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Tips for Finding and Caring for a Barrel

Looking to add a barrel or two to your homebrew setup? Trevor Rogers of de Garde Brewing in Tillamook, Oregon, has some suggestions on how to pick the right barrel and how to best take care of it afterward.

Canning A Hazy IPA (Video Tip)

The brewers at Industrial Arts show off their canning line and talk about all the important steps that must be taken before packaging a hazy IPA.

Ask the Experts: Advice on Filtering for Homebrewing

Homebrew expert Brad Smith, author of the Beersmith homebrewing software and the voice behind the Beersmith podcast, has the answer on filtration

Fermentery Form Extra Farmhouse Ale Recipe

This beer is inspired by some of Fermentery Form’s favorite French farmhouse ales, but in their case, it is made with a mixed culture. The hopping rate is high for a mixed-fermentation beer, but this makes for a long, graceful maturation in the bottle.


Breakout Brewer: Triple Crossing Brewing Company

Triple Crossing Brewing Company has made a name for themselves with progressively hoppy and hazy beers, but for these central Virginia stalwarts, it’s less about fitting into a “scene” and more about finding an honest yeast expression.

Beers for a Cause: Fighting Cancer

Beers and brewery initiatives are frequently aimed at detecting, preventing, and curing cancers. There’s a new one in the mix.

BY: John Holl

Podcast Episode 79: Randy Mosher: The Importance of Homebrewing and What It Means for the Future of Beer

Randy Mosher is an authoritative voice in beer but he’s still a student at heart. As an author, brewer, and consultant, he’s continuously looking to work with new ingredients, reconsider off-flavors, and try new brewing methods.

BY: John Holl

Getting Creative with an At Home Coolship

If a commercial coolship isn't in your homebrewing budget, Todd Boera has some suggestions on how you can make spontaneous beer at home.

Using Clean Wood for Traditional Beer Styles

Foeders are becoming a more common sight in breweries these days, and while it’s true that the majority of the brewers are using the vessels for wild or mixed-fermentation beers, others are putting the wood to use for their clean programs.

BY: John Holl

Identifying Diacetyl Issues in Lager (Video Tip)

In this Video Tip Bill Eye, the brewmaster at Bierstadt Lagerhaus in Denver, talks about identifying diacetyl in lagers and possible causes.

A Perfect Kölsch

The biggest challenge in a Kölsch is building just enough malt body and character without going overboard.

Off-the-Cuff Ordinary Bitter Recipe

While some think of the Ordinary Bitter as nothing more than a bland, low-ABV, thin-bodied ale, at its best, it’s one of the better drinking beers around!

System Update: Review How You Brew

Updating your brewery can be one of the healthiest things you can do, says Josh Weikert, as he leads you on a walk-through of a prospective system-reboot process that will enable you to get the most out of the time you spend brewing.

Podcast Episode 78: La Cumbre's Jeff Erway: Another Way to Think About Hops

With six GABF medals and four World Beer Cup medals under his belt (in categories ranging from Pilsner to stout to IPA), La Cumbre Brewing Company’s Jeff Erway has built a reputation as a perfectionist and outspoken proponent of brewing quality.