service with Greg Engert

From breaking down flavor profiles to proper pouring, glassware, and caring for draft lines, Greg Engert of the Neighborhood Restaurant Group lays out his approach to world-class beer service in this full-length video for All Access subscribers.

Full Video: Brewing Imperial Stouts with Perennial

Phil Wymore, cofounder and brewmaster of Perennial Artisan Ales, shares the approach, ingredients, and methods behind the brewery's influential big stouts and other strong ales.

Full Video: Brewing Session Beers with Rockwell

Jonathan Moxey, head brewer of Rockwell Beer in St. Louis, Missouri, digs into the recipes and process behind beers that are hard to stop drinking.

Full Video: It's a Parti-Gyle Party with Main & Mill

Brewing a big beer? Don't let all those leftover sugars go to waste. Get another beer out of that grist! In this video course, the brewers from Main & Mill in Festus, Missouri, demonstrate their method for practical parti-gyle brewing.

Full Video: Brewing Unique Beers (Without Hops)

Stuart Keating, cofounder and head brewer of Earthbound Beer in St. Louis, Missouri, shares what he's learned from years of getting evocative (often beery) flavors out of a range of unusual (often un-beery) ingredients.

Full Video: Brewing Milkshake & Sour IPAs with Narrow Gauge

Known for pushing the envelope of full-bodied hazy IPAs packed with hops and fruit flavors, Jeff Hardesty of Narrow Gauge reveals his methods and lessons learned in this video.

Full Video: How to Fix Sh*t in Your Brewery, with 2nd Shift

Steve Crider, founder-brewer-handyman at 2nd Shift Brewing in St. Louis, shares his know-how on keeping a brewery running—and what to do when things break down.

Full Video: Mastering Barrel-Aged Stouts with Side Project

Join Cory King, founder and brewer at Side Project Brewing, as he digs into the details of brewing thicker, stronger, more deeply characterful barrel-aged imperial stouts.

Kettle-Souring with Resident Culture (Full Video)

In this 54-minute video, Chris Tropeano of Resident Culture Brewing goes in-depth on brewing kettle-soured beers with balance and complexity.

Brewing with Alternative Grains (Full Video)

Steven Anan, head brewer and co-owner of Archetype Brewing in Asheville, takes you through alternative grains—including oats, wheat, rye, and non-cereals. He provides an overview of the ingredients and how to use them to formulate a better beer.

Techniques and Tips: Producing Superior Ales with All Sevens Brewing (Full Video)

All Sevens Brewing Head Brewer Dirk Hillegass takes you from grain to glass, offering practical tips to help you brew superior ales.

Advanced Adjunct Methods with Burial Beer Co. (Full Video)

Burial Beer Cofounder + Brewer Tim Gormley shares lessons learned from more than 10 years of commercial brewing experience, covering everything from getting to know your ingredients to achieving balance with them.

Advanced Hopping Methods with Resident Culture Brewing (Full Video)

Chris Tropeano, founder of Resident Culture Brewing and former brewer at Russian River, covers all of the practical knowledge you need to brew better hoppy beers.

Historical Brewing in the Modern Era (Full Video)

Zebulon Founder and lifelong brewer Mike Karnowski takes you through the history of 1700-1800's English brewing, followed by a demonstration of how to make your own brown malt, invert sugar, and brew a porter (circa 1880) using your new ingredients.

Spontaneous Brewing with Fonta Flora (Full Video)

Fonta Flora's Todd Boera takes you through their first coolship brew of the season, offering practical tips for recipe development, mashing, boil, chilling/coolship, fruiting, and much more.

Full Video: Fundamentals of German-Style Brewing

In this 48-minute video, Eurisko Beer Co. Founder and German-trained brewer Zac Harris covers the fundamentals of German-style brewing, how it differs from brewing in the U.S., and offers specific style examples to help you make better beer.

Full Video: Homebrew Instrumentation

In this 110-minute video, 2nd Act Beer Founder Stu Blake covers homebrew instrumentation, readings, interpretation, and actions you can take following the readings, helping you make better, more consistent beer.

