Custom Packaging Helps Brands Stand Out

Here’s how Berlin Packaging and Studio One Eleven helped four brands succeed with impactful and effective custom packaging solutions.

Video Tip: Fresh Hops, Wet Hops, and Planning How to Use Them

Single Hill cofounder and head brewer Zach Turner explains the difference between fresh-hopping and wet-hopping, laying out a few different ways that breweries tend to use them on the hot side and cold side.

Recipe: 19th Century Danish Old Beer

Based on authentic gammeltøl recipes from the 1800s, here’s a recipe for the strong, smoky Danish farmhouse ale—including some suggestions for traditional twists worth trying.

Brewing Gammeltøl, Denmark’s Strong and Smoky Harvest-Time Farmhouse Ale

Typically, gammeltøl was brewed in March for drinking in the autumn, but the Danish tradition of brewing this strong, smoky raw ale has virtually died out. You can help revive it.

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Fresh Hopping with Single Hill

Join Single Hill cofounder and head brewer Zach Turner on an expedition to the Yakima Valley at harvest time to pick up the freshest hops, then take them back to the brewery and add them—in different forms and different ways—to beers brewed that day.

Homebrewing with Cannabis

Ross Koenigs, founder and brewmaster at Second Dawn in Aurora, Colorado, explains the science and practicalities of making beer at home with hemp and marijuana.

Lager Harder with Bierstadt Lagerhaus

The Bierstadt brewers are back, as Ashleigh Carter and Bill Eye share deeper insights and more on their technical approach to German-style lagers that beg to be enjoyed in quantity.

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Best in Beer 2023 Readers’ Choice: Best Beer Bars Around the World

Pubs, bars, and cafés are crucial to the experience and communityof craft beer and a vital link between maker and consumer. Here are your 20 favorites in 2023.

Best in Beer Reader’s Choice: 2023’s Most Popular Beer Styles

IPA continues to top the charts, but lagers made steady and significant gains in 2023.

Podcast Episode 331: Jacob Sembrano of Cruz Blanca Makes Technically Challenging Beers with Beautiful Ingredients and Stories to Tell

Chicago’s Cruz Blanca favors beers with a story to tell. In this episode, head brewer Jacob Sembrano tells the stories behind their their red corn lager, their thick and silky barrel-aged stouts, and their grisette made from 100 percent malted corn and acidified with native bacteria from the corn itself.

Recipe: Turkey’s Delight Holiday Ale

This seasonal ale is a bright enough red to match your Santa hat, and it goes well with just about anything on your holiday table.

Boxpop Joins the Party at Revelry Yards

BoxPop recently designed, fabricated, and installed a custom shipping-container bar at the Revelry Yards brewery in Ithaca, New York. Here, learn more about how this distinctive outdoor space is expanding their capacity for seating and events.

Critic’s List: Jamie Bogner’s Best in 2023

Our cofounder, editorial director, and podcast host shares his most memorable beery highlights from an eventful and far-ranging year.

Critic’s List: Joe Stange’s Best in 2023

Our managing editor—with his finger on the craft beer pulse from his outpost in Bangkok—selects top-of-mind picks and thoughts fresh off the past year in beer.

Podcast Episode 330: Our Top Writers Get Critical with their Best in Beer of 2023

Indulge us: Once a year, some of our top writers dig into their notebooks and memories for the beers and experiences that they enjoyed most—the kind that everyone deserves to enjoy—and which left the biggest impressions on them. In this episode, they tell you why.

Critic’s List: Courtney Iseman’s Best in 2023

The New York City–based writer, tarot enthusiast, author of the Hugging the Bar newsletter, and noted metalhead shares her beery high points from the past year.

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