Video Tip: Stand on the Shoulders of Giants

Study the classics, and use the best ingredients and equipment you can. One secret to making great beer is knowing that others have done the hard work for us—from the brewers who came before us to the farmers who produce our raw materials.

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Recipe: Beachwood American Black Ale

Julian Shrago, cofounder and brewmaster of Beachwood BBQ & Brewing in Huntington Beach, California, shares this homebrew recipe for a hoppy dark IPA similar to their award-winning Beachwood Hoppa Emeritus.

Brew It Dark & Hoppy: The Balancing Act

Dark malts and ample hops intersect at a risky but rewarding flavor zone where few brewers dare to tread with regularity. Here we dig into recipe choices for distinctive, hop-forward black beers that avoid the pitfalls.

Recipe: Iron Dice American Amber

In a world where nearly everything seems to be a pale and/or juicy IPA, here is a welcome change of pace: a depth of fun malt and hop flavors, patently American without being one-note citrus-driven.

Can fermentation management be improved, as a process?

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Five Stouts Beloved by the Pros

Stouts are intrinsically tied to craft’s beyond-the-mainstream appeal. From dry and sweet sessionable stouts to big barrel-aged ones and adjunct-laden “dessert” stouts, there’s something for every kind of drinker. But which do brewers themselves love?

Podcast Episode 174: Live Oak Turns Back the Clock with Historical Lagers and Smoked Beers

Dusan Kwiatkowski, head brewer at Austin lager stalwart Live Oak, shares the brewery’s philosophy and technical approach to historical styles such as their Pre-War Pils, Grodziskie, and more.

Recipe: Randy Mosher’s Black Ice Stout

This smooth-drinking, medium-duty stout takes advantage of the cold-brew method for using black and caramel malts.

Video Tip: Think of Your Beer as a Photograph

Longtime Port City brewmaster Jonathan Reeves explains the parallels between brewing and photography—and how those processes can always be improved in the ongoing project to make people happy.

Recipe: Dyrvedal-Style Vossaøl

This recipe is based on the strong heimabrygg—or boiled ale—homebrewed in the Dyrvedalen valley of Norway’s Voss region. It includes juniper branches, a long boil, and warm fermentation with the increasingly available Voss kveik.

Brewing with Kveik: What Have We Learned So Far?

The world’s brewers have had a few years now to play with the unusual, high-performing, previously little-known heirloom yeasts from Norway. So, what have we learned about what they can do?

Editors’ Picks: New Ingredients to Try

A year without trade shows didn’t stop suppliers from bringing new malts and hops to market. Here we run down some of the most promising new varieties to try in our own breweries (starting with a couple that we’ve already taken for a spin).

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Recipe: Perennial Take 10 Imperial Stout

This homebrew recipe is based on Perennial’s dessert-stout riff on a sweet-and-salty pretzel-stuffed chocolate bar.

Podcast 173: Marcus Baskerville of Weathered Souls Brews Beautiful Stouts

The cofounder of Weathered Souls and creator of the Black is Beautiful initiative discusses his thoughtful approach to crafting stouts that both express his viewpoint and appeal to his own palate.

Gearhead: Monster Mashes & Tuns of Fun

As brewers pursue ever higher gravities for richer, stronger, thicker stouts, something immediately becomes clear: Most breweries weren’t made for this. Here’s a closer look at how breweries are adjusting for huge grists, long boils, and viscous beers.