Joe Stange

Critic’s List: Joe Stange’s Best in 2022

Our intrepid managing editor—currently based in Bangkok—shares his favorite beers of the year and ponders what may lie around the next corner.

Podcast Episode 272: The Best in Beer 2022

In this special once-per-year episode, we reveal all your favorite beers, breweries, beer cities, and more—as voted on by Craft Beer & Brewing readers—plus, we walk through each of our Best 20 Beers in 2022.

Stjørdalsøl: Level Up on Smoke with Our Mutual Friend

Whether you source some alder-smoked malt or go all the way and build your own Stjørdal-style kiln, this style could be the pinnacle for smoke fiends: extreme smoke character enveloped in a dark, plush malt body. Jan Chodkowski of Denver’s Our Mutual Friend explains how and why they love brewing it with the Colorado Farm Brewery.

Editors’ Picks: The BeerMkr & More

A new brewing appliance, no-measure PBW. and more.

When in Brussels, Settle in at Gist for Great Tunes and Belgian Ales on Cask

From our Love Handles files on beer bars we love: Gist offers finely honed ales, music, and atmosphere just off the Brussels tourist path.

The Juicy IPAs of Fidens Are a Product of Deep Study and Constant Tinkering

In upstate New York, Steve Parker and his team at Fidens Brewing are making the kinds of juicy IPAs that got them excited about beer and inspired Parker’s intense study of brewing. Now, people come from afar to buy Fidens beers—and the learning continues.

Recipe: Resist Anti-Imperial Stout

This recipe from Drinkers for Ukraine includes grist percentages but leaves the strength up to the brewer—Jump Ship in Edinburgh, Scotland, even brewed an alcohol-free version, taking “anti-imperial” in another direction. We, on the other hand, went big.

Special Ingredient: Gimme a Beet

Earthy yet sweet, beets can add color, fermentable sugar, and comfort to your next brew—an anti-imperial stout, perhaps?

Bygland’s Torkjel Austad is Brewing It for the Love of Kveik

From remote Setesdal, Norway, Torkjel Austad launched his Bygland Bryggeri so that more drinkers could experience those hard-to-find traditional farmhouse ales. Here, he explains how it happened—and shares practical tips for brewing your own.

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Recipe: Kelheim Weizendoppelbock, in the Style of Schneider Aventinus

Based on detailed advice from Josef Lechner, brewmaster and technical director at G. Schneider & Sohn in Kelheim, Bavaria, here is a homebrew-scale recipe based on the legendary Schneider Aventinus.