Video Tip: Going for that Food-and-Beer Gestalt

Once you adopt some basic rules of thumb about flavor compatibility and intensity, you can start drilling down into which beer styles tend to work best with specific dishes—making a sensory experience greater than the sum of its parts.

Divide & Conquer: Practice the Art of the “Splatch”

Consider the possibilities of split-batch brewing—to get twice the variety without a lot more work.

Podcast Episode 182: Sam Pecoraro of Von Ebert Writes the Beer Description Before the Recipe

For Sam Pecoraro, head brewer of Von Ebert Brewing, articulating the idea of a new beer—flavors, aromas, mouthfeel, appearance—is the first step in writing a new recipe. Whether they’re brewing lager or IPA, it all starts with the written idea.

Cooking with Beer: Mac & Wayfinder Relapse IPA Cheese with Andouille Sausage

This comforting recipe features a Craft Beer & Brewing Magazine® Beer of the Year (but you can sub in any bright, crisp, West Coast–style IPA or IPL).


Love Handles: Cambie Taphouse + Coffee Has the Views

Early hours, hearty food, and mountain views set this coffee/beer bar apart for students, locals, and visitors to Missoula.

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Recipe: Vitamin Sea Double Summer

One of Vitamin Sea’s mainstays is Double Summer, a hazy-juicy double IPA powered by Cascade and Citra. It began as one of their first homebrew recipes; here’s a more recent iteration that you can use as your own launch point.

Breakout Brewer: Vitamin Sea Builds Flavor Rocket Ships

In Weymouth, Massachusetts, Vitamin Sea Brewing are tinkering with and launching trendy styles to flavorful new heights—and finding plenty of fans up for the ride.

Video Tip: Breaking Down the Flavor Elements of Beer and Food

Bitter, sweet, sour, salty, spicy, fatty, umami... Knowing which basic flavors are in your beer can help you match it with a food that has similar flavors—or with one that has contrasting flavors. Greg Engert explains.

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Recipe: De Ranke Guldenberg Tripel

When the De Ranke brewery opened in 1994 as part of a new wave of Belgian microbreweries, its first beer was a beer inspired by Westmalle Tripel, Orval, and brewer Nino Bacelle’s love of hops.

Podcast Episode 181: Jeff Wiederkehr of Burning Beard Believes Authenticity is the Best Policy

On the industrial eastern edge of San Diego County, a group of self-described delinquents have embraced a bit of SoCal outlaw culture with Burning Beard Brewing. The secret sauce? Being authentic and embracing fun, while painstakingly improving everything.

Brewing a Hoppier Belgian Tripel with De Ranke

One of Belgium’s most distinctive tripels leans in a more bitter, aromatic direction. Inspired by Orval as much as Westmalle, De Ranke Guldenberg is a contemporary classic. Here, Joe Stange speaks with cofounder Nino Bacelle about its origins and makings.

When Homebrewers Go Big: The Case for Buying in Bulk

Still buying only what you need for that next batch? Josh Weikert makes the case for building a library of ingredients, where it’s not just about quality, it’s about quantity.

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Recipe: White Elm Fluffaluffagus

Want to get messy with marshmallow? This hefty imperial stout recipe from White Elm Brewing in Lincoln, Nebraska, includes marshmallows in the kettle and coconut toasties in the fermentor.

Video Tip: Knowing the Narratives of Beer & Food

We often drink beers out of context, not thinking about their stories, backgrounds, or what dishes might be best enjoyed with them. As Greg Engert explains, knowing that context and explaining it can increase our enjoyment when beer and food come together.