Podcast Episode 289: Schramm’s Mead is Making Quality its Legacy

By adopting a dogmatic and precise approach to quality—from evaluating honey quality through bottling without stabilizers or preservatives—Schramm’s Mead is setting standards and exploring what’s possible at the forefront of honey and fruit fermentations.

Editors’ Picks: Lambic on Film, Beer on the Page

From a beautifully shot lambic documentary to an exploration of alcohol’s role in human evolution, here are a few suggestions for your screen and your shelf.

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Recipe: Wisby Ölverk Dundar Gotlandsdricka

From Wisby Ölverk in Visby, Gotland, Sweden, here’s a small brewery’s take on the island’s traditional farmhouse ale.

Video Tip: The Benefits of Adding Hops to the Mash

Scott Janish, cofounder of Sapwood Cellars and author of The New IPA, explains how mash-hopping—especially before fermenting with yeasts that are engineered to unlock bound thiols—can add a significant aroma boost to your IPAs.

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A Scientific Look at Hop Aroma and Flavor

Scott Janish, cofounder of Sapwood Cellars and author of The New IPA, guides us on a science-driven deep-dive into ways to maximize and dial in hop aroma and flavor.

Brewing Course: Squeezing the Most out of Hops with Hop Butcher for the World

Known for their juicy IPAs dripping with hop character, Hop Butcher for the World cofounders and brewers Jeremiah Zimmer and Jude La Rose share what they’ve learned about choosing, blending, and employing hops for alluring aroma and flavor.

Brewing Course: How to Put Stuff in Beer with Phase Three

From fruits to coconut and cacao, Phase Three takes a pragmatic approach to using a wide range of flavor adjuncts. Here, cofounder and head brewer Shaun Berns goes into deep detail on their philosophy and process, ingredient by ingredient.

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Brewing Gotlandsdricke with Gotland’s Wisby Ölverk

The owners and brewers of a small craft brewery in Visby, on the Swedish island home of gotlandsdricke, share their view on brewing their local farmhouse style—and why they do it the way they do.

Gotlandsdricke: Sweden’s Elusive Smoked Ale

Real gotlandsdricke is little-known for the same reason it has survived: It’s from an isolated and pastoral island in the Baltic. Lars Marius Garshol sheds some light on this smoky, juniper-infused, hard-to-get farmhouse ale.

Podcast Episode 288: BKS Softens the Edges of Hazy IPA by Pushing Beyond Common Practice

Mary and Brian Rooney of Kansas City's BKS Artisan Ales discuss their approach to experimentation and iteration with soft and fluffy (but well-attenuated) hazy IPA.

Homebrewing 101: The Gear You’ll Need to Get Started

From our Illustrated Guide to Homebrewing, here’s a rundown of the basic equipment you’ll want to have on hand.

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Recipe: Sapwood Cellars Neologism

This highly complex yet super-drinkable, dry-hopped, mixed-culture, gin barrel–aged golden ale combines the expertise of the two authors and cofounders at Sapwood Cellars—and it went on to become one of our Best 20 Beers in 2022.

Infographic: Brewery Density, State By State

Here, we plot state populations against the number of breweries in each state, to get insight into which have the most and fewest breweries per capita.

Video Tip: Using Finings to Get Better IPA, Sooner

Why use Biofine on a hazy IPA? Scott Janish, cofounder of Sapwood Cellars, explains the benefit of using a clarifier on the cold side to help drop out unwanted compounds and get hop-forward beer that tastes better, sooner.

Recipe: Spelunker Kentucky Common Ale

Historically, this beer was delivered and consumed when it was young, so feel free to do the same. It should drink well right out of the gate, given its simple flavor profile and cool, clean fermentation.

Breakout Brewer: Two Authors Are Writing the Story of Sapwood Cellars

For brewers who read and sponge all the info they can find, it may be hard to believe: The authors of two of the most influential brewing books of the past decade run a brewery together. In suburban Baltimore, Scott Janish and Michael Tonsmeire are experimenting at Sapwood Cellars.

Podcast Episode 287: Revolution’s Doug Veliky Predicts the Future of Craft Beer

The former CFO and current CMO of Chicago’s Revolution Brewing offers a glimpse into what’s in store for craft beer in 2023 and beyond.

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