Jamie Bogner

Jamie Bogner is the Cofounder and Editorial Director of Craft Beer & Brewing Magazine®. Email him at [email protected].

Podcast Episode 145: Stephen Kirby of Hogshead Has Some Strong Opinions on Cask Ale

The existence of Denver’s Hogshead Brewery is further evidence that passionate, opinionated brewers tend to make great beer. Founder Stephen Kirby is outspoken about what he loves and doesn’t love in brewing. In this episode, he lays it all out there.

Podcast Episode 144: Cellarmaker’s Tim Sciascia and Connor Casey on Ethereal Hops and Hazy West Coast IPA

The brewers at Cellarmaker are known among peers for their nuanced approach to hops. Here, they discuss everything from finding hops that punch hard to understanding how “bag appeal” translates to finished beer, how stored hops change over time, and more.

Podcast Episode 143: New Anthem's Aaron Skiles on Learning Through Problem Solving with Hazy IPA

New Anthem earned 2019 CB&B Beer of the Year honors after two IPAs scored perfect 100s; they did it again in our new IPA issue. How do they do it? Cofounder Aaron Skiles walks us through their process of building consistency through constant change.

Podcast Episode 142: Drekker's Mark Bjornstad on Balancing Tart, Thick, Envelope-Pushing Fruit-Smoothie Ales

Mark Bjornstad, cofounder of Drekker Brewing in Fargo, North Dakota, talks about the ingredients, process, and approach behind their thick, jammy, fruit-smoothie-like beers.

Frenemies: Kettle-Soured and Mixed-Culture, Under the Same Roof

We've heard the argument: Single-bacteria sour beers—so-called kettle sours—are detrimental to the success of more traditional, mixed-culture beers. But for Bret Kollman Baker of Cincinnati’s sour-focused Urban Artifact, the two coexist peacefully.

Podcast Episode 141: Chris Harris of Black Frog Just Brews What He Likes to Drink

Chris Harris, founder and brewer at Black Frog Brewing in Holland, Ohio, embraces malty depth, seems impervious to the latest craft trends, and wants everyone to feel welcome.

Infographic: Top Hops

Here we depict the most-grown hops (by acres harvested) in the Pacific Northwest from 2014 to 2019, showing the top 10 each year. The width of each band represents the number of acres grown that year; one inch is about 6,500 acres.

Podcast Episode 140: Jeff Herbert of Superstition Meadery on Envisioning and Making Best-in-Class Craft Beverages

The cofounder of Arizona's Superstition Meadery has always been driven to explore what makes something the best. In this episode, he walks through the process of innovation they’ve built to support those aspirations.

Podcast Episode 139: Andy Farrell, Brewing Innovation Manager for Bell's Brewery, on the Delicate Design of Low-Cal IPAs

The longtime Bell’s brewer dives into the minutiae that make this evolving style of highly hopped, low-calorie beer so compelling, and discusses the particulars behind one of their biggest releases in recent history—Light Hearted Ale.

Pick Six: Matt Lincecum's Dream Sixer for the New Wave

Matt Lincecum, founder of Fremont Brewing in Seattle, has a taste for delicate, beautifully constructed beers. He has intentionally packed this dream sixer with a heavy focus on the past decade.