Podcast Episode 151: Author Chris Colby on How to Make (Good) Hard Seltzer

The author of the new Brewers Publications book "How to Make Hard Seltzer" joins the podcast to talk about the best ways for brewers to dive into the sparkling world of this skyrocketing beverage.

Jamie Bogner , Chris Colby Sep 9, 2020 - 5 min read

Podcast Episode 151: Author Chris Colby on How to Make (Good) Hard Seltzer Primary Image

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Chris Colby has been writing about brewing process and techniques for the better part of two decades. His new book from Brewers Publications, How to Make Hard Seltzer, sheds light on the rapidly evolving practice of making this fermented sparkling beverage. More akin to meadmaking than brewing, the process of making hard seltzer will be familiar to most brewers, but with notable key differences that can make or break the finished product.

In this episode, Colby walks through the basics—water, sugar, yeast selection, fermentation process and nutrients, clean up, flavoring, and carbonating—with insights from professional brewers on what does and doesn't work. He digs into worst-case scenarios and how to troubleshoot issues that arise through the process, from stalled fermentations to sludge after fining.

Love 'em or hate 'em, hard seltzers are a trend that brewers should at least understand. Making them poses challenges both new and familiar, even for experienced brewers.

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