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Recipe: 21st Amendment Woolen Socks Cold IPA

Courtesy of Shaun O’Sullivan and the team at 21st Amendment Brewery in San Francisco, here’s a recipe for their take on cold IPA.

Cold IPA Is Heating Up

Let the pedants complain, but cold IPA is both fun to drink and fully coherent as a style. Josh Weikert walks us through the elements and methods behind the lean, bright IPA that’s “wester than West Coast.”

Cooking with Lager: Cast-Iron Beer Bread

It’s like they belong together: one of the most food-friendly styles on the planet—Vienna lager—and the food whose ancient origins are comingled with beer’s own at the very roots of civilization.

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Recipe: Halfway Crooks Pintje Pils

“Pintje is an homage to the type of pilsners brewed in Belgium,” says Joran Van Ginderachter, the Belgian-born cofounder of Halfway Crooks Beer in Atlanta.

The Everyday Pintje: Searching for Belgian Pils

Overshadowed by the global fame of Belgian ale and lambic, pils is nevertheless the country’s most popular kind of beer—light, inexpensive, and available at every corner café. It’s also uniquely Belgian, with many independent breweries making distinctive versions worth seeking.

The Lupulock Advantage, Crafted by Kalsec

Lupulock protects hop character to deliver consistent quality throughout a beer’s shelf life, allowing brewers to increase the efficiency, consistency, and sustainability of their hop-forward beers.

Recipe: Resist Anti-Imperial Stout

This recipe from Drinkers for Ukraine includes grist percentages but leaves the strength up to the brewer—Jump Ship in Edinburgh, Scotland, even brewed an alcohol-free version, taking “anti-imperial” in another direction. We, on the other hand, went big.

Special Ingredient: Gimme a Beet

Earthy yet sweet, beets can add color, fermentable sugar, and comfort to your next brew—an anti-imperial stout, perhaps?

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Brewing and Blending Leviathans with Bluewood

Cam Lund, cofounder and brewer at Bluewood Brewing in St. Louis, outlines their multi-threaded approach to brewing, aging, and blending their big barrel-aged stouts—including a few that reach liqueur-like heights of 20 percent ABV or more.

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Recipe: Dovetail Czech Dark Lager

With thanks to brewer Jenny Pfäfflin and the team at Chicago’s Dovetail, here’s a homebrew-scale recipe for the tmavé pivo that they like to call their “Pilsner in a sweater.”