Pushing Hop Flavor to Its Outer Limits

Brewers are experimenting with a variety of ways, old and new, to squeeze even more aroma and flavor from their hops and cram it into their beers. But how much hop saturation is too much for drinkers?

Recipe: Keith Villa’s NA Peanut Butter & Pot Porter

Developed by Keith Villa, this recipe for a nonalcoholic peanut butter–flavored porter provides a significant dose of THC from dry-hopping with cannabis.

Dazed & Infused: THC in the Brewery

Legal hurdles aside, there are also technical obstacles to getting the main psychoactive component of cannabis into beverages in a stable, predictable way. John M. Verive explains the challenge, the science, the gear—and why it’s coming to a brewery near you.

When in Brussels, Settle in at Gist for Great Tunes and Belgian Ales on Cask

From our Love Handles files on beer bars we love: Gist offers finely honed ales, music, and atmosphere just off the Brussels tourist path.

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Brewing Course: How to Put Stuff in Beer with Phase Three

From fruits to coconut and cacao, Phase Three takes a pragmatic approach to using a wide range of flavor adjuncts. Here, cofounder and head brewer Shaun Berns goes into deep detail on their philosophy and process, ingredient by ingredient.

Brewing Course: Brewing Traditional Lagers with Dovetail

From design to decoction to coolship to cellar, Dovetail owners and master brewers Hagen Dost and Bill Wesselink dig into the details of how they produce their acclaimed lager, Kölsch, and weissbier.

Brewing Course: Maximize Your Hop Aroma with Laura Burns of Omega Yeast

Laura Burns—microbiologist, brewer, and R&D director of Omega Yeast in Chicago—digs into the science and practical techniques for maximizing the hop aroma in your IPAs and other hoppy beers.

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Podcast Episode 263: Bale Breaker Brewmaster Kevin Smith Lives the Hop Life

Bale Breaker’s location on the family hop farm, Loftus Ranches, offers proximity and access to hops of which many brewers could only dream. Brewmaster Kevin Smith shares perspective on brewing hop-forward beers, gleaned from decades growing up on—and now brewing on—the farm.

Recipe: R-97 Rauchbier

Don’t fear the smoke: This recipe leans heavily into cherrywood-smoked malt for a surprisingly smooth and balanced character with the power to convert the skeptics.

Beer & Logistics: A Case Study with Stone Brewing

Here’s how an unusual partnership between a craft brewery and a logistics firm transformed both businesses.

Video Tip: How to Use Your Coconut

In this clip from his video course, cofounder and head brewer Shaun Berns goes into detail on types of coconut and what they bring to beer, mixing and matching those types, when and how much to add, and more.

Get Quality Tanks Quickly for Your Brewing Business

With high-quality tanks, fast lead times, and competitive, straightforward costs, Carolina Brewtech is poised to help your brewery grow.

Smoking Is Cool: The Unique Allure of Rauchbier

It’s one of the beer world’s great flavor combinations: malt in harmony with the primal appeal of smoke, coolly and cleanly fermented. Best of all, brewing a great smoked lager isn’t all that difficult—as long as you know your malt.

Pick Six: Dan Carey Shares a Six-Pack from the Wayback

The highly respected brewmaster from Wisconsin’s New Glarus guides us through six monumental beers that always lead to disappointment—because, inevitably, your glass is empty too soon.

Podcast Episode 262: Eric, Claire, and Alex of CLS Farms Discuss the Past, Present, and Future of Hop Farming

Eric and Claire Desmarais, fourth and fifth generation hop farmers, and Alex Nowell, former director of brewing for Three Weavers and an advisor to CLS, dig into the recent evolution of hop farming, current harvest challenges, and tools that brewers can use to select better hops.

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Recipe: Fidens Jasper Double IPA

Courtesy of Fidens cofounder and head brewer Steve Parker, here is a homebrew-scale recipe for Jasper—the first double IPA brewed at Fidens and an all-Citra showcase that remains among their most popular beers.

Step Into the Modern Era of Brewing with AccuBrew

Keep an eye on your fermentation in real time using your smartphone or other Internet-ready device, record all your fermentations for a useful trove of data to help you dial in your beers—and never again wonder about what’s going on inside your tanks.

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