Podcast Episode 356: House Rules! Cameron Fisher of Crafthaus Is On a Cold (IPA) Streak

In this final installment of our Las Vegas CBC preview episodes, Crafthaus head brewer Cameron Fisher shares his approach to making award-winning cold IPA with flaked maize, layered hop formats, and a characterful Czech lager yeast, as well as coffee beers and Scotch ale.

Jamie Bogner Apr 19, 2024 - 6 min read

Podcast Episode 356: House Rules! Cameron Fisher of Crafthaus Is On a Cold (IPA) Streak Primary Image

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Welcome to Las Vegas, craft brewers! In this final of three CBC preview episodes, Crafthaus head brewer Cameron Fisher joins to discuss their approach to making cold IPA (and more) in the desert of southern Nevada. Whether it’s Czech-style lager served on a Lukr faucet in their Arts District taproom, or a throwback hoppy red ale poured with love from their Henderson taproom at the brewery, the beers Crafthaus makes have earned a reputation for quality, breadth, and accessibility.

In this episode, Fisher touches on:

  • connecting beers to audiences through familiarity and experience
  • using flaked maize and white wheat in cold IPA
  • pushing big IBUs in the first-wort addition, then cool pooling
  • layering hop formats with concentrated pellets and T-90’s
  • avoiding generic hop flavors by editing down hop blends
  • dry-hop saturation
  • fermenting with characterful lager yeast that leaves more body
  • creating coffee beers with different roasters and coffees

And more.

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