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Podcast Episode 105: August Schell's Jace Marti on Creating Distinctive Lagers and Historically-Inspired Berliner Weisse

Marti discusses how their approach to craft lagers has evolved, how they've borrowed innovative processes from the IPA world for their traditionally-minded lagers, and how they've painstakingly built a sour program based on mixed culture Berliner weisse.

Video Tip: Brewing with Sugars

Dextrose or Belgian candi syrup? Steven Anan of Archetype Brewing takes us beyond barley to look at brewing with alternative grains and other fermentables.

Cooking with Beer: Embrace Fall Flavors

From making the most of the harvest to a long-simmering pot on the stove, Justin Wright and Justin Kruger, a.k.a. “Two Fat Justins,” have created recipes to make your autumn a little more vibrant.

Recipe: Slow Churn Milkshake IPA

Missing summer already? This creamy, sweet milkshake IPA might bring it back.


Five on Five: IPA

Craft beer's best-selling category offers a deluge of choices. What's worthy of your glass? We asked the brewers of GABF gold-medal–winning beers to share their top picks.

Recipe: Chapman Crafted Pilsner

Here’s a lighter-side pils that is crisp, dry, and quenching.

Video Tip: Brewing with Wheat

Steven Anan of Archetype Brewing takes us beyond barley to look at brewing with alternative grains—beginning with a few words on wheat.

Green Cheek’s Evan Price: Creatively Evolving West Coast IPA... and Winning (Podcast Episode 104)

Orange County's Green Cheek is known for their bright, lush, crisp IPAs. Two medals (silver and gold) at the 2019 GABF in hotly-contested IPA categories show how his approach is working.

Running Down the Unmarked Road of Milkshake IPA

Peter Kiley, Brewmaster of Monday Night Brewing in Atlanta, has a lot of opinions when it comes to milkshake IPAs. Since the style is so loosely defined, he enjoys the freedom to get creative.

Breakout Brewer: Chapman Crafted Beer

Opening a new brewery in Orange County, California—an area rich in respected brewers and savvy drinkers—takes guts and talent. Fortunately, the team behind Chapman has both in abundance.

BY: John Holl

Bringing Change to Diversity in the Beer Industry

A look at the expanding struggle to make craft beer more inclusive.

BY: John Holl

Brewers and Drinkers Raise Cash for Clean Water

Nonprofit group Drink Local, Think Global has enlisted more than 100 breweries so far in an October effort to assist communities hit by an extreme water crisis.

Vacationland: Best Beer Experiences in Portland, Maine

That city in Oregon isn't the only Portland worthy of a beercation. The one in Maine is flourishing, mixing American classics with scrappy, inventive upstarts, more hazies, and a multitude of styles.

BY: John Holl

Podcast Episode 103: Harrison McCabe of Beachwood Blendery

Beachwood has built a world-class sour, wild, and spontaneous beer program by controlling environmental factors and carefully selecting for desired character in their prevailing house culture.