Full Video: How to Win a Beer Competition

BJCP Certified Judge and award-winning homebrewer Paul Odell covers the inner-workings of beer competitions and offers tips to help you stand out and win with your next entry.

Full Video: Brewing Industrial Arts Wrench IPA

Industrial Arts Brewing Founder Jeff O’Neil takes you from grain to glass with their most popular beer, Wrench IPA.

Full Video: How to Brew Great Saisons

From history to brew day, John Coyle and Steve Ashton cover everything you need to know to brew your next great saison.

Full Video: Farming for Beer with Plan Bee Farm Brewery

Join Plan Bee Farm Brewery owners Evan and Emily Watson on their 25-acre farm in Poughkeepsie, NY as they guide you through farm brewing.

Full Video: An Inside Look at Craft Malting

Dennis Nesel from Hudson Valley Malt gives you an inside look at their craft malting operation.

Full Video: How to Brew Great Stouts

Join former Three Four Beer Company, Odell, and Horse & Dragon brewer Linsey Cornish as she walks you through everything you need to know to design and brew great stouts.

Full Video: English-Style Beers with Bonn Place Brewing

Less than a year into opening Bonn Place Brewing, Sam Masotto won 2 Great American Beer Festival (GABF) medals for his ordinary bitter and English-style dark mild.

Full Video: The Basics of Brewing Beer

Thinking about getting into brewing or making your beer a little better? Join Josh Weikert as he takes you through the fundamentals of making beer, equipment you'll need, and building recipes.

Full Video: Brewing Techniques for High Gravity Beers

Craft Beer & Brewing Magazine® contributor Taylor Caron covers everything you need to know about high gravity and high alcohol brewing, fermenting, and packaging.

Full Video: Distilling for Brewers with Feisty Spirits

Feisty Spirits Founder Jamie Gulden covers the distillation process, equipment, proofing, and techniques specifically for beer brewers. Feisty Spirits has won more than 21 different medals and awards.

Full Video: Brewing Mixed Culture Brett Beer with Wiley Roots

From the foundation of recipe development to sampling your beer, Wiley Roots Cofounder Kyle Carbaugh discusses the considerations in selecting your grain bill, hops, yeast, bacteria, fermentation duration and temperature, adjuncting, and a lot more.

Full Video: Brewing Juicy Bits (NE-Style IPAs) with WeldWerks

Join WeldWerks Brewing Cofounder/Brewmaster Neil Fisher as he walks you through everything you need to know to brew one of the highest-acclaimed New England-Style IPAs available.

Full Video: Introduction to Cider Making with C Squared Ciders

C Squared Ciders Founder Andy Brown walks you through the ins and outs of making cider at home. Andy covers the basics and offers pro tips on selecting, pressing, and blending apples before taking you into fermentation, aging, and packaging your cider.

Full Video: The Mechanics of Barrel Aging with Avery Brewing

Avery Brewing Barrel Herder Andy Parker walks you through the ins and outs of receiving, preparing, filling, and emptying barrels with practical tips and equipment recommendations throughout.

The Secrets to Brewing Great Lagers with Bierstadt Lagerhaus (Video)

Bierstadt Lagerhaus Founders Bill Eye and Ashleigh Carter take you step-by-step through their process for brewing some of the best lagers (Pilsner, Helles, Märzen, Bock) in the country.

Full Video: How to Adjunct Like WeldWerks

WeldWerks Founder/Brewmaster Neil Fisher takes you step-by-step through the adjuncts they use to brew variants of their 2017 GABF gold medal winning Medianoche stout, fruited sours, “pastry” stouts, and very popular New England-style India Pale Ales.

Full Video: Introduction to Saké

Certified Saké Advisor Jeff Cioletti as walks you through the history and process of creating saké.

Full Video: How to Brew & Serve Great Cask Beers

Join BJCP Certified Judge Paul Odell as he walks you through everything you need to know to brew, then serve (both traditionally and through homebrew kegs) great cask beers.

