Podcast Episode 277: Randy Booth of Twin Barns Tells a Story with Belknap Pils in this Best in Beer 2022 Brewer’s Perspective

In the last of our special episodes that offer brewers’ insights into their Best in Beer 2022 winners, Twin Barns head brewer Randy Booth shares the process behind their top-scoring German-style pilsner.

Flavor Fever: A New Swing at an OG IPA

By applying what we know now—using a grain bill that goes easy on the crystal/caramel malts and new yeast strains that overlay fresher, brighter aromas—we can achieve an updated throwback that lets us enjoy the best of both worlds.

Video Tip: All About the Banger Hop Called Riwaka

In this clip from their video course, Hop Butcher for the World cofounder Jude La Rose describes what Riwaka’s unique full-spectrum flavor profile can do for a beer, whether that’s an IPA, a lager, or even a Kölsch.

Podcast Episode 276: Kyle Carbaugh of Wiley Roots Explores the Outer Limits of Flavor in Fruit Beer and Barrel-Aged Stout

Maximum flavor in fruit and other ingredients is what consumers have grown to expect from Wiley Roots, and they’ve built an atypical process for building intense but rounded flavor in fruit beers as well as bigger barrel-aged stouts.

Critic’s List: Courtney Iseman’s Best in 2022

New York City–based writer Courtney Iseman, a Craft Beer & Brewing contributor and author of the newsletter Hugging the Bar, shares her highlights from the past year.

Critic’s List: Alex Kidd’s Best in 2022

An influential if irreverent voice among drinkers today, the driving force behind and the Malt Couture podcast shares his top tips and beers of the past year.

Critic’s List: Joe Stange’s Best in 2022

Our intrepid managing editor—currently based in Bangkok—shares his favorite beers of the year and ponders what may lie around the next corner.

Editor's Picks: From Cradle To Stave

From books on Brussels beer and brewing with hemp to a handmade bottle-pouring cradle, here are a few recent editors’ picks that could also work as gift ideas.

Five on Five: India Pale Ale

IPAs have become the driving force and signature style family of American craft beer, now available in a wide spectrum of forms, flavors, and strengths. But which ones do the pros prefer? Here are five of their picks.

Home (Beer), Sweet Home (Gear)

Among the many takeaways of the pandemic: Drinking beer at home can be a real pleasure. Here, our Gearhead considers some of the gadgets, equipment, and other improvements that can help make your beer-house a beer-home.