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Podcast Episode 118: The Ale Apothecary's Paul Arney on Brewing Naturally and Artfully

Arney discusses the choices and systems he created, to take what he learned from large-scale production brewing and apply it to this grounded, intentionally small approach to brewing.

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Full Video: How to Fix Sh*t in Your Brewery, with 2nd Shift

Steve Crider, founder-brewer-handyman at 2nd Shift Brewing in St. Louis, shares his know-how on keeping a brewery running—and what to do when things break down.

Recipe: Narrow Gauge Brummel Sour IPA

Jeff Hardesty of Narrow Gauge shares this homebrew-scale recipe for their sour, fruited IPA meant to evoke blackberry cobbler.

Flavor Fever: Sour-Sweet-Bitter Fruity-Funky-Hazies

They say there's nothing new under the sun, but in the past few years a cluster of styles has created a lot of excitement: sour IPAs and/or milkshake IPAs. These are unlike anything we’ve ever seen before.


Recipe: Root Down Kali Mist

Here’s a homebrew-scale recipe for Pennsylvania-based Root Down’s golden West Coast–style IPA.

Breakout Brewer: Root Down

Award-winning Root Down Brewing in Phoenixville, Pennsylvania, is balancing reverence for the classics with excitement for evolving styles.

BY: John Holl

Podcast Episode 117: 3 Sons Brewing's Corey Artanis on Maximum Impact from Flavor Ingredients

Founder Corey Artanis walks through everything from ingredient selection to process considerations when adding ingredients like coffee, maple syrup, vanilla, and more.

How 2ndKitchen is Helping Breweries Increase Revenue by Serving Food

A brewery could open its own kitchen. However, when you factor in the costs—hiring a chef, obtaining the right licenses, rent, ingredients, equipment, construction, and so much more—it’s a big hassle.

Video Tip: Fermenting (Very) High-Gravity Stouts

Cory King, founder and brewer at Side Project in St. Louis, talks about yeast and fermentation of imperial stouts—and about how slow and steady wins the race.

BY: Cory King

Five on Five: Pastry Stouts

There’s no shortage of creative pastry stouts out there these days. Mixing a dessert-like base style with actual dessert has become a decadent sort of art form. We asked five brewers to share their suggestions for this sweet treat of a style.

Recipe: Ruse Phantom Shore Citra Extra Pale

This American-style extra pale ale is brewed with a nice layer of wheat and hopped exclusively with Citra. It’s super-smooth with a light body and dank notes of tangelo, nectarine, and kiwi.

Podcast Episode 116: Green Bench Brewing's Khris Johnson Talks Lager Brewing, Mixed Culture Fermentation, and more

St. Petersburg, Florida's Green Bench Brewing toes a delicate line with sophisticated beers in a still-developing beer state, but from the looks of the crowds, they're on to something big.

It’s Complicated: Trying to Brew Avec Les Bons Voeux

We bring you the sordid tale of a love triangle: One brewer, two beers, and a lot of feelings. C’est la vie.

Breakout Brewer: Bow & Arrow

Bow & Arrow Brewing moved the needle in a positive direction when it opened, giving locals a chance to see beer as modern and sleek while also experiencing Native American flavors. The result is a brewery unlike the others.

BY: John Holl