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Video Tip: Using A Blow-off Tube

When you're brewing high gravity beers using a blow-off tube can help you avoid making a big mess. Learn more in this video tip.

Breakout Brewer: MORE Brewing Co.

When a brewer who cut his teeth on classic styles and learned the importance of repetition and quality is unleashed into a brand-new brewery where the only limitation is his imagination, good beer is bound to happen.

Rabbit’s Revenge White IPA Recipe

The White IPA functionally updates a classic style in a way that emphasizes the regional particulars of the original beer while incorporating updated ingredients.

Trappist Beers in the American Tradition

It’s time to consider the evolution of Trappist beers in the New World. As the American craft-beer movement engages with and develops Trappist styles, it is also keeping some Trappist brewing traditions alive.



Podcast Episode 65: Highland Park's Bob Kunz: Building Unique Beers That Are True to Your Environment

The Los Angeles brewer talks about his plan for modest growth, how he looks for inspiration beyond just Germany and the Czech Republic when it comes to pilsner, and shares his advice for creating a wild yeast culture that will develop over time.

BY: John Holl

Video Tip: Entering the Right Category in Homebrewing Competitions

How can you stand out in a crowded homebrew competition? Award-winning homebrewer Paul Odell has some suggestions.

Brewing with Candi Sugar

Candi sugars are at once an underused and an overused ingredient. Let's dive into the specific function candi sugars can play in beer.

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Brewing with Tea (Including a Recipe from Edmund’s Oast Brewing Co.)

Finding the right blend of tea leaves can add a boost of flavor to your favorite mild beer. Learn more from Edmund’s Oast Brewing Co., including a recipe for their tea-infused English mild.

BY: John Holl

Video: The Pros & Cons of Leaf and Pellet Hops

Learn the pros and cons of using pelletized hops vs. whole leaf hops in this Craft Beer & Brewing video tip!

Intense Lager: Clean Doesn't Have to Mean Boring

Lagers can be every bit as intense as ales. Let's explore the world of intense lagers and discusses both style and production characteristics that will have you dazzling your friends’ palates in no time.

Fox Farm Brewery Quiet Life Pilsner Recipe

Quiet Life is Fox Farm Brewery’s take on a traditional Czech Pilsner.

Learning Lab: Hops Aroma and Flavor

Learn how to work with mini- batches to supercharge your progress toward becoming a better brewer. This column examines how you can use 1 gallon (3.8 liter) mini-batches to explore hops aroma and flavor.

Podcast Episode 64: Fort George's Dave Coyne: The Constant Evolution of Recipes

Dave Coyne of Fort George Brewery holds the title of “Barrel Baron,” and manages everything from R&D brewing to the barrel program of the powerhouse Pacific Northwest brewery.

Video Tip: When to Use Bottling Yeast for Homebrew Competitions

Presentation is important when it comes to your bottled homebrew being considered in competition. Award-winning homebrewer Paul Odell discusses bottling yeasts and how they can help you achieve an appropriate award-winning pour.