Podcast Episode 296: Pilsner Urquell’s Václav Berka Tells the Story of Pilsner and Preaches Excellence in Lager Brewing

In the first of several episodes recorded in Czechia, retired Pilsner Urquell brewmaster Václav Berka relates the history of the brewery—and therefore of pilsner itself—and shares his love of all the details that go into producing a highly drinkable beer.

Infographic: An Open and Shut Case

The data suggest that while brewery closings have stayed fairly steady as a percentage of overall operating breweries, the rate of new openings in recent years has been declining at a relatively consistent pace.

The Purple Snake: A Hose Designed with Beer In Mind

The Purple Snake’s unique design is the product of conversations with some of the world’s best brewers about the issues they’ve encountered with their transfer tools. Here’s what we learned—and what we did about it.

No Rests For The Wicked: Wheatwine, Be Mine

Extract brewers can embrace this indulgent wheat show smacking of fresh bread and jammy fruit, while letting the all-grain brewers enjoy their gummy stuck mashes.

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Brewing Flavorful Stouts Big and Small with Maplewood

Maplewood founder Adam Cieslak and brewers Roger Cuzelis and Adam Smith get under the hood of stouts ranging from session-strength to big and barrel-aged, discussing the mechanics of layering in flavor while keeping them balanced and drinkable.

A Scientific Look at Hop Aroma and Flavor

Scott Janish, cofounder of Sapwood Cellars and author of The New IPA, guides us on a science-driven deep-dive into ways to maximize and dial in hop aroma and flavor.

Brewing Course: Squeezing the Most out of Hops with Hop Butcher for the World

Known for their juicy IPAs dripping with hop character, Hop Butcher for the World cofounders and brewers Jeremiah Zimmer and Jude La Rose share what they’ve learned about choosing, blending, and employing hops for alluring aroma and flavor.

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Recipe: Annie’s All Winter Wheatwine Long

While their all-grain friends cope with gummy stuck mashes, here’s a recipe that extract brewers can employ for a strong, elegant, aromatically fruit-forward wheatwine.

Podcast Episode 295: Barn Town Enjoys Making Hazy IPA and Tart Fruit Beers that People Enjoy

Welcoming flavor is the name of the game for Barn Town Brewing in West Des Moines, Iowa. Whether it’s their top-scoring hazy IPAs or their non-gluten fruited sour beers, they’re earning a reputation for building savvy balance into bold flavors.

Nova Scotia’s Stillwell Is a Local Craft Pioneer

From our Love Handles files on beer bars we love: In Halifax, Nova Scotia, Stillwell is a pioneering bluenose beer bar with cask, craft, and unusual grub.

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Recipe: Moor Old Freddy Walker

Courtesy of Moor Beer owner Justin Hawke, here is a homebrew-scale recipe based on their dark, rich, highly acclaimed old ale—“Christmas in a glass, all year long.”

From Cali to Bristol: Brewing Old Ale the Moor Beer Way

Moor Beer’s Old Freddy Walker is among the most acclaimed strong ales in the United Kingdom, often medaling among the barleywines and old ales that compete for Champion Beer of Britain. Its brewer, however, hails from California. Here, Moor owner and head brewer Justin Hawke explains how Moor and Freddy came to be—and he offers advice on brewing a great old ale.

Advanced Hop Products: The Solutions You Want with the Flexibility You Need

With Hopsteiner’s range of advanced hop products, you can improve efficiency, boost aroma, dial in bitterness, improve foam stability, and more.

Recipe: Northern Lights Honey Ale

This light, fruity ale highlights honey and honey-driven peach and apricot flavors against a clean, biscuit-like background.

AccuBrew: The Actionable Fermentation Monitoring System (Now with SG!)

Step into the modern era with AccuBrew. We put eyes inside your tanks.

Faking the Fruit

You don’t need fruit to brew a fruit-flavored beer—malt, sugar, hops, and yeast can all be used to mimic the character of various fruits. Yet, once mastered, there is another use for this power of deception: boosting the flavors of real fruit.

The Magic of the Boil

Much of what becomes beer is made in the kettle. From our Illustrated Guide to Homebrewing, here’s a look at what’s going on in there and the many decisions we can make along the way.

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