Critic's List: Kate Bernot’s Best in 2021

Our contributing editor is one of the most respected voices in beer journalism today. Here are highlights from her past year in beer.

Critic's List: Stan Hieronymus’s Best in 2021

The man who wrote the books on hops, terroir, wheat, monks, and more shares some surprising highlights from the past year.

Critic's List: Alex Kidd’s Best in 2021

The driving force behind and the Malt Couture podcast shares his favorite beers of the year and unique views on current trends.

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Recipe: Kehrwieder SHIPA Callista

Courtesy of Oliver Wesseloh, brewer and founder of Kehrwieder Kreativbrauerei in Hamburg, Germany, this single-hopped IPA goes all-in on Callista.

Win Free POS Hardware for Your Taproom

Stocking your taproom with all the necessary equipment—from barrels to pint glasses— adds up fast. So if you’ve invested in POS hardware once, you may be hesitating to make a switch, even when you know there’s a better option out there for you!


Sierra Nevada’s Hop Trek to Start the Celebration

The season can’t begin without Celebration—but first, there’s a journey to pick the right hops and rush them back to the brew kettles.

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Video Course: Enzymes and Other Tricks for Boosting Hop Aroma, the Alvarado Street Way

Alvarado Street’s J.C. Hill leads this master class in using knockout hops, yeast, enzymes, and other techniques to squeeze the most aroma and flavor out of your hops.

BY: J.C. Hill

Editor’s Picks: More Beer Books

Feed your brains! From vegetarian cooking (and pairing) with beer to brewing with cannabis to local beer-history deep-dives, here are some books we enjoyed this year.

Podcast Episode 215: Browar Pinta’s Paweł Maslowski and Bart Ociesa Apply Modern Creativity to Classic Styles

Poland’s Browar Pinta established a reputation for risk-taking in craft styles, focusing on hop-forward IPAs and extending that creative approach to everything from dry-hopped Baltic porter to barrel-aged big beers.

Ohio’s Brewfontaine is Small-Town Bar with Big-Town Beer Selection

From our Love Handles department for beer bars we love: In Bellefontaine, Ohio, this small-town hub for local beer lovers also attracts city folk who want to get out of town for a great pint.

Recipe: Wolf & Workman Strong Ale

This strong ale leans into British ingredients and London ale yeast for a robust but elegant brew that also serves ably as a winter warmer.

Editor's Picks: Anton Paar’s EasyDens

We found this digital hydrometer to be a snap to use, encouraging more diligent monitoring of our fermentations.

Recipe: To Cascadia! American Black Ale

This old-school Cascadian dark ale embraces piney Chinook hops in Sasquatchian proportions. Don’t worry about the IBUs—this should end up relatively balanced, with enough malt and hop flavors and aroma to provide depth for the bitterness.

Cooking with Imperial Stout: Chocolate Chip Ice Cream in a Mason Jar

Need a surprising dessert for the holiday table? Here, rich imperial stout deepens a simple and palate-refreshing ice cream preparation.

No Rests for the Wicked: American Black Ale, Extracted

Maybe that P in IPA can stand for “pitch-black.” Once again helping us to extract the most characterful beer from extract brewing, Annie Johnson has the details on Cascadian dark ale, aka American black ale or black IPA.