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Podcast Episode 101: Off Color Brewing's John Laffler: Turn Down the Volume, Focus on the Harmony

Laffler has a reputation for strong opinions, and in true form he pulls no punches in this episode with honest, bombastic takes on brewing philosophy and techniques.

New Nano-Brewhouse Promises Power and Efficiency

Milwaukee-based Spike Brewing debuts the Spike Nano, a turnkey brewing system.

Video Tip: Choosing Hops for Quality and Consistency

Repeatability is key. Here Dirk Hillegass of All Sevens offers advice on how to choose the right hops for superior ales.

Critical Thinking on Wheat

Want to change up your wheat-beer game? Here's John Mallett, director of brewing operations at Bell’s in Kalamazoo, Michigan, on forging a deeper relationship with this versatile ingredient—and how it can improve your next recipe.

Pick Six: Jeff Erway of La Cumbre Brewing Co.

Since founding La Cumbre in Albuquerque in 2010, Jeff Erway has combined creativity with precision to earn six medals from GABF and four more from the World Beer Cup. Here, he names a six-pack of beers that have influenced his own journey.

Hop Harvest Hootenannies

Anywhere they pick lots of hops, they also throw a shindig. Plan your travel schedule accordingly. Don't worry: They'll have beer.

Editors' Picks: Pastry Stouts

Here are five imperial stouts that combine indulgent sweetness with chocolate and roast balance, managing that elusive “drinkability” despite big, bold, lush flavors.

State of the Craft

The Brewers Association's 2018 numbers show that craft beer is still growing, but also that growth has slowed considerably. The strongest growth is coming from newer breweries. Meanwhile more drinkers are getting their beer directly from the source.

Podcast Episode 100: A Quick Look Back, Plus Neil Fisher and Cory King Talk Stouts

We talk with longtime contributor Neil Fisher of Weldwerks Brewing before launching into the previously subscriber-only podcast takeover with Fisher and Side Project Brewing's Cory King.

Video Tip: The Basics of Choosing Your Malts

Keep it simple. Here Dirk Hillegass of All Sevens offers advice on selecting the right malts for superior ales.