Revolutionizing the Brewing Industry: How AccuBrew is Changing the Game

AccuBrew’s user-friendly tools can help your brewery avoid costly mistakes, make the most of your beer’s tank time, and save thousands of dollars every year.

Video Tip: How a Fresh-Hopped Beer Comes Together at Single Hill

Single Hill cofounder and head brewer Zach Turner explains how collaborators, farmers, and pick windows all play a role in shaping a fresh-hopped beer on any given day during harvest season in the Yakima Valley.

Podcast Episode 333: Future-Proofing Your Brewery, a Conversation Brought to You by Encompass

Three leaders at the intersection of brewing business and tech—Patrick Tickle, CEO of Encompass Technologies, Dave Thibodeau, cofounder of Ska Brewing, and Cole Hackbarth, VP of brewing operations for Rhinegeist—discuss strategies for managing a brewery through today's turbulent business environment.

Making the Case for Cask Lager

Bottom-fermented beer, served in the British ale tradition? There’s precedent for it—and the rise in lager interest may be just what’s needed to stoke drinkers’ curiosity.

Toronto’s Society Clubhouse Celebrates Women Who Brew and Drink Great Beer

From our Love Handles files on our favorite beer bars around the world: The Toronto headquarters of the Society of Beer Drinking Ladies is open to all.

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Recipe: Lasting Joy Heartbeet of the Hudson

Lasting Joy cofounder and head brewer Alex Wenner describes this beet-infused stout as one “that really sums up our mission as a New York farm brewery.”

Podcast Episode 332: Chicago’s Dovetail Finds Harmony and Cohesion in their Modern Approach to Traditional Methods

What’s old is new again for Chicago’s Dovetail—direct-fire decoction, open fermentation, and coolshipping hoppy lager with whole-cone hops are just a few of the ways this classically focused brewery finds ways to build character in their lagers.

Custom Packaging Helps Brands Stand Out

Here’s how Berlin Packaging and Studio One Eleven helped four brands succeed with impactful and effective custom packaging solutions.

Video Tip: Fresh Hops, Wet Hops, and Planning How to Use Them

Single Hill cofounder and head brewer Zach Turner explains the difference between fresh-hopping and wet-hopping, laying out a few different ways that breweries tend to use them on the hot side and cold side.

Recipe: 19th Century Danish Old Beer

Based on authentic gammeltøl recipes from the 1800s, here’s a recipe for the strong, smoky Danish farmhouse ale—including some suggestions for traditional twists worth trying.