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Podcast Episode 305: Matthias Trum of Schlenkerla Isn't Preserving the Ashes, He's Keeping the Rauchbier Fire Burning

Recorded among the wood-paneled walls of the centuries-old Schlenkerla pub in Bamberg, Germany, sixth-generation brewmaster Matthias Trum shares his deep insights into smoke, balance, and history.

Podcast Episode 304: Adam Brož of Budějovický Budvar Loves Talking About and Brewing Great Lager

From the famously soft water to whole-cone hops and extraordinarily long maturation, the brewmaster at Budvar delights in all the details that shape one of Czechia’s most popular beers.

Podcast Episode 303: Peter Kiley of Monday Night Is Creating A Framework That Supports Innovation

From high-gravity brewing to pushing new techniques in quick-soured fruit beer, Monday Night brewmaster Peter Kiley isn’t afraid to tackle difficult projects that make life easier on his team of brewers—as long as quality remains the number-one focus.

Pick Six: Burial’s Jess and Doug Reiser Find Inspiration in Flavor and Story

Jess and Doug Reiser, cofounders of Asheville’s Burial Beer, share a thoughtful six that have inspired their own personal journeys and shaped the beers that they now produce.

Podcast Episode 302: Jared Welch of Southern Grist Balances Progression and Intention

This Nashville brewery strives for big flavor, but their process of testing assumptions and finding more authentic ways of making popular styles leads to crowd-favorite beers that critics can love.

Podcast Episode 301: Zdeněk Rosa of Bohemia Hop Is Bullish on the Future of Czech Hops

One of the world’s most cherished hop-growing regions had a rough growing season last year—but there are plenty of reasons to be optimistic, and there is more to Czech hops than Saaz.

Podcast Episode 300: Direct Fire! West Coast IPA Now, Revisited

In this follow-up to episode 286, the gang—Vinnie Cilurzo, Evan Price, and Kelsey McNair—is back together to answer and discuss your questions spurred by one of the most popular episodes in the history of the Craft Beer & Brewing Podcast.

Podcast Episode 299: Lukáš Tomsa of Dva Kohouti Brews the Beer, but the Bartender Makes the Beer

At Dva Kohouti in Prague, Lukáš Tomsa and his team are raising the importance of proper service while balancing traditional lagers with modern ales.

Editors’ Picks: Beer Trivia, Books, and Clearer Beer

From a geeky quiz game to the Book of Hops (via an inline filter), here are a few of our recent top picks for enthusiasts of beer and brewing.

Direct Fire: Decoction & Adjuncts

In these excerpts from our special Direct Fire podcast episodes, Firestone Walker brewmaster Matt Brynildson and WeldWerks cofounder and head brewer Neil Fisher tackle your questions about lager-mashing regimes and which adjuncts can pump up the mouthfeel of stouts.