Video Tip: The Elements of a Great Helles

Altstadt head brewer Craig Rowan walks us through the grist and water profile of their award-winning Munich-style helles, Altstadt Lager.

Recipe: Smiling Monk Belgian-Style Dark Strong Ale

For those who like it dark, strong, and contemplative, here’s a partial-mash extract recipe for a Trappist-inspired ale that can be cellared for many months, with a drinkability belies its strength and complexity.

No Rests for the Wicked: Fit for a Chalice

Belgium’s dark, strong ales are among the most complex and impressive beers in the canon—yet extract brewers can tackle them as well as anyone, as long as we pay attention to a few key points.

Recipe: Tongs of the Ancients Stone Beer

This is less a recipe and more a set of guidelines and guesses, partly inspired by the Dundulis Moko Maukas Akmeninis stone beer in Lithuania, as described by Simonas Gutautas.

Podcast Episode 236: Forager’s Austin Jevne Embraces Nuanced Flavor in Fruited Seltzers, Sours, and Barrel-Aged Stouts

For Austin Jevne, cofounder of Forager in Rochester, Minnesota—and now owner and head brewer of the Humble Forager brand—creative flavors are the crux of brewing.

For Those About to Rock: Practical Tips on Stone Beer

Ready to build a fire and brew a traditional stone beer at home? Grab your tongs and get ready to rock.

Sierra Nevada’s Summer Break IPA: Session with Substance

At 4.6 percent ABV, the seasonal Summer Break IPA is svelte and sessionable—yet it packs a big, punchy flavor. Scott Jennings, Sierra Nevada’s innovation brewmaster, explains how.

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Video Course: Brewing Award-Winning Helles with Altstadt

Ready to dive deep into some helles? From grist to glass, join Altstadt head brewer Craig Rowan for a focused, detailed course on how to brew a great Munich-style helles.

Solutions for Brewing & Packaging, All in One Place—So Let’s Talk Layout at CBC

ProBrew’s recent alignment with packaging giant ProMach means that we can handle and integrate both brewery and packaging buildout. Get your layout at the Craft Brewers Conference!

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Recipe: Kros Strain Batch 625

From Kros Strain Brewing in La Vista, Nebraska, here’s a recipe based on the mixed-culture saison that thrilled our blind review panel and went on to become on of our Best 20 Beers in 2021.