How Brewery Water Treatment Works to Create Tasty Beer and Happy Equipment

Great beer starts with top-notch water quality. Here’s how brewery water treatment works to help create amazing flavors.

By: Chardon Labs (Sponsored)

Zebulon’s Mike Karnowski Shares Four Ways to Make Invert Sugar

At Zebulon Artisan Ales in Weaverville, North Carolina, cofounder and brewer Mike Karnowski nurtures a special interest in historically rooted beers. Here, he turns back the clock on a key ingredient used in many traditional British ales—and he shares an elegant way to make your own invert sugar in the brewhouse.

By: Mike Karnowski


Why We’re Wild for Mild

Recipe: Soul Barrel Wild African Soul

Based in the wine-growing region about 40 miles northeast of Cape Town, South Africa, Soul Barrel brewed this funky riff on umqombothi in collaboration with Tolokazi—a team of predominantly women brewers making traditional African beers.

By: Nick Smith


Get to Know Umqombothi, a South African Tradition

Podcast Episode 364: Lambic is Science, Not Sorcery, for Thomas Vandelanotte of Timmermans

For the brewmaster of Timmermans—the three-century-old lambic brewery in Itterbeek, just west of Brussels—studying and understanding the dynamics of spontaneous fermentation and wood-aging is the key to making beer with captivating flavor.

By: Jamie Bogner

Celebrate American Ales

Check out Angel Ale Yeast A01, an ideal yeast for brewing American-style beers.

By: Angel Yeast (Sponsored)

Hopping Delicate International-Style Lagers for Aroma and Balance | Video Tip

Josh Pfriem, founder and brewmaster of pFriem Family Brewers, lays out their approach to hopping Japanese- and Mexican-style lagers, including related flavor considerations for malt, pH, and sulfur content.

By: Josh Pfriem


Elevating International Lagers with pFriem | Brewing Course

Better than Ever: The 2024 Firestone Walker Invitational Beer Fest

Was it the best one yet? Many say it was. The annual Firestone Walker Invitational Beer Fest returned on June 1, and it was nothing short of epic, featuring 68 brewers from around the world, more than 20 local restaurants, educational beer panels, and a concert by The White Buffalo. Even the weather—with temps in the low 80s—was perfect.

By: Firestone Walker (Sponsored)

Get to Know Umqombothi, a South African Tradition

Easier to brew than it is for many people to say—it takes a click of the tongue—this ancient sorghum beer is unlike any modern style we know. Thick, tart, and creamy, it’s deeply traditional—yet it’s also open to a brewer’s own creative twists.

By: Lucy Corne


Recipe: South African Umqombothi

Cooking with Beer: Fruit-Beer Camping Cake

On your next camping trip, just a half-cup of that tart fruit beer you brought along is enough to brighten this simple treat that’s perfect for an open fire.

By: Justin Burdick


Campfire Flatbread

Gearhead: Dead Heads, Shockwaves, and the Search for the Perfect Pump

The beating hearts of a brewery aren’t glamorous and won’t impress casual visitors, but they can do a great deal to improve how brewers do their jobs. They can also make a lot of noise.

By: John M. Verive


Video Tip: Fix a Broken Pump, Save Money for Brewing

Podcast Episode 363: Jeremy Pryes of Idyll Forest and Pryes Brewing Explores the Wide Range of Flavors in Everything from Midwest IPA to Spontaneous Beers

This Minneapolis brewery keeps a separate, non-public production facility for its award-winning, spontaneously fermented beers while delivering crowd-pleasing classics such as Midwest (and West Coast–style) IPA from their sprawling production facility and beer hall.

By: Jamie Bogner

A Love Letter to Lager

Double-decocted is the new double dry-hopped.

By: BSG CraftBrewing (Sponsored)

Take a Walk on the Cold Side with pFriem | Video Tip

From a healthy yeast pitch to extra-cold lagering via spunding and harvesting, brewmaster Josh Pfriem walks us through the cold side of lager-making at pFriem Family Brewers.

By: Josh Pfriem


Elevating International Lagers with pFriem | Brewing Course

Recipe: Dublin Castle Ale 1574

Want to take a stab at a 16th century ale brewed with malted oats? This recipe is closely based on the one that historians recently re-created using Dublin Castle records that date to 1574.

By: Susan Flavin


How Historians Resurrected a 16th-Century Dublin Ale

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Elevating International Lagers with pFriem

Josh Pfriem, cofounder and brewmaster of Oregon’s pFriem Family Brewers, details the thinking and process behind the brewery’s delicate, award-winning lagers inspired by traditions in Mexico, Japan, and beyond.

Fun and Flavorful Pastry Stouts with Great Notion

Join Lara Hargrave, lead brewer at Great Notion in Portland, Oregon, as she takes us on a journey through the brewery’s method of producing whimsical, indulgent, childhood-nostalgia-inducing sweet stouts.

Building Big Barrel-Aged Barleywines with New Image

From selecting malts with intention to deploying Madeira-inspired macro-oxidation, finishing on different woods, and blending to taste, New Image founder Brandon Capps outlines a technical approach to crafting characterful barrel-aged barleywines.