Podcast Episode 303: Peter Kiley of Monday Night Is Creating A Framework That Supports Innovation

From high-gravity brewing to pushing new techniques in quick-soured fruit beer, Monday Night brewmaster Peter Kiley isn’t afraid to tackle difficult projects that make life easier on his team of brewers—as long as quality remains the number-one focus.

Cooking with Pale Ale: Bacon-Wrapped Goat-Cheese Poppers with Sour-Cream Dipping Sauce

This has all the makings of one of the world’s great beer-and-snack combinations—spicy-earthy Mexican flavors and zesty American pale ale.

Set Yourself Up for Success with Preventative Maintenance

ABS Commercial has been a full-service brewery and parts outfitter for over 10 years. We know the ins and outs of the brewing process, which includes a very important piece—maintenance.

Pick Six: Burial’s Jess and Doug Reiser Find Inspiration in Flavor and Story

Jess and Doug Reiser, cofounders of Asheville’s Burial Beer, share a thoughtful six that have inspired their own personal journeys and shaped the beers that they now produce.

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Recipe: Gigantic Mecha Red

“Mecha Red is a modern amber ale intended to be malty and caramelly, but not a sticky caramel bomb,” says Van Havig, cofounder and master brewer at Gigantic in Portland, Oregon. “It’s mildly fruity from hops and esters and finishes with a hint of chocolate.”

The Reinvention of the American Amber Ale

A ruddy ’90s pint is reappearing with modernized flavors—and it has a lot to say about the evolution of American craft brewing.

Podcast Episode 302: Jared Welch of Southern Grist Balances Progression and Intention

This Nashville brewery strives for big flavor, but their process of testing assumptions and finding more authentic ways of making popular styles leads to crowd-favorite beers that critics can love.

Skibsøl: Brewing “Ship’s Beer” Today

For those willing to take on a dark, low-strength, smoked beer, this historic Danish style may be the way to go. Yet there’s a question you must answer for yourself: How traditional do you want to make it?

Natty White? Behold, Pét Nat + Hops

Cider isn’t the only fermented fruit messing around with craft beer’s most cherished ingredient. In California, Field Recordings’ dry-hopped pét nat marries the best of wine and beer.

The Cider World Is Hopping

One of beer’s signature ingredients is adding interest and depth to one of the world’s great fermented drinks. Here’s how and why some cidermakers are embracing hops.