Video Tip: Have Patience and an Open Mind When Barrel-Aging Barleywine

Give those barrels plenty of time before tasting, says New Image founder Brandon Capps, and be open to new possibilities when tasting different components for blending.

The Humble Origins of a True French Saison

One of the world’s most respected brewers of dry, rustic farmhouse ales, Daniel Thiriez of Brasserie Thiriez, shares the story of his brewery, his yeast, and their place in the small northern French town of Esquelbecq. As told to Ryan Pachmayer.

Recipe: Thiriez La Rouge Flamande

Fermented with Thiriez’s house saison yeast, this ambrée has a complex, malt-forward flavor with aromas of citrus peel, hazelnut, caramel, and gingerbread.

Podcast Episode 352: Chris Lohring of Notch Wants You to Brew More Distinctive Lager

For years, Notch Brewing in Salem and Brighton, Massachusetts, has been spreading the lager gospel through refined yet characterful iterations of Czech- and German-inspired beers. His challenge to American brewers who want to follow that path: Ditch the 34/70, rethink your mash and fermentation schedules, decoct with intention, and embrace concise flavor over “crispness.”

Building and Sustaining a Profitable Brewery

From planning to decision-making to quality and innovation to building a network, here are some useful strategies for building and sustaining a profitable brewery in the ever-changing craft-beer industry.

Video Tip: Blending Your Team to Taste and Blend Barrel-Aged Barleywines

When it’s time to pull nails and evaluate components for blending, New Image’s Brandon Capps recommends including tasters who are less familiar with the style, while also ensuring that tasting happens blindly and individually.

Editors’ Picks: Fresh Ingredients

Looking for something fresh to give your beers an edge? Check out these new yeasts, hops, and flavor extracts.

Hundraårig Öl: A Hundred Years (or More) in the Making

How much time you got? Time enough, maybe, to consider Sweden’s exceedingly rare, little-known hundred-year beer—a solera-method manorial ale that can keep going for as long as you’re dedicated to the care and feeding of the family barrel.

Recipe: Sandy Valley Mariposa

From Sandy Valley Brewing in Hillsboro, Missouri, Mariposa is a softly textured yet vibrant raspberry ale that gets thoughtful additions of Tanzanian honey, Tanzanian vanilla, cacao nibs, and cacao husks, as well as added fruity oomph from Omega’s Cosmic Punch yeast. It’s also a beer with a personal back story.

Cooking with Beer: Palisade Peach Tuna Poke

This fresh and peachy poke bowl gets a quick splash of classic saison or mixed-culture farmhouse ale—and it’ll taste great alongside the rest of it, too.