Next Level: Firestone Walker’s 2024 Beer Club Starts Now

In the words of brewmaster Matt Brynildson, “The focus of the 2024 season is diving deeper than ever into our mastery of barrel-aged beers that push the envelope of aroma and flavor.”

Writing the Rules of West Coast Pilsner (So They Can Be Broken)

Hop-forward lagers are nothing new, but a new thread is emerging that more intentionally marries the great drinkability of a pilsner with the expressive hopping of a West Coast IPA. Could it be the best of both worlds?

Podcast Episode 323: Vermont’s Wunderkammer Tells Mixed-Culture Stories Beyond the Barnyard

In a former dairy creamery in northern Vermont, Wunderkammer creator (and former Hill Farmstead head brewer) Vasili Gletsos has developed a decidedly manual, hands-on process using locally foraged ingredients, a wood-fired copper kettle, and no glycol.

Cooking with Lager: Seared Salmon with Sweet Potato–Edamame Succotash and Sweet Corn Puree

Crack a craft-brewed light lager and embrace some unconventional fall flavors in your kitchen via this fish dish with bacon-studded sweet-potato succotash and savory corn puree.

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Lager Harder with Bierstadt Lagerhaus

The Bierstadt brewers are back, as Ashleigh Carter and Bill Eye share deeper insights and more on their technical approach to German-style lagers that beg to be enjoyed in quantity.

West Coast IPAs Built to Last with Westbound & Down

Westbound & Down head brewer Jake Gardner won’t tell you how to write a West Coast IPA recipe—but he will tell you how to brew a better one, with higher-impact hop character and longer-lasting flavor stability.

Chad Yakobson’s Guide to Brewing Saisons and Wild Beers with Brett

Crooked Stave founder and brewmaster Chad Yakobson, one of the industry’s foremost experts on Brettanomyces, leads this in-depth course on brewing and fermenting funky, farmhouse-inspired beers.

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All Access Recipe: Not for Adults NA Cucumber Gose

Developed by the team at the Barth Haas campus in Beijing, this refreshing (and convincing) nonalcoholic cucumber gose gets lactic acidification followed by fermentation with a special yeast for low-/no-alcohol beers.

More Efficient Packaging to Keep Up with Demand

When Chicago’s Noon Whistle started expanding its regional sales footprint, its team faced the challenge of brewing and canning at a larger scale. Today, they multipack their product four times faster thanks to choosing a reliable partner.

Make Your Best Belgian Dark Strong Ale

“Smooth and dangerous” and great for winter sipping, these are some of the most enjoyable beers you’ll ever drink—and they can be surprisingly easy to make if you build a good recipe and adhere to some basic brewing practices.

Recipe: Annie’s Sandy Beaches Cold IPA

Despite it’s lean malt frame and body-lightening adjuncts, cold IPA is well within the reach of homebrewers who like to employ partial-mashes and extracts.

Cold IPA, Extracted: It’s a Cold Snap!

Crack some grains and cook some rice if you want, but attacking cold IPA with the partial-mash method is simple. Let the pedants argue about whether it’s a style—we’re too busy brewing and drinking it.

It’s a Swiss Craft Beer Garden Party at Zurich’s Fork & Bottle

From our Love Handles files on the world’s top beer bars: In Zurich, Switzerland, the Fork & Bottle welcomes locals and travelers with brunches, barbecues, and plenty of Swiss and European craft beers.

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Recipe: Urban Artifact Teak

From fruit-focused Urban Artifact in Cincinnati, here’s a recipe for their “tropical American fruit tart” beer that we named one of our Best 20 Beers in 2020.

CB&B’s Jamie Bogner To Deliver Keynote at ProBrew’s Oktoberfest

Mark your calendars for this year’s ProBrew Oktoberfest event, scheduled for October 11 and 12, including an opening ceremony at Raised Grain Brewing in Waukesha, Wisconsin.

Podcast Episode 322: Nat West of Reverend Nat’s Cider Takes a Craft Brewer’s Approach to Cider

Over the past 12 years, Nat West has built a brand focused on flavor-forward cider made with a craft brewer’s mentality. Now, Reverend Nat’s is in its final act—winding down business operations—but not before leaving an indelible mark on the fabric of Pacific Northwest craft beverages.

Video Tip: Adjusting the Mash for Darker Lagers

From longer decoctions to key considerations when using dark malts in the mash, Bierstadt cofounder Bill Eye explains how their approach to darker lagers differs from that of paler ones—and also why they avoid dextrin malt.

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