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Pick Six: Randy Mosher Talks About Beers that Shaped a Career

Randy Mosher, the author, is also the creative force behind both Forbidden Root Brewery and 5 Rabbit Cervecería in Chicago. Here, here talks about beers he’s tasted over his career in beer that have helped form many of his memorable lessons.

Barbarossa Imperial Stout Recipe

Brewing with extract doesn't mean sacrificing flavor. Rather than going heavy on the chocolate malts, this recipe spreads the wealth and includes healthy additions of light crystal, dark crystal, and more.

Podcast Episode 74: Deschutes Brewery's Veronica Vega: Creation, Trial, Error, and Eventual Completion of New Beers

Veronica Vega, the head brewer at Dechutes Brewing Co. in Bend, Oregon walks us through the creation, trial, error, and eventual completion of the brewery's new light pilsner.

Beginner’s Guide To Grain Handling

Grain is your beer’s base and the most expensive ingredient. This guide covers strategy, policy, and important points and reminders.


An Inside Look at Step Mashing (Video Tip)

Consistency is key when it comes to step mashing. Get a peek inside the Euresko Beer Co. brewery and learn about the process and how you can apply it to your homebrewing.

Learning Lab: Going Deep on Yeast

In this issue’s Learning Lab column, Jester Goldman shows you how to expand your knowledge of yeast strains so you can pick the right yeast for your next batch of homebrew.

Successful Germination for Craft Malt (Video Tip)

Dennis Nesel from Hudson Valley Malt discusses the process behind germination at his malting facility and how it impacts your beer.

Brewing Beers with Wild Fruit

Finding and picking fruits with enough natural yeast on them and adding them to your beer is a great way to not only infuse flavor but also add a local bent to your next recipe.

BY: John Holl

Two Rivers Brewing Company Brewnniversary III Barrel-aged Wild Tripel Recipe

GABF gold medal–winner and Two Rivers’ Head Brewer Josh Bushey recommends using less oak and tequila than you think will be necessary. The recipe here gives you a modest start.

Breakout Brewer: Outer Range Brewing Co.

From their small outpost at 9,000 feet elevation in the Colorado mountains, Outer Range Brewing Co. is intently focused on a narrow spectrum of beers made with expressive yeast.

Podcast Episode 73: Lazy Magnolia’s Leslie Henderson: Brewing the Flavor of the South

Cofounder and brewer Leslie Henderson talks about changing perspectives, brewing with nuts, and how harnessing rain water might be one of the next big advancements in beer.

BY: John Holl

Creating the Right Water Profile for Your German-style Beers (Video Tip)

With a little research and the right tools you can create a water profile that will give you a true to classic style beer. In this video tip, Zac Harris shares his expertise.

Ask the Experts: What is a Triple-decoction Mash?

Homebrew expert Brad Smith, author of the Beersmith homebrewing software and the voice behind the Beersmith podcast, answers an important question about triple-decoction mash.

Sour Beers in Barrels (Video Tip)

Curious about aging sour beers in barrels? Andy Parker is here to answer some questions.