Rice & Easy: Extract Brewing for Maximum Crispness

You don’t need an industrial Japanese brewery—nor even an all-grain homebrew system—to make a clean, light-bodied, refreshing rice lager ideal for sushi and summertime.

Cooking With Lager: Get Freaky with Frikadellen

This take on pan-fried meatballs gets a splash of pilsner—and tastes great with it, too.

Podcast Episode 252: 10 Barrel’s Tonya Cornett Takes a Layered Approach to Fruit Beer

Some write off quick-soured fruit beers for their simplicity, but they don’t have to be basic. Building complex flavors that reflect the entire fruit is Cornett’s goal, and nothing is off-limits in that pursuit.

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Recipe: Pueblo Vida Willa Dry-Hopped Lager

“This beer was our ode to new meets old,” says Landon Swanson, head brewer of Pueblo Vida in Tucson, Arizona. “It’s a classic light lager with a punch of Lórien hops in the fermentor.”

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Brewing Course: Maximize Your Hop Aroma with Laura Burns of Omega Yeast

Laura Burns—microbiologist, brewer, and R&D director of Omega Yeast in Chicago—digs into the science and practical techniques for maximizing the hop aroma in your IPAs and other hoppy beers.

Brewing Course: Old-Fashioned Lagers and Smoked Beers with Live Oak

Are you ready for this one, lager nerds? In this discursive but detailed video course, Live Oak founder Chip McElroy and head brewer Dusan Kwiatkowski talk smoked beers, pre-Prohibition lager, cereal mashes, decoctions, and much more.

Brewing Course: Brewing Award-Winning Helles with Altstadt

Ready to dive deep into some helles? From grist to glass, join Altstadt head brewer Craig Rowan for a focused, detailed course on how to brew a great Munich-style helles.

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Video Course: Brewing Traditional Lagers with Dovetail

From design to decoction to coolship to cellar, Dovetail owners and master brewers Hagen Dost and Bill Wesselink dig into the details of how they produce their acclaimed lager, Kölsch, and weissbier.

Gearing Up to Brew Lager

Great lager depends upon exacting attention to details—and not only when it comes to fermentation, and conditioning. Here, we climb the decks of brewhouses specifically designed with lager in mind to better appreciate what makes them different.

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Recipe: BKS Clouds Double IPA

Here’s a recipe for the hazy double IPA that started as one of Brian Rooney’s homebrews and went on to win silver at the 2021 Great American Beer Festival (and become a Kansas City favorite).

Breakout Brewer: BKS Artisan Ales Is a “Little Beer Heaven” in Kansas City, Missouri

BKS has won national acclaim for its supple IPAs and gained ardent local fans for its classic ale styles and—now—for its lagers. Undazzled, the Rooneys say they are determined to grow slowly, keep a laser focus on quality, and continue to make beer in their own careful way.

Consider Bar Hop for Your Toronto Bar Hop

From our Love Handles files on beer bars we love: At Bar Hop, find one of Ontario’s top beer selections in an inviting atmosphere.

Podcast Episode 251: Nick Panchamé of HOMES and Smooj Applies His Chef’s Training to Fruited Hard Seltzer and More

Smooj lit up the craft beverage world in 2020, its thick fruit-puree approach a stark counterpoint to more minimalist seltzer offerings. In this episode, head brewer Nick Panchamé gets into the methods behind the fruit-heavy madness, and into new experiments with hop-forward beers.

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Recipe: Kelheim Weizendoppelbock, in the Style of Schneider Aventinus

Based on detailed advice from Josef Lechner, brewmaster and technical director at G. Schneider & Sohn in Kelheim, Bavaria, here is a homebrew-scale recipe based on the legendary Schneider Aventinus.

The Perils of Weizenbock

Weizenbock is so dangerously easy to drink, but the brewing process behind a great weizenbock is surprisingly complicated. It may be worth the trouble, since its potential for easygoing mass appeal remains largely untapped.

Podcast Episode 250: Breakside’s Ben Edmunds, Great Notion’s James Dugan, and Von Ebert’s Sam Pecoraro Dissect Trendy Beers and Innovation

Recorded in front of a live audience at Great Notion in Portland, Oregon, this panel discussion on trendy beer styles ranges from innovation philosophy to testing and feedback process with perspective from these three leading brewers.

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