Maui’s Pint & Cork Beckons the Beach Bums with Cool Refuge, Poke, and Local Beers

From our Love Handles files on beer bars we love: Maui’s only gastropub features the island’s best local beer list plus hearty foods and cocktails.

Podcast Episode 367: Humble Sea Sails the Calm, Clear Waters of Modern Lager Through the Fog of Today’s IPA

With characterful, medal-winning lagers and a decidedly West Coast approach to “foggy” IPA, Humble Sea is navigating craft beer’s choppy waters out of Santa Cruz, California, with quality as their North Star and an appetite for exploring new routes.

Make Your Best American IPA

There are so many versions, varieties, and approaches here that it would be arrogant to claim this will be your best American IPA—but it’s a very, very good one that’s held up well to the test of time.

Breaking Down the Grain Bill of a Great Hazy IPA | Video Tip

Steve Parker, cofounder and head brewer of Fidens in Albany, New York, lays out their grains of choice for hazy IPAs—including why he prefers two-row to pilsner in the base, and why he loves chit malt.

Recipe: Alesong Touch of Brett

This version of the award-winning yet ever-evolving oak-aged Brett beer from Alesong Brewing & Blending in Eugene, Oregon, includes Citra hops and several different grains—but it welcomes your own spin.

Ask the Pros: Brewing a Hop-Forward Saison with a “Touch of Brett,” the Alesong Way

No beer from Alesong Brewing & Blending in Eugene, Oregon, has won more accolades than Touch of Brett, even though the saison is constantly evolving. Here’s how they put it together.

Recipe: Servaes Tortilla Chip Pilz

Courtney Servaes, founder and brewer at Servaes Brewing in Shawnee, Kansas, shares this recipe for a Czech-inspired pilsner base that gets a whole bag of tortilla chips in the secondary.

Podcast Episode 366: St. Bernardus Uses Modern Tools and Ingredients to Stay True to Historic and Classic Recipes

The West Flanders brewery, launched in 1946 to brew the beers for a nearby (and equally well-known) monastery, has adapted decade by decade as ingredients fluctuate and technology progresses. But their goal—to faithfully produce these abbey beers in a way that’s true to the original recipes—remains the same even as the tools change.

Thoughtful Taproom Design Enhances Sales at Craft Breweries

With more than a decade of experience specializing in working closely with craft brewers, the professional architectural designers at OPA Design Studio outline the most important ways effective taproom design can contribute to your brewery’s success.

Brewing Hazy IPA the Fidens Way | Video Course

Steve Parker, cofounder and head brewer of Fidens in Albany, New York, details their approach to building the kind of soft, juicy, impactful hazy IPAs that keep you going back for more.