Full Video: How to Manage Your Fermentation for Better Beer

Fermentation is where beer is made. About 95 percent of what can go wrong or right with a beer happens in fermentation, so if you manage your fermentation properly, you will get a good beer.

Full Video: Coffee & Beer: From Roasting to Brewing

Learn everything about selecting the right coffee varietal for your recipe, how to roast that coffee, then how to best integrate it into you beer.

Full Video: Brewing Traditional Abbey-Style Beers

Join Paul Odell in this video, covering everything from the history, to styles, to recipe formulation, and finally to an actual brew day.

Full Video: Extract Brewing From Start To Finish

In this 45-minute video, CB&B Cofounder Steve Koenig walks you through a full extract brew day, from steeping specialty grains to racking and bottling your beer!

Full Video: Brewing New England-Style IPAs

Learn the ins and outs of making the hottest style to hit the market in years.

Full Video: Kegging Your Homebrew

Join Zymurgy Editor Dave Carpenter as he walks you through everything you need to know to start kegging your beer.

Full Video: Introduction to Evaluating Beer

You can't make great beer without being a great beer evaluator. Join Josh Weikert as he shows you how to become the best judge you can be

Homebrew Recipe Development from Start-to-Finish

In this 70 minute video, learn the ins and outs of developing your best beer from professional brewer Matt Czigler, Founder of Czig Meister Brewing and former Brewmaster at Kane Brewing.

Full Video: Troubleshooting Your Beer

Learn to diagnose, describe, and fix those pesky off flavors!

Full Video: Hops: How to Best Use the Spice of Beer

From science to history to implementation, join Josh as he helps you build better hopped beers.

Full Video: Fundamentals of Building Your Brewery

Thinking about opening a brewery? Start here to learn everything from licensing to location to profitability.

Full Video: How to Make Great Mead

In this introductory course you'll learn how to make great mead from start-to-finish.

Full Video: How to Brew Your Best Watermelon Wheat Beer

In this video you'll learn how to add watermelon to a tasty wheat base beer, select the right yeast strain, compensate for added sugars, and more!

Full Video: How to Build Your Electric Brewery | Part 2

In this advanced course, learn how to build your own electrical panel box with a BCS to operate your electric brewery!

Full Video: How to Build Your Electric Brewery | Part 1

Learn how to convert your propane system or build an electric system from the ground up!

Full Video: Hot Rod Your Kettles and Mash Tun

Ready to make the move from extract to all-grain? This course is the perfect introduction to building out your DIY all-grain homebrew system.

Full Video: Quick Souring Methods

From Berliner Weisse to Gose and points in between, quick souring is rapidly becoming the time-constrained brewer's choice for building pleasant tartness on a schedule.

Full Video: Advanced All-Grain Methods

In Craft Beer & Brewing's Advanced all-grain methods video, you'll learn how to make better wort to produce better beer.

Full Video: Care and Feeding of Yeast

Growing and maintaining a yeast colony, feeding yeast between brews, planning brew days to maximize yeast health.

Full Video: Adding Flavors to Beer

Learn the ins and outs of adding flavors to your beer. From coffee and spices to chiles and fruit, we'll teach you how to complement malt and hops with flavors that flagrantly violate the Reinheitsgebot.

Full Video: Introduction to Lagering

In Craft Beer & Brewing's Introduction to Lagering video, you'll learn to create crisp, cold-conditioned lagers at home. WIth solid technical advice and temperature control tips, you'll have all the tools you need to brew lagers right the first time.

Full Video: All-Grain & Partial Mash Brewing

CB&B co-founder Steve Keonig walks you through a full all-grain brew day, from mashing and lautering to batch sparging to hop additions to pitching yeast and racking to secondary fermentation, as well as bottling your beer!

Full Video: Building A Home Draft System

Learn how to build, maintain, and troubleshoot your home draft system.

Full Video: Wood Aging Your Beer

Wood offers character that no other ingredient or method can match. In fact, you can think of the wood aging process as a whole new ingredient altogether.

Full Video: Advanced Yeast Management

Join Tony Rau from Odell Brewing Company and learn the ins and outs of isolating, storing, and culturing yeast.