Joe Stange

Recipe: Erharting Vollbier Hell 1967

Want to brew a helles from 50 years ago? For a snapshot in the evolution of pale lager, here is a Bavarian helles recipe from 1967.

Special Ingredient: Mahlab

It’s a nutty spice, but it comes from a fruit. Popular as a baking ingredient in the Middle East, the dried seeds of St. Lucie cherries can also work really nicely, as it turns out, in beer.

Beer Bars We Love in Providence, New York City, and Kiev

In each issue, our Love Handles department visits three great beer bars. This tour from Issue 36 takes us from Rhode Island to Ukraine via Manhattan.

Belgium’s Funky New Wave

Joe Stange, managing editor of Craft Beer & Brewing Magazine® and co-author of Good Beer Guide Belgium, explores how that country’s wilder-side beers have continued to evolve.

Breakout Brewer: KC Bier

Sticking stubbornly to classical German ingredients and methods—from decoction to spunding—the brewers at KC Bier are growing their business on full-flavored, bang-on lagers and weissbier.

Beer Bars We Love in Hawaii, Washington D.C., and Prague

From the Love Handles department of our February-March 2020 issue, here are three favorite haunts (and here's to hoping they can all reopen again soon).

Will the Real Berliner Weisse Please Stand Up?

No simple kettle sours, these. In Berlin, Schneeeule is waging a battle to revive a more traditional mixed-fermentation Berliner weisse.

Editors' Pick: Historical Brewing Techniques

Here is our review of the new book by Lars Marius Garshol, whose research on traditional kveik, raw beer, and other traditional techniques has shifted the paradigm on farmhouse brewing.

Special Ingredient: Monk Fruit

Monk fruit is an Asian gourd, and it’s extremely sweet. Its extract is often used as a low-calorie sweetener. So, ready to brew a "lifestyle" beer?

The Punk Rock Roots of Port City Porter

Port City Porter has become a Beltway mainstay while racking up medals over the years. It's a recipe with roots in the 1990s, amid punk-rock shows, the homebrewing boom, and the brewpub bubble. Joe Stange hears the tale from Brewmaster Jonathan Reeves.