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Recipe: Burke-Gilman Černý Kov Dark Lager

This Burke-Gilman take on a Czech-style dark lager is inspired by the legendary beer served at U Fleků in Prague.

German IPA—It Should Be More of a Thing

The idea is simple: an IPA that relies on German ingredients—especially the country’s distinctive aroma hops. Does it exist? Yes. Is it rare? Also, yes. Josh Weikert digs into the German and U.S. beer scenes to find out why—and to get the blueprints.

Firestone Walker’s Matt Brynildson Blends Hops for Higher Impact

The brewmaster of Firestone Walker in Paso Robles, California, lays out the brewery’s methodical approach to blending hops for elevated flavors and aromas in distinctive IPAs.

Podcast Episode 214: Our Craft Beer & Brewing Writers Share Their Personal Bests of 2021

Writers and critics Stan Hieronymus, Kate Bernot, Alex Kidd, Samer Khudairi, and Joe Stange share their favorite beers and noted trends from the past year.

Keep It Clean, the Five Star Way

This easy-to-follow, three-step plan can help your brewery establish a safe and effective cleaning routine.

Five on Five: Hazy IPA

Fruit-forward, soft, hazy, juicy, pillowy—whatever your adjectives, this is for sure: These IPAs have captured the flavor imagination of a still-growing number of beer drinkers. Here, five pros share their top picks.

Video Tip: Battling Oxygen and Microbes when Packaging

Oxygen can lead to spoilage—but so can a totally oxygen-free environment. Russian River cofounder Vinnie Cilurzo and head lab technician Taylor Lane share some wisdom—including insights about why bottles might beat cans when it comes to fighting oxygen.

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Recipe: Godspeed Ochame Green Tea IPA

Courtesy of Luc Lafontaine of Godspeed in Toronto, this unusual IPA recipe represents a fusion of influences. (It also includes tips for extracting flavor and aroma from green tea without unwanted tannins.)

Breakout Brewer: Godspeed

Toronto’s Godspeed Brewery is a reflection of founder-brewer Luc Lafontaine’s life and obsessions, from reverently brewed traditional lagers to IPAs and goses that showcase unusual Japanese ingredients.

Podcast Episode 213: The Best in Beer 2021

You have spoken! And so have we. In this once-a-year special episode, Joe Stange and Jamie Bogner share Craft Beer & Brewing’s Best 20 Beers in 2021 and the results of the annual reader survey.