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Video Tip: Know When to Say When, When Parti-Gyling

Denny Foster, founder of Main & Mill Brewing, explains why to keep an eye on the gravity of your runoff wort when collecting later runnings for a parti-gyle brew.

Silver State Stainless: Practice and Appreciation

Like great brewers, we have a deep understanding of the fundamentals of our craft. Our success is not possible without yours.

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Recipe: Bell’s Light Hearted Ale

Packing IPA flavor into a svelte, highly sessionable, lower-calorie frame is no easy trick. To inspire your home attempts, here is the small-scale recipe for Bell’s Brewery’s highest-profile release in years.

Belgium’s Funky New Wave

Joe Stange, managing editor of Craft Beer & Brewing Magazine® and co-author of Good Beer Guide Belgium, explores how that country’s wilder-side beers have continued to evolve.


Brewing Course: Parti-Gyle Brewing with Main & Mill

Denny Foster and Brandon Bischoff of Main & Mill Brewing demonstrate the parti-gyle technique, so you can get two or three beers out of the same big grist.

Brewing Course: Brewing Unique Beers (Without Hops) with Earthbound Beer

Learn how to get evocative (often beery) flavors out of a range of unusual (often un-beery) ingredients.

Brewing Course: Brewing Milkshake & Sour IPAs with Narrow Gauge

Narrow Gauge Brewing Cofounder Jeff Hardesty teaches you how to brew great milkshake and sour IPAs.


Recipe: Aprikose Apricot Pale

Want to brew a fruit beer greater than the sum of its parts? To show how one might match a fruit to a particular style, here is Josh Weikert's recipe for an apricot-flavored American pale ale.

Style + Fruit: Let’s Play Matchmaker

Want to add fruit to your beer? Okay. But first ask yourself this important question: Why?

Learning Lab: O2? Oh My!

In this Learning Lab, we tempt fate by inviting oxidation exposure and punishing our wort with hot-side aeration. Will it ruin our beer, or is the threat exaggerated?

Podcast Episode 142: Drekker's Mark Bjornstad on Balancing Tart, Thick, Envelope-Pushing Fruit-Smoothie Ales

Mark Bjornstad, cofounder of Drekker Brewing in Fargo, North Dakota, talks about the ingredients, process, and approach behind their thick, jammy, fruit-smoothie-like beers.

The Secret Origin of Grapefruit Supreme

Minneapolis-based Surly Brewing explains the thirsty back story of their new citrus-packed summertime crusher.

Cooking with Beer: Farmhouse Flavors

Let’s get rustic: Justin Wright and Justin Kruger, a.k.a. "Two Fat Justins," show how French and Belgian country ales can lighten and brighten savory main dishes, while a splash of cherry lambic adds complex juiciness to a simple berry crumble.

Recipe: KC Bier Helles Lager

Here is a homebrew-scale recipe for KC Bier’s reverently brewed, Bavarian-style helles, which we here at Craft Beer & Brewing Magazine® named one of our Best 19 Beers of 2019.

Breakout Brewer: KC Bier

Sticking stubbornly to classical German ingredients and methods—from decoction to spunding—the brewers at KC Bier are growing their business on full-flavored, bang-on lagers and weissbier.

Frenemies: Kettle-Soured and Mixed-Culture, Under the Same Roof

We've heard the argument: Single-bacteria sour beers—so-called kettle sours—are detrimental to the success of more traditional, mixed-culture beers. But for Bret Kollman Baker of Cincinnati’s sour-focused Urban Artifact, the two coexist peacefully.

Video Tip: Malt Selection for Parti-Gyle Stouts

Brandon Bischoff, head brewer at Main & Mill, explains the challenge of choosing malts for a big stout whose mash will be used again for another beer made from second runnings.