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Full Video: How to Win a Beer Competition

BJCP Certified Judge and award-winning homebrewer Paul Odell covers the inner-workings of beer competitions and offers tips to help you stand out and win with your next entry.

Breakout Brewer: Suarez Family Brewery

People make pilgrimages to the Suarez Family Brewery. There are no pints, only pours, and most of what’s on offer is below 6 percent ABV. Here it’s about taking it slow, appreciating nuance, and working with both tradition and the surrounding area.

The Search for Missing Barrels

Peter Bouckaert wants to reunite the original nine barrels that made up New Belgium’s first wood-aged program. He has two already but wants to know if you’ve seen the other seven.

Video Tip: Brewing Adjunct Beers with Coconut

Learn about brewing with coconut from Neil Fisher, the head brewer and owner of WeldWerks Brewing in this video tip.



Brewing Course: Brewing Industrial Arts Wrench IPA

Industrial Arts Brewing Founder Jeff O’Neil takes you from grain to glass with their most popular beer, Wrench IPA. This course includes more than 70 minutes of video and the recipes for Wrench IPA and Tools of the Trade Pale Ale.

Brewing Course: How to Brew Great Saisons

John Coyle and Steve Ashton cover everything you need to know to brew your next great saison. Starting with the origins of the style, they cover recipe development, brew day, and fermentation of 7 different saison variations.

Brewing Course: Farming for Beer with Plan Bee Farm Brewery

Join Plan Bee Farm Brewery owners Evan and Emily Watson on their 25-acre farm in Poughkeepsie, NY as they guide you through farm brewing.


Breakout Brewery: Bokkereyder

“New lambic blender” are words not often spoken, but upstart Raf Souvereyns’s Bokkereyder lambic brand is putting that phrase in headlines with a distinct nod to the blending tradition and a progressive attitude toward incorporating winemaking techniques.

Make Your Best: How to Brew Any Style Well

In this final installment of MYB, Josh Weikert outlines the keys to brewing any and every beer style well.

Podcast Episode 60: Neighborhood Restaurant Group's Greg Engert: Building the Best Drinking Experience

This week on the podcast is Greg Engert, the beer director and managing partner for Neighborhood Restaurant Group in Washington D.C. which includes Bluejacket, The Sovereign, Churchkey, and Birch and Barley, among others.

BY: John Holl

Video Tip: Sparging Hazy IPAs

Jeff O’Neil of Industrial Arts Brewing shows off his lauter tun and talks about the sparging process and how it helps make delicious hazy IPAs.

Best of 2018: Homebrew Brands, Brew Gear, and Retailers

We asked the readers of Craft Beer and Brewing Magazine to weigh in on their favorite homebrew brands, gear, and retailers for our best of 2018 issues. Here's the companies that rank high among our readers.

Get Paid To Drink At Craft Breweries & Taprooms Across The Country

The only app that pays you real money to share feedback on your brewery experience.

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Video Tip: Picking the Right Kettle to Brew High Gravity Beers

Taylor Caron is here to talk about brewing high gravity beers and in this video tip talks about finding the right brew kettle for your homebrewing needs.

Josh Weikert's Best of 2018

Josh Weikert—contributing editor and columnist for Craft Beer and Brewing Magazine®, the author of the Beer: Simple blog, and a BJCP Grand Master—offers some of his top picks and beer experiences from the past year.

Make Your Best Colonial Stock Ale

Suffice to say, the beers in the experimental style (like this one) get a little weird. Not only are there no limits or guidelines, if there were, the beer wouldn’t be entered in this style. Swing for the fences.

John Holl's Best of 2018

Craft Beer and Brewing Magazine®’s senior editor and author of the new book, Drink Beer, Think Beer: Getting to the Bottom of Every Pint, “poured” over his notebooks of beer notes and interviews to share what he’s enjoyed over the past year.

BY: John Holl