Fun and Flavorful Pastry Stouts with Great Notion | Brewing Course

Lara Hargrave, lead brewer at Great Notion in Portland, Oregon, takes us on a journey through the production of big, whimsical, indulgent, nostalgia-inducing dessert-inspired stouts.

Elevate Your Brewery with Arryved Brewery Management

Grab a cold one and let’s dive into the wonderful world of brewery management software.

Recipe: Keeping Together Thoughts Without a Thinker

This mixed-culture saison with oranges, Earl Grey tea, and saffron scored a 99/100 with our blind panel and delighted our editorial team, who named it one of their Best 20 Beers in 2023.

Gearhead: The Enviable Lightness of Craft Lager

What does it mean to worship at the altar of crisp? For brewers, it means special attention to technique and to the cellar.

Make Your Best Kentucky Common

Kentucky common is a smooth, drinkable, light-amber hybrid that’s closer to Kölsch, cream ale, and California common than it is to Jack Daniels.

Podcast Episode 353: Viva Las Vegas! Able Baker’s Matt Marino Goes All-In on Modern West Coast–Style IPA

High-gravity brewing, extreme attenuation, pilsner malt, modern hop products, and non-diacetyl-producing yeast all figure into the ways that this Las Vegas brewery produces its compelling—and top-selling—West Coast–style IPA, Atomic Duck.

In Pursuit of Hop Magic to Broaden the Reach of Craft

Has craft beer reached its apex? We’re confident that the answer is an emphatic No! Many people have yet to find a beer that they feel was made for them. Hop varieties abound; however, a broader array of hop profiles (both in flavor and structure) will help brewers reach these untapped consumers.

Video Tip: Have Patience and an Open Mind When Barrel-Aging Barleywine

Give those barrels plenty of time before tasting, says New Image founder Brandon Capps, and be open to new possibilities when tasting different components for blending.

The Humble Origins of a True French Saison

One of the world’s most respected brewers of dry, rustic farmhouse ales, Daniel Thiriez of Brasserie Thiriez, shares the story of his brewery, his yeast, and their place in the small northern French town of Esquelbecq. As told to Ryan Pachmayer.