Jamie Bogner

Jamie Bogner is the Cofounder and Editorial Director of Craft Beer & Brewing Magazine®. Email him at [email protected].

Podcast Episode 175: Kevin Davey of Wayfinder Sets the Record Straight on “Cold IPA”

The head brewer at Wayfinder in Portland, Oregon, discusses their unique approach to making “wester than West Coast” IPAs with rice in the grist, warm-fermented lager yeast, and a kräusening process.

Podcast Episode 174: Live Oak Turns Back the Clock with Historical Lagers and Smoked Beers

Dusan Kwiatkowski, head brewer at Austin lager stalwart Live Oak, shares the brewery’s philosophy and technical approach to historical styles such as their Pre-War Pils, Grodziskie, and more.

Podcast 173: Marcus Baskerville of Weathered Souls Brews Beautiful Stouts

The cofounder of Weathered Souls and creator of the Black is Beautiful initiative discusses his thoughtful approach to crafting stouts that both express his viewpoint and appeal to his own palate.

Podcast Episode 172: Zack Adams of Fox Farm Takes an Iterative But Exacting Approach to Traditional Styles

Fox Farm makes IPAs, yes, but an equally important part of their program is exploring brewing traditions—from tightly constructed lagers to thoughtfully executed English-style ales, Belgian-style farmhouse ales, and more.

Anchorage’s Gabe Fletcher Picks an Elegant & Quirky Six-Pack

Anchorage Brewing founder Gabe Fletcher has built a national cult following by brewing niche styles with studious attention to detail. In this edition of Pick 6, his selections reflect thoughtful approaches that have influenced his own.

Podcast Episode 171: Firestone Walker’s Matt Brynildson is Relentless in Pursuit of Quality

The force behind so many now-classic Firestone Walker beers has won just about all there is to win in the world of brewing, but Matt Brynildson isn’t resting. The brewmaster is constantly looking for new ways to build quality and character into every beer.

Editors’ Picks: Beer-Washed Cheeses

There are times when two of our favorite things in the world collide in a kind of delicious gestalt, greater than the sum of its parts—so it is with beer-washed cheeses. Here are three that we love.

Editors’ Picks: Delta Faucet Glass Rinser

Want a rinser to help ensure you have “beer clean” glassware at home? Here’s a reasonably priced option tested and appreciated by our editors.

Podcast Episode 170: Jonathan Moxey of Rockwell is a Friend of the Foeder

The head brewer of St. Louis upstart Rockwell Beer shares his experience brewing everything from mixed-culture beers to Baltic porter in wood.

Podcast Episode 169: Fair Isle’s Andrew Pogue and Nick Pauley Push the Farmhouse Paradigm with Mixed Cultures, Foraged Ingredients, and Creative Grains

Seattle’s Fair Isle is a newcomer to the world of mixed-culture brewing, but it’s made its mark with tightly executed saisons that nod to history while exploring the potential of grains and ingredients native to the Pacific Northwest.