Podcast Episode 205: Jeremy Grinkey of The Bruery Puts His Faith in the Blend

For the director of brewing operations at California’s The Bruery, sensory evaluation is what drives decisions, and beers earn their shot at becoming bigger releases by working their way up the tiers.

Five on Five: Dark Lager

While drinkability remains the supreme goal, the dark side of Planet Lager can offer richer delights than the brighter styles. Despite their more exotic look, they can also be surprisingly light and refreshing. Here are five top picks from the pros.

The Origins & Enduring Appeal of Founders KBS

The days of waiting in line in the hopes of getting some KBS are long gone—it’s year-round and fireside-ready, with new varietals on the way.

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Full Video: Barrel-Aging & Blending Big Beers with Firestone Walker

In this video course, Firestone Walker’s Eric Ponce shares advice and lays out the careful process behind the brewery’s barrel-aged and blended blockbusters such as Parabola and Anniversary Ale.


The Threefold Path: Floodland’s Adam Paysse Shares Insight on Rearing Mixed Cultures

Floodland founder Adam Paysse shares his insights and perspective on collecting and nurturing mixed cultures for rustic, farmhouse-inspired beers.

Breakout Brewer: Floodland

At Seattle’s Floodland Brewing, Adam Paysse pursues a singular vision: to make beers that reflect his preferences and ideals. Turns out, a lot of other people dig them, too.

Brewer’s Perspective: Okay, Seltzer, Let’s Get Real (Fruit)

Levi Funk of Untitled Art and Funk Factory Geuzeria discusses the challenges smaller breweries and homebrewers face in packing real-fruit flavors—safely—into their hard seltzers and other beverages.

BY: Levi Funk

Podcast Episode 204: For Julian Shrago of Beachwood Brewing, There Are No Additives, Only Ingredients

The co-owner and brewmaster of the Southern California brewery shares strong opinions on developing beers where nothing is added and everything—from hops to coffee and spices—is considered a recipe ingredient.

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Recipe: Counter Weight Fest Bier

Following the golden path of modern festbier, this homebrew-scale recipe is closely based on Counter Weight’s GABF gold medal winner.

Oktoberfestbier: Brewing the World’s Most Famous Party Lager

Whatever its strength, whatever its story, and whatever its color—amber or gold?—festbier ought to be drinkable in quantity. Here we dissect the diverging styles to find out what makes a great (Oktober)festbier tick.

Video Tip: What to Know About Bottle Conditioning Your Mixed-Fermentation Ales

Time is a precious ingredient, even after packaging. Jester King founder Jeff Stuffings lays out some key considerations for bottling and conditioning your rustic, mixed-fermentation beers.

Podcast Episode 203: Sam Tierney of Firestone Walker Takes the Dynamic Approach to Flavor

Firestone Walker’s Propagator brewhouse manager discusses the R&D process for popular beer families such as Luponic Distortion and Mind Haze, as they follow the path of subtle but continual evolution.

Brewing Naked Beer: Kölsch-Style Ale, the pFriem Way

Josh Pfriem, brewmaster and cofounder of pFriem Family Brewers in Hood River, Oregon, breaks down their approach to Kölsch-Style Ale—an exercise in precision and a gold-medal winner at last year’s Great American Beer Festival.

Kölsch: Öh, You’ll Have Another

Far from ordinary, the unassuming Kölsch is a unique beer with its own history and an identity firmly rooted in its city and rituals. Jeff Alworth has the story, with a fresh glass and a tick for your deckel.