Cooking with Beer: Roasted and Stout-Braised Cauliflower with Charred Tomato Dressing

Need a last-minute idea for a veggie side-dish? This recipe explores the savory and sweet potential of an imperial stout.

Video Tip: What Do Culinary Ingredients Bring to a Beer's Flavor?

Andrew Kelly, cofounder of Aslin Beer in Alexandria, Virginia, breaks down the elements of flavor and reminds us to think about what different brewing ingredients bring to the table when trying to mimic the flavors of favorite foods.

Podcast Episode 162: Yvan de Baets of Brasserie de la Senne Is a Selfish Brewer

If you’ve tried his pale ale, Taras Boulba, then you know that Yvan de Baets has a taste for hops. But it’s the focus on subtlety, balance, and fine details like tank geometry that make the beers of this Brussels brewery so compelling.

Recipe: Winterhausen ESB

With the right ingredients, this recipe will re-create the kinds of flavors you’d find at pubs all over England on any given day—a showcase of English malt and hops, pouring a beautiful brilliant jewel-toned orange.

We Are All Garage Beer Drinkers Now

Lagers are on the rise, and so are light beers and larger packs. Craft beer is looking more like supermarket beer, but there are good reasons why—and is it really such a bad thing?

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Recipe: Reuben’s Triple Crush

This homebrew-scale recipe is based on Reuben’s Brews’ popular triple IPA, which also scored a 96 with our blind panel. Emphasize yeast health with a big starter, dry hop generously, then give it enough time to cold-condition.

Editors’ Picks: Beyond Beer 2020

Beer? No. Craft? Yes. These drinks outside the beer space have grown exponentially over the past year. They’re hitting their stride. From the sublime to the absurd—and from cider to mead via seltzer and kombucha—here are some of our favorites.

Editors’ Picks: Lallemand WildBrew Philly Sour

Lallemand's new found-in-nature yeast produces a gentle lactic acidity without Lactobacillus or other bacteria. We took it for a spin.

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Full Video: Brewing Food-Inspired Beers with Aslin

In this All Access video course, Andrew Kelly explains Aslin's approach to conceiving, developing recipes for, and brewing beers meant to evoke memorable culinary experiences.

Bigger and Juicier: Brewing Hazy Triple IPA

Here is Adam Robbings of Reuben’s Brews on the key elements of brewing great, high-gravity, hazy IPAs. Surprise: It doesn’t start with the hops.