Chris Colby

Video Tip: Fermenting to the Finish Line with Hard Seltzer

If your hard seltzer fermentation gets sluggish toward the end, there are things you can do—such as check and adjust pH—and there are things you shouldn’t do. Chris Colby explains.

Video Tip: Ensuring a Cleaner, Healthier Hard Seltzer Fermentation

Chris Colby lays out specific suggestions for ensuring the clean fermentation of a sugar wash, from yeast-pitching rates and aeration to the surprisingly wide variety of yeast strains that can do the job.

Video Tip: How to Ensure a Successful Hard Seltzer Fermentation

Yeast love to eat sugar, and a sugar wash has it—but unlike wort, it doesn’t have the nutrients that yeast need to grow. In this video tip, Chris Colby walks us through the necessary additions as well as the options on what yeast strain to use.

Video Tip: Why Do Some Brewers Add Hops to Their Hard Seltzers?

Chris Colby explains a few key details of brewing the sugar wash for hard seltzer, including the questions of whether to adjust the pH, add wort, or add hops like some of the pros do.

Full Video: How to Brew Clean Hard Seltzer

Are you ready for the challenge? Chris Colby leads this full video course on the ins and outs of brewing hard seltzer at home—from the technical difficulty of making a clean, sparkling base to adding flavors, and much more.

Podcast Episode 151: Author Chris Colby on How to Make (Good) Hard Seltzer

The author of the new Brewers Publications book "How to Make Hard Seltzer" joins the podcast to talk about the best ways for brewers to dive into the sparkling world of this skyrocketing beverage.

Malt Conditioning: Have Your Cake and Eat It, Too

The industrial trick of moistening malt just before milling can allow finer grinds—and thus greater efficiency—without stuck mashes. Here’s how to do it at home.

Hop Breeding: Better Hops for a Bitter Tomorrow

There are more than 100 varieties available today, but brewers are always on the lookout for new hops with appealing traits. So are growers. Let’s take a closer